Grenade Explodes Inside Bus During Attempted Robbery in Rio de Janeiro

Grenade Explodes Inside Bus During Attempted Robbery in Rio de Janeiro

Grenade Explodes Inside Bus During Attempted Robbery in Rio de Janeiro

A Marcopolo Torino model bus from Viação União, which ran the Piabetá – Central line in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, ended up being the target of an attempted robbery, when around 5 am on Friday July 17, 2020, a pair of bandits boarded the vehicle in the Penha neighborhood on Avenida Brasil.

After boarding the bus, the would-be robbers announced the assault. One of them was carrying a grenade in hand, and called attention to it, but moments later, before they could rob anyone, the grenade went off. The explosion destroyed the robber’s hand, and seriously injured his leg.

The gravely injured robber ended up dying on the spot. The accomplice escaped. The driver reportedly didn’t suffer injuries, but his hearing was damaged.

In addition to the fingers, pieces of skin remained scattered over the engine hood and windshield. The stairs were covered in blood. The locals were cursing at the robber saying “Go to hell motherfucker, that’s what you got for robbing honest people, motherfucker.“, and rummaged through his backpack to recover stolen cellphones.

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140 thoughts on “Grenade Explodes Inside Bus During Attempted Robbery in Rio de Janeiro”

    1. LuL.. I’ve wanted to cook a few off, but I would never hold one in my hand after letting go of the spoon. Actually the spoon goes in the direction I toss it. You never know how fast the fuse is, these are contracted out to the lowest bidder. Too bad this fucksuck didn’t blow himself up first before causing this trauma and damage to all of these innocent beaners and possibly white folk.

        1. I’m brazilian too and I’m white descended from european people, I believe that most people in rio de janeiro are dark skinned, and in this place you can only find typical third world things, as well as in all the northeast and north of our country.

          1. Pretty sad bro, you live in the bestgore number 1 shithole brasinho, full of tranny faggots psicho nigga thieft killas with flip flops manginas, my best wishes to you.

          2. You are probably a Southerner because you have this filthy and backward thinking. I’m from the northeast, but if I see you on the street, I change the sidewalk. Idiot.

          3. Cara eu sou do Nordeste, mas as pessoas daqui acha o Rio de Janeiro, são Paulo etc perigoso e cheio de favela, diria que é o costume de morar em na região de origem.

          1. sorry if I offended you, it was not my intention, but review what I said, at no time did I tell lies, nor did I show hatred for any race, the northeast and north of Brazil have a higher percentage of crimes and violence, and the the majority of the black and brown population is also concentrated there, all of this happens for many historical reasons that built the country’s history, it is a sad fact, but it is still a fact.

          2. @other brazilian
            As an attractive white female, you would of course say that you love the the diversity of your country, because it’s from a standpoint of comfort and positive racial validation. If you were a brown or black Brazilian male at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to life & work (hey, these are not my opinions, it’s the way the cruel world works over there), you would not say that.

          3. I am dutch too i’am36, in the netherlands i never saw favelas or shanti-towns, or even ghetto’s thus we are rarely supplying this great site with good material, so iam glad you are picking up our slag

      1. Anybody ever see the cartoon super jail? I swear the guy that created that cartoon must of spent a week in Brazil and was inspired to write a cartoon about deranged crooks just mindlessly killing each other. The overseers would be the equivalent of the Brazilian government, They live in luxury and just profit handsomely of the stupid general population and device devious plots and plans that cause more carnage just like the brazillian government. Just watch the cartoon and come back and tell me that ain’t brazil on any given day.

      1. I guess that’s for the weapons that comes from “cheap” manufacturers! Whomever they are. Without knowing more than you (I have zero experience with weapons also) I’d guess you can depend on the “good stuff” sorta speak !! Good ol’ usa grenades wouldn’t blow off if they’re not supposed to !

      2. I am here to help….Brazilian Hand Grenade
        The act, during vaginal intercourse, of swiftly pulling out and promptly inserting a handful of brazilian nuts into the woman’s vaginal orifice. You then precede to kick the vagina so as to smash the nuts inside of it, thus spewing forth fragments of nuts, simulating a hand grenade.

      3. I had the detonator in one go off half a second after it left my hand. Luckily it was just a training grenade with no real explosive. If it had been a real one, I’d have gotten fucked up. I’ve seen a lot of faulty equipment. Some of it is operator error, some is just bad equipment, and other times it is equipment abuse by retards.

  1. I guess the gun section of the local Terrorist Today Mart (TTM) was all out of guns ? So they had to resort to Arab tactics ? The Crazy hand grenades option. These two were probably the unluckiest fucks ever. They thought they bought a fake grenade and got the real deal?

  2. Atleast they were wearing masks.
    My local shop now won’t let you in without a mask. It was OK up till now. Isn’t that dumb as fuck? At the height of it you didn’t need one. Must be due to them finally getting a load of shitty masks in to sell. I’m getting bored of it now. I’m gona do my shopping elsewhere now.

      1. I really hope you’re fucking joking. Geezus. You’re parroting the most insane line from CNN, etc and all the lying media Jews who promote this fucking hoax to dominate you.

        Read them both and give your head a strong shake if you’re actually serious.

        1. Ok. Thanks. I have read those articles. Much truth ,quite a few inaccuracies and exaggerations and heaps of narrow -minded thinking in ascribing only certain motives to causes. Examples of the latter ,the gov ONLY shut us down as some dark plan and we supposedly needing many doses is ONLY due to them tracking us or wanting to make us sick or sterile or make Gates lots of money.

          I am not saying Daily Stormer doesn’t get it right or tell the truth about Covid, but I would certainly not go to it as my first or only source of info on it and I hope you do the same as well.


