Guy Gets His Tongue Cut Off and All Fingers of Right Hand Chopped Off

Guy Gets His Tongue Cut Off and All Fingers of Right Hand Chopped Off

Guy Gets His Tongue Cut Off and All Fingers of Right Hand Chopped Off

IN a Latin American country, a guy accused of being a snitch gets his tongue cut off and all digits of his light hand crudely chopped off. I don’t know where exactly the video is from, but I rule out Brazil because the language sounds Spanish, not Portuguese.

The guy took his punishment without much resistance. They did him really good. The chop job on the rock was brutal, especially the sawing with the machete that failed to severe the fingers with the blows.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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212 thoughts on “Guy Gets His Tongue Cut Off and All Fingers of Right Hand Chopped Off”

        1. I don’t get it. ..I mean why let yourself be tortured like that? Does he think he bring his tongue and pieces of fingers to hospital to be reattached?
          Yes you can still technically live with half tongue and basically no right hand but the quality of life takes a major dip. Loss of speech,and trouble eating,and no more finger banging,masturbating w/right hand…fuck even worse no more licking pussy and finger banging at same time…which I found makes the ladies cum.
          No funk dat…I think I’d take my chances fighting back so they have to shoot me in head.

          1. Yea but these are low level scum. They barely can chop off his fingers. Carry dull machetes,and own 1 gun that they barely know how to use / hasn’t been cleaned in 4 years. You take them out there’s no one else. They may seem insane but if you turned the tables on them they’d be crying begging for mercy.

          2. Fight back they’ll probably just torture you more and even though as extreme as losing your tongue and fingers is a lot more can happen, hacking off toes, stabbing out your eyeballs.. either way you look at you’re FUCKED if put in this position. You’re correct though, if that were me I would fight till the death or till I am hacked into itty bitty pieces lol. The worse part of this whole thing is he can no longer say those amusing tongue twisters such as “she sells seashells by the seashore”.

          3. After they stopped this video they took his eyeballs out. Google Leocer Jose Lugo Maiz on images and you’ll see how they left him.

      1. Thanks @honkeykong, at least you n’ Mark appreciate me taking 5 minutes out of my day to find n’ send in a video… I felt the same way when I watched it, even being buzzed af, I went hardcore squeamish face while watching… it’s hard to find back info on these types of videos but the gore is what mainly counts and this one didn’t hold back.

        1. I watched it again, and it doesn’t get any better. Damn. This shit is so nasty. My body actually has a physical reaction when machete man starts cutting back and forth on his finger bones. That sound is like fingernails on chalkboard, but worse. Did anyone else notice that his tongue was impaled on some type of stick? He was using it to suck his own tongue like a BlowPop.

          1. My first thought it was a blow pop but then I thought, no they wouldn’t give him one. Lol When he put his chunk of tongue back in his mouth, that gagged me. Yuck I think the put a toothpick through the piece of tongue.

    1. Damn, that was brutal for sure. Well, about the translation, they didn`t say much, but what I could hear was:

      -“Stick the tongue out, dipshit!”
      -“Get the machete, get it, get it!”
      Guy screams.
      -“Shut up!”
      -“Work on it…”
      -“Swallow it…”
      -“You’re never gonna talk crap again…”

      They begin to chop his fingers off

      “Quiet, asshole!”
      “Shut up.”
      -“Silence is gold, you know…”
      -“Shut it, asshole!”

      Since it’s very hard to understand what they’re saying and I don’t speak spanish, that was all I could get. Some words are similar to portuguese, but the video is all in spanish. 🙂

  1. I’ve been on this site since 2014, and the word “cringe” gets so overused by teenagers in this day and age. This right here, now this is cringeworthy. Physically so. I don’t know if they prolonged the poor fuckers agony intentionally by fucking up the finger chopping part. Either they really enjoyed seeing him fall into a state of shock or they just did a really bad job. Efficiency certainly wasn’t seen here.

    Man, this was true cringe. Was shaking my legs and covering my mouth throughout the entire video like a little bitch.

      1. I don’t think that they give you much of a choice! It’s not like you can just say to them, yeah I choose a bullet in the brain…easy peasy! The more you buck, & try to fight your punishment, the worse it is for you, & possibly your family. If you don’t take the punishment they choose for you, they’ll likely torture, & mutilate you for hours or days, (until they get bored with ya). The victim doesn’t have much say in the matter…take it & deal with having no tongue & fingers! Next time bet he thinks before he snitches

        1. Well ..yes still alive. For what it’s worth,he now looks like a freak of nature, his taste are all fucked up, not to mention he can’t eat pussy or jerk off with his good hand, that’s a good enough reason why i’d rather die trying in that scenario. Have fun with six fingers buddeh.

    1. Exactamundo, fear makes you dangerous believe it or not and i highly doubt many experiencing fight or flight with a sense of hopelessness are going openly just sit there and allow this to happen with nobody even putting enough effort in to harm you that they don’t even dissect your parts properly. Fuck that, id lunge and bite his fucking ear off or something forcing them have to shoot me quickly.

