Guy Brutally Dislocates Ankle Jumping Into Shallow Water

Guy Brutally Dislocates Ankle Jumping Into Shallow Water

Looks can be deceiving. Depth of water under that dock definitely looked greater than it was. Guy jumped off the dock, probably thinking he was gonna dip all in, sink another meter or two and then resurface. It didn’t happen to be the case – water was shallow and he dislocated his ankle. That’s how fast and easy it is to go from a perfectly healthy male to a candidate for lifetime disability. Brutal, but he gets props for not breaking into tears right away. Adrenaline can keep pain away, but no forever. Darwin won once again.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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120 thoughts on “Guy Brutally Dislocates Ankle Jumping Into Shallow Water”

  1. He handled that pretty decently. I hope this didn’t happen in Florida, though. I hope this idiot isn’t FROM Florida. All native Floridians (like me) should know better than to do stupid shit like this…

  2. Hello people of the Best Gore community (if you have a colloquial term that you call yourselves, please state), I’m a long time lurker of Best Gore, first time finally-making-an-account-to-comment-er.
    I hope to be welcomed into your gruesome folds eventually, or if not, I shall disappear back into the virtual shadows of oblivion. There is too much emphasis placed on acceptance within the human world.

    The are my first words.
    It will be nice to meet you all.

    1. @red, Let me be the first to welcome you red, if your a lurker and read the comments, you know we sometimes refer to ourselves as gorgians or as I like to say goraholics. And everybody is welcome to best gore, we only get on the ass of the assholes who speak only in caps or have nothing useful to say or try to censor other members with their self-righteous bullshit. I think I put that into good words, If not I’m sure one or some of the regular sick fucks will let me know.LOL. But with your first comment I think you’ll fit right in!! BTW Does the carpet match the drapes??????

      1. Hail, Goraholics of Gorgia,
        Thanks for the welcome, Luna. Looking at my drapes now (or curtains as we call them here), they appear to be a beige colour. It just so happens that the carpet is also a similar colour, so I believe they may be within the same colour spectrum to match. How very observant of you. They also both match a rather nice lampshade.


  3. lol do people not check this things before they jump….i mean come on lol…..i would have walked down to check how deep it was before jumping……his next task is to do a bungee jump from a 40ft cliff with a 40ft rope 🙂

    1. I encouraged someone to jump off a building.
      Dumb fuck did it, shattered both his legs.

      Is it my fault for saying “ya, jump, im sure you’ll be fine”

      Or his fault for listening to the crazy bitch saying “you’ll be fine” ?

      Fat kid 1 should have ignored fat kid 2.

    1. ^^ legit true.
      I got really sick last year and dropped 60lbs in a few months…
      It’ was REALLY cold and it hurt ALOT when i fell, which happens alot cause im an idiot and a cluts.. Painful times..

  4. Well! saw some introduction up there so i might aswell go since i just join´d im Björn longtime lurker with no account wanted to make an account i guess cuz my opinion on the internet normaly goes heard and matters to people………..or not just a 24year old icelandic man with a butchers education go figure but hey where do sick puppy´s go in this thing called society 😉

    1. Hi Björn,

      welcome to Best Gore. I love Iceland. After 3 years of traveling around the world, your country still ranks as the best in the world in my books. Not only in terms of natural beauty (though you have no trees), but also in sheer awesomeness of people.

      Hope you enjoy your time on BG 😉


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