As Guy Is Being Stabbed, Hundreds of Chinese Walk By Without Even Looking

As Guy Is Being Stabbed, Hundreds of Chinese Walk By Without Even Looking

Ignorance is bliss – the Chinese live by it every day. Two guys stab each other like mad, hundreds pass by them, hardly anyone as little as turns their head to acknowledge that some vile shit is happening mere meters from them. Of course, why would anyone want to get involved in a knife fight, but to completely pretend that it’s not happening? WTF?

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54 thoughts on “As Guy Is Being Stabbed, Hundreds of Chinese Walk By Without Even Looking”

      1. I’m a chinese study in UK now, I could prove that , if you are a Chinese get in deep shit in China, really no one will care, I have no idea why is that hapening, sometimes people even giggling at the victim.
        I have to say, that is just stupid and sad, any one could get into deepshit, once in China, you are likely not ganna get out.

          1. @brownMan06, Chinese put full faith in the flying teapot orbiting the sun. Why isn’t your celestial overlord showing up his ass when violence becomes rampant on this planet? He can easily make a “descent” again, can’t he?

  1. Even the paramedics looked like they couldn’t be bothered. “If we take this guy he’s gonna get blood everywhere. This shit always happens to us when we have 15 minutes left on our shift”.

  2. That’s why Asians make the best neighbours, because they mind their own business. Still I wouldn’t live next to one! Very ignorant and rude people. We have soooooo many in Australia

  3. I wouldn’t have gotten involved either. I don’t fucking care if one or both of those guys died. Inserting myself in the middle of it would likely get me stuck, and for what? The one instance where I will insert myself into the fray is when there is a gross mismatch, like a man against a woman or a man against a child.

  4. Gotta go! Most of those people are probably on thier way to work. And if they don’t work and earn enough money, they have to stay in fucken china! Then who will drive like shot in monterey park?

  5. I get not helping when there is only one person jumping in and being afraid to help or they’ll get it too, but why don’t these people all jump in and help at once. Surely they can overpower one dude. People just don’t give a shit anymore, I guess.

  6. Aaah yes, the merits of communism. No one stops to help because if they get injured, there’s hell to pay at the factory. Shit, if they wont stop for a two year old girl who was run over, two men with knives might as well be invisible.

    1. And then I´d pick up one chink, take him to a tower, attach his right testicle on a rope with a boulder, and the left on a rope attached to a doorhandle. I think it´d be more wittier to throw out him out of the window, instead of the boulder.

    1. i might be mistaken, but i guess that case with the old Lady happend much earlier. because when the asked all the People who passed by yue yue (2 year old Girl run over two times) they said -they didnt help because of that case

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