Guy Assaulted with Glass Bottle at Creamfields Festival Looks Chill Despite Facial Wounds

Smiling Despite Bloody Flesh Hanging Off His Face

Best Gore member @miss-blue explains:

This happened at the Creamfields festival in Daresbury, UK over the weekend. Apparently this guy was assaulted with a glass bottle in the taxi rank of the festival between 3 and 5pm. No idea if it was provoked or not. Nasty looking facial injury but victim doesn’t look too bothered, probably too high on ket to notice.

Those wounds on his face are deep and will need proper cleaning and stitching. Hopefully he wasn’t too happy drunky to put the need to have his face patched up on backburner. That bitch’s gonna take a while to recover from. I foresee a lot of itchiness in the guy’s future.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @miss-blue:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Guy Assaulted with Glass Bottle at Creamfields Festival Looks Chill Despite Facial Wounds”

  1. The lack of blood may suggest that it’s been at least more than two hours since the attack.

    Also he may have had some type of blood coagulante drug or somethin… I would expect an opening that huge in facial tissue to be heavily bleeding…

    Also he doesn’t seem too concerned with going to a hospital…
    Maybe the reason why he seems so cool is because his brain just got a new cooling vent…

    Shit I’m surprised his brain wasn’t visible from that gash.

  2. You savage fucking caucasians. Seem you “people” can’t have a festival without starting some type of riot or committing overt acts of violence. I bet you not ONE black person or immigrant had anything to do with this violent assault that’ll leave a man disfigured for life

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