Groom Is Shot in Head by Guest at Wedding in India

Groom Is Shot in Head by Guest at Wedding in India

During a wedding in Hisar, northwest of New Delhi, India, a guest wanted to add to the excitement with celebratory gunfire, but the single shot he discharged, managed to hit the groom in the head.

According to ANI News India, the groom was seriously wounded, but survived. Nothing like some drunk idiot ruining what’s often dubbed as the happiest day of one’s life. Alcohol and firearms don’t go well together – as documented bountifully on the pages of Best Gore (and that goes for India in particular).

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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    1. When I was young, I got my girlfriend pregnant. Her father said I had to marry her or go to prison for 20 years. Damn, I could have been out by now! πŸ˜‰

    1. And I thought fighting and guns were reserved for Irish and mexican weddings. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, what a combo, the government should control that. πŸ˜‰

  1. Insulted by being asked to sign a prenuptial contract, the bride paid this fool to shoot the groom. She would stand to inherit a sweet snake charming flute and a basket of snakes if the foolish gunman had better aim. Nice try sweetie.

  2. This short video has the muzzle of that firearm pointing out inches away from the groom and the dude holding although not in the picture seems too inebriated to hold that muzzle straight up .

    As things stand out
    Makes me wanna say
    Groom got the bullet kiss him first , rather his Bride.
    save for the Bullet !that decided that the couple weren’t made for each other.

    1. Hey @blucon Funny how when you shoot while drinking, the muzzle always drops down. Good reason not to. Better yet, you can fumble the damn thing, it falls and goes off where you don’t want it to.

      1. Damn right Bro !@BornToRun
        That fucked up odd dude in the crowd held the Gun with its safety catch on ; and how very strange that Bullet caught only the Groom unaware!
        Stop to think and you get tizzy working out that the rest were as drunk as the guy himself with the Gun .But he let go
        pre emptying any thoughts that he cannot empty his bullet chamber .
        Hic Hic Hic
        I bet this Groom is never gonna marry again or if at all he does decide it’d just be a simple court marriage .

  3. Shooting guns ar wedding is common during an Indian wedding in that country. My Indian friends showed me couple videos too. Maybe only the military families can? Who knows but I seen it before.

  4. These boozos don’t know how to use a damn toilet for fuck-sakes!
    And they give them a gun to play with !?! The total I.Q. for all these idiots combined is in the low single digits. Average I.Q. points are between 90 & 110. So I’ll call it what it is…. They are TARDS!!

  5. Hahahaha! At the end, it looks like someone is pushing the gunman out of the scene. Just Love stupid people, especially those that let this guy with a gun into their wedding. Makes for great videos.

  6. Isn’t that what most guys want on their wedding day? I’ve never been married and don’t plan on it. Marriage is for the weak and the scared. No thank you. I’ll just be like Charlie Sheen and fuck random bithces/whores until I get HIV and die.

  7. Next door neighbor stays an Ausi family just returned from vacation in India, appalled to find most Indian men hold each others hands while street walking and are secretly gay, and also the English word “Thug” originated from indian “Thuggee”, group of murderous men killing foreign travelers for money and usually engaged in group gay sex or rape…..maybe these Indian guys at wedding party are just performing some of their sex tradition and accidentally got shot.

  8. Poor bride and groom! I’m overly emo right now on account of hormones, but I can’t imagine the guilt the wedding party member responsible for the shooting immediately felt and likely still carries. I dunno if I could live with that. Ruining the best day of someone’s life and nearly murdering my friend. I’ve heard through other news channels that the shooter was in fact the best man. Ugh this kind of thing makes me wanna cry. I’m totes cool with decapitation, train suicide aftermath, ooooo and especially the aftermath of a jumper from a good height… But things like this, things involving kids and the elderly just break my heart.

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