  2. Nah, man. This was just plain awful. Why the need for such ‘evil’ torture?
    Don’t cut a man’s tongue off, until you have cut your own one off is my rule of thumb (rule of tongue).
    But .. He should write to Gene Simmons for half of his one, except it’s been up too many assholes (and not all female – Gene is a Jew, born in Israel & moved to New Yk later) !

  3. Give me one rational argument to not hate latino subhumans and not wanting to nuclear strike them.
    What is the purpose in keeping these things alive and let them consume oxygen from earth’s atmosphere?
    There are half bilion of latino filth on this planet. Butchering all of them would cost nothing and the land we could take after them is fertile and should be managed properly (planting potatoes, corn and build homes for white people).

    1. See what we have here is a mutual agreement.

      As long as the presumed subhuman latino filth supply their drug commodity to the people with nuclear weapons they’ll continue to thrive.

      Rules of mutual agreement

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      Rule 2 ~ Mandatory Long term partnership for the foreseeable future.

      Rule 3 ~ They must sacrifice as many defectors of the movement as possible. Quench the thirst they have for blood. Blood is also a drug that sick fucks get high to.

      Hate is not, in reality, going to change anything. It makes it worse for you. Better for the ME factor supply. Demons operate in gangs.

    2. All the Latino’s and Blacks are a sub species of homo sapien, a much less evolved species. They lack a fully functioning cerebral cortex thus makes them behave more like animals, they lack the mental acuity and the awareness of self. This is why all brown countries should be separated from the civilized world.

  4. “I rule out Brazil because the language sounds Spanish, not Portuguese” you guys are getting better every day. I see some progression here. In a matter of months you will know a couple of spanish and portuguese slangs and verbal offenses hahaha..

    Unfortunatelly this isn’t Brazil, so no score for flip-flopnians.

  5. No doubt that if he made it out of that jungle shithole that young Jorge will be in the next caravan to America. Where else is he going to file a disability claim for his bigoted induced injuries? Hell I can see him now holding vote for Kamala Harris signs now in Sacramento, Ca.. that says directly underneath that…VOTE EARLY VOTE OFTEN!

  6. ostensibly speaking that shit was gnarly as fuck. what do they promise you, that they are going to let you live if you just accept whatever they judge to be justice? how else does one sit there and basically allow some dude to mangle smash cut your hand to shreds then move on to the thumb? there is no way they let that guy live. you think they were going to suddenly stop, brush the guy off, thank him for his time and allow him to saunter off to the clinica to get patched up? no. his day got progressively worse. that was really fucked up.

  7. Mr. Truman drops atomic bombs on women and children and it my father who is posthumously adjudged a war criminal.

    At Yalta with a sweep of a pen, a senile president condemns a third of the world to communism.

    Europe with the zeal of a missionary gone mad, hands over the wealth and resources of Africa to savages who have barely learned to beat a drum.

    Then you give them tanks and arms to replace their bows and arrows.

    And when your freezers arrive, they use them to store their enemies until their Sunday dinner.

    I have the grace not to mention Vietnam.

    All over your brave new democratic world, inflation spirals as literacy drops.

    And in America? They vote for law and order whilst shooting down Presidents, schoolchildren, and rock stars in the streets.

    Johann von Tiebolt
    The Holcroft Covenant (1985)

        1. I don’t have cable or satellite n’ don’t own or read magazines… hence, you are a fuckin’ moron dressed in psychic’s clothing. Good try, now get back to your homework, your grades have been slipping.

  8. Someone said I should have some respect for Brazil because ‘people died’ there and that I wouldn’t talk my shit to a trafficker of Rio.

    No shit, I’m never going there and I don’t want to talk to fucking savages.

  9. Gotta say he took it like a man even with the screams! Total cooperation, too bad the asshole’s machete was typically dull and useless like they all seem to be. When will Spics learn to hone their blades like the sick fucking dirty diaper heads do?

  10. I think all gangland people should be rounded up, lined up and shot with a bullet to the back of the head.
    Then we would get rid of all this scum and all their problems. These people are fucking useless to society, they contribute nothing.

  11. That was distressing to watch and this is due to his screams. If he was drugged and silent, it wouldn’t be so bad.

    As someone said, why wouldn’t he resist in any way possible? What could be worse? Maybe he was frozen by fear?

      1. I didnt say I enjoy this BUT if we can replace this poor guy with a fucking blue haired faggot liberal from san francisco, or A JEW, or a fucking goddamn liberal federal judge ABSOLUTELY I WOULD ENJOY IT I would fucking jack off to it!

  12. That was brutal and fuck going through this shit. I’m also guessing he was a grass and a thief, hence his tongue and fingers being cut off. I’m sure he thought that this pain and torture was much, much better that having his neck sliced, arms and legs cut off & dismembered whilst still alive.

  13. THIS WILL BE HAPPENING ON THE STREETS OF AMERICA QUITE SOON BECAUSE OF DEMOCRATS AND LIBERALS!!! They want to go to the cucked california 9th circuit and get that tiny dicked angry chink judge sitting in san francisco to block the border wall construction! I think it would be a fitting punishment to have that Chink judge be tortured like this guy in the video with his tongue cut off and fingers all cut off too! We should even have mexican cartel members cut his eyelids off and his fucking chink eyes a little bigger before beheading him!

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