Granade Explodes in Hands of Taliban Fighter

Granade Explodes in Hands of Taliban Fighter

The photographer focused too much on people who are catering to the unlucky Taliban fighter, instead of getting some clear shots of his severed body. The Taliban fighter had some different plans with the granade he was wielding but miscalculated the time of detonation and damn thing exploded in his hands, ending his life in not very pretty manner. Oddly enough, his beard survived and appears night undamaged. He can attract 72 virgins with his unspoiled facial hair when he gets to whatever heaven they have for these Muslims.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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26 thoughts on “Granade Explodes in Hands of Taliban Fighter”

  1. Hi, I am just concerned with some comments I read so far in different places of GORE. Let me tell you that I am a big fan and I come here almost everyday to check the new pics out. First I would like to say that not all Muslims or brown are terrorists. AS you know, Muslims are believers of Islam and most Muslims don’t support those atrocities. These Fckrs are terrorists period. It is like having a Christian who can be an extremist. So I ask you folks to think about it. For example: Bangladesh is an] Muslim country they believe in Allah, but they are no terrorists. Thanks a lot for reading this

  2. hey THUNDER… DON”T BE SO SENSITIVE- or politically correct for that matter. You call them like you see them… and we’ll call them like we see them. It’s just part of the Gore-filled-fun around here.

    You want to get POLITICAL? There are LOTS of political forums around for that.

  3. Well regarding the comment thunder posted , A large group of non-muslims indivisuals acknowledge that not all believers of allah are terrorists , its a rather narrow and dim light created by the media and anti-muslim groups , unfortunatly many people lack the ability to confirm so , its true many pictures have comments regarding muslims and their so called cold-blooded acts buts it comes down to how we generalize an event or a group of people based on what we truely know . Just to simplify it all I suggest you flare ur policitical anger else where and make some decent use of it ,other-wise even the most intellegant comments have the least effective influence here

  4. EVERYBODY sing with me, (to the tune of Tony Bennett’s “I left my heart in San Fransico)…

    I blew up my heart, in Islamabad.
    High on a hill, then I rolled down.
    A place where little camels run,
    and we shoot them just for fun-

    The smell of corpses fill the air
    I don’t care

    Cause I blew up my heart, In Islamabad…

  5. It never ceases to amaze me that these politically correct pain-in-the-asses like Thunder actually HANG around this type of site anyway. You like the entrails but you don’t like the entertainment hey? Louie’s first one above? A concise summation of what the majority think about the situation. We just tell it like we see it and if it offends your sensibilities go to And leave us to adore the gore.

  6. Damn. How is his head still completely intact? I guess his torso and limbs soaked up most of the explosion. Still, those middle eastern men’s beards are so thick I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the properties of Kevlar.

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