          1. Then what sources do you get info from? If it’s corporate news then you are being deceived. NEVER, trust corporate news. They are in bed with the govt, ESPECIALLY in the USA. We are under total tyranny and corporate fascism here. Independent bloggers and alt-media supported by it’s listeners is the only reliable way to get info and even then it could be dubious. Do your research and be skeptical of everything, especially if it’s the government giving you the info whether directly or through their proxies.

          2. Despite some flowery language disguised as intellect, you admit this is why you believe in this insane hoax. Lol.
            Your consumption of lying Jewish media.

            Be safe! Wear a mask! Social distance! Save lives!

            You’re well beyond redemption.

      2. It started in December and it’s still getting worse? But the world is reopening?
        My shop is charging a £1 for a shitty paper mask. We have not needed to wear them till now. It’s just to get an extra few thousand pounds a day in shit masks. I guarantee if they run out I’ll be allowed in without one.

        1. That’s cheap! In aus it is more ! Almost all countries i know caught it again or had a second wave. Those countries who did not shut down quickly have it worse than others. US ,UK etc all bad in comparison to other countries.Sweden has it “the worst “because the libtards there thought it was good to let even more rapefugees in whilst letting all the old people die whilst being looked after by earlier rapefugees. Fuck! Do i need to run a junta or something to rid this world of retards!

          1. I think it was easy to point at the Chinese wet markets and say look it came from there. I don’t believe the TV news, I also don’t believe everything else I hear from different sources. I’m left not having a clue and not knowing who is at fault. I look for answers everywhere but I can never say about anything this is why and this is who caused it. I guess that’s why people blindly believe whatever they are told.
            We are all doomed.

          2. You are not too far wrong Robo. We won’t know for sure ’cause we are not involved. Only those at the top are in the know.Yet it seems you have a good brain and you can read between the lines. It took less than twenty years for 9/11 to be officially disproven but many knew it was all bullshit from Day One. Ie lots of different bits of evidence.

    1. Yeah I’m so glad this cunt is dead by his own grenade. Little did he know when he woke up that morning and brushed his teeth, planning his crimes, that he was not going to gain ££££s, in fact he was going to lose his hand, his cock, his blood and ultimately his life, before sundown. Basically he wasn’t returning home.

      One less fuckface to steal from innocent people. I think they should put the remains of his body parts into a sandwich bag, then put that in a jiffy bag, along with a note of what happened in gruesome detail and mail it to his nearest living relative.

    2. It’s such a random weapon for robbery.
      A gun, a knife, a banana for your pocket…sure!
      But a grenade? Kinda like pulling a cannon around with you…

      What do I know? I am neither a thief nor Brazilian so I am probably talking out my ass!

          1. I beg to differ…..if I’m in a bus and some stupid oik comes with a grenade and says he will throw the grenade into the bus, I will do one of two things:

            1. Leave the bus because my life is under threat. It’s not a criminal offence.

            2. Be prepared to help any customer that suddenly rushes the oik before he pulls the pin.

            3. If he has pulled the pin, he will be at the front of the bus, throwing it towards the centre to cause the most damage, so that fewer people are able to come out and rush him after, there is no way he will go to the centre of the bus and get hurt himself, so I will go to the far back of the bus and hide, or the front, if I can’t leave.

            Not saying that that will save my life, but I will have a fighting chance.

    1. This is what happened:

      Robber: (pulls pin out) “Stop the bus. This is a raid. I’ve got a grenade in here with the safety pin taken off”
      Driver: “I don’t think it’s real”
      Robber: “It’s real”.
      Driver: “No it’s not. It’s a friggin’ toy. Shake it up and down. If you can’t hear some tinny noise inside it’s fake”
      Robber: (shakes it) “Listen mofo. It’s real. See? There’s a tinny noise. What say you stop this flipping bus before I kill all your—-”

      Robber: “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck”

  3. These people never let a good opportunity go to waste; like an overturned gasoline tanker for instance.
    The bystanders here were picking at the bones even before the dust settled, taking his shoes, and cleaning out his backpack.
    No worries about being lit on fire as in the case of the gas tanker, unless there was an extra grenade or two in the backpack.

  4. What a fucking irritatingly awful on the earhole language those people speak.
    Anyway, when saw the photo introducing the vid I thought “now there’s a tasty looking plate of sticky Chinese bbq spare ribs”!. Fairly disappointed to learn it was only a maimed Brazeeeeelian arsewipe.

      1. And no sorry I’m not lying. I was robbed at Leblon beach but I wasn’t being as careful as I should have- Rio is a shithole and people get robbed all the time.

        Actually all of your country is a shithole unless you’re in the south with all the white people.

        Now Cala a sua boca puta

          1. I’m Frances already visited Brazil in 2014 and I found a beautiful country, there are atrocities like everywhere in the world, people are super kind and charitable. when you visit a country, it is good to study about it.

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      1. Oh don’t worry too much Nem, I only believed in 5% of what I was putting out there
        That’s the Jonny way: Just type some shit and put it out there in the universe
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  7. I had a neighbor who used to make grenades/bombs etc.. and once he tried to blow them up on a ice covered lake. He did drowned by falling in. Divers found him three days later when his mom filled report about missing son.

      1. No, he did tried to blow up those explosions. But something went wrong, when he throw them on ice after set a light it didn’t exploded,so he decided to look closely and then bang.

        Investigators told he didn’t die straight away he tried to climb out of hole made by explosion with bare stumps
        (Has blown his own palms)
        Could not hold grip on ice and unfortunately drowned.

          1. I’m glad you didn’t bleed to death.

            I wasn’t so smart.
            In seventh or eight grade i did to my face reverse Michael Jackson. Lol.

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