Guy Gets Hit by Propeller, Drips Blood All Over the Place

Guy Gets Hit by Propeller, Drips Blood All Over the Place

Guy participating in a pre flight inspection of an ultralight aircraft stuck his hand where it didn’t belong and got hit by the propeller that almost amputated his hand at the wrist. He started dripping blood all over the place and had to be taken to a hospital to undergo surgery, but apparently is doing well.

Props to Best Gore member leelord337 for the video:

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52 thoughts on “Guy Gets Hit by Propeller, Drips Blood All Over the Place”

  1. This video would have been so much more entertaining if a limb was severed.
    If his head was severed this would be the coolest video on the internet.
    But still he got hurt so +1 like.
    No like system like youtube..? 😐

  2. I think it was his shoulder was the area squirting blood. Watch closely…yes his hand hits the propeller but the force pulls him in a bit, as he jerks away toward the table he now has a red stain on his shoulder…

  3. I don’t think the bald headed guy was anything to do with the pre-flight inspection; he seemed more like a random old person drawn in by the noise and the irresistible urge to touch things that he hasn’t got a clue about; a sort of non-fatal Darwinism.

    As one of my surgical colleagues explains ‘It’s not spring until I’ve seen someone attempt to remove half of his foot with a lawn mower’.

  4. Was anyone else wishing the guy had shoved his bald head into the propeller instead of just trying to lean on it with his hand? 😛

    It’s funny how clueless the guy standing at the controls is. Are you sure he’s “Mexican?” He just has a handlebar moustache…hard to tell. It’s like he could care less, though.
    “Turn this off! Bob just almost cut his hand off!”
    “What? Bob almost lost his hand? When did that happen?”
    “Three seconds ago, you asshole!”

  5. props are almost invisible when spinning, most nonothings think all props are on the front notice the wide circle when he walked in, he likely fucked up the leading edge, got what he deserved

  6. Baaaaahahahahahahaaaaaa!

    I love this stupidity! Darwinism at its purest!!

    This happened at a small airport in my city a few years ago. Moron got out of a plane and walked toward the nose of it while prop was running and got Ginsued into thin air!!!

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