Haitian in Chile Stabbed in Leg Without Provocation

Haitian in Chile Stabbed in Leg Without Provocation

A CCTV video from Chile shows a Haitian man being stabbed for no apparent reason. The attacker approached the victim from behind and stabbed him in the leg.

According to the info I got, the identity of the attacker, as well as his motives for the unprovoked assault are unknown, however the stab wound missed the femoral artery so the victim survived.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “Haitian in Chile Stabbed in Leg Without Provocation”

          1. If you look closely, from the beginning..guy dressed in all black head to toe to the right, makes a quick stabbing motion to his friend In red, who then enters view.
            Clip jumps and you see man dressed in black in a different spot getting ready for the stab. He then runs after he makes sure its done and his friend In red is there

          2. I kinda like this one and I think indeed he was artery aiming as it is odd location. but no the way he spins around afterward is pretty bad ass as is his strut to freedom, he could not have fled any slower

      1. My understanding is when a person gets stabbed below the waistline on their body, the perp is NOT and CANNOT be charged with attempted murder.
        My guess is these two know each other someway or another, got double crossed and one shows the other that they mean business.
        Hes saying “dont fuck with me”.

    1. True brother, as i have explained below, while on a Holiday. But this guy knew exactly where to hit him, as he got him right in that Legs Main Artery, well done, as i am sure that this Haitian dude, did something crooked to that guy that got him stabbed.

      1. Fuck, i guess that i should have read slower, as i thought that it said that he was indeed stabbed in the artery, especially with the amount of blood that he lost, in such a short time.

    2. True….I was in Chile last August. The people are agog as to how many Haitians they are bringing in completely against the people’s opinion. They don’t want them…..and who can blame them?

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  1. When i traveled to The Dominican Republic, all the local Dominicans hated the Haitian Peoples guts, “big-time” as they would park their lazy asses mere feet away from the paying vendors stands and sell, what locals said was stolen stuff, & fake imitation shit, and that those Haitian, Illegal Immigrants,, would hustle most of the tourist dollars away from the Real tax paying, and legal business owning Dominicans, at local Flea Markets, and outdoor Artisan Stands. And man, were the pushy cunts, as i witnessed myself. I was lucky enough to get some good advice from our
    Resort Manager to look-out for those assholes. So when the Wife & I got a hundred ft. from the Market, lol, just like they told me,,, they started to zone in on us and approach us, so i told them loud, and clear that i did not want their stuff, and moved on past them, completely ignoring them. And that’s when one of these fuckers called me an asshole in Creole, which is almost the same as Slang French, so i understood, turned around, and told him to FUCK-OFF, and go back home to your shit-hole Haiti, NIGGER, lol, he,he. My Wife was not happy with me as she let go of my hand, and walked in the market, “”Fast, and Furious””. This was our last trip to Dominica. All CUBA after this!

      1. It is unfortunate that The Dominican Republic has to share this Island with The Haitians, as they have had nothing but problems with these border jumping Low-lives, that constantly steal their jobs, and rob their belongings. Fuck, even the Dominican Jails are a better life for them, with a bed, and three square meals a daily.

    1. Funny u say that. I went to my friends house. he’s black and he has a picture of a black JESUS on the cross hanging from the wall. I said bro. JESUS is white. He goes well we believe he’s black. That’s fine but you just painted a white Jesus w white features black. His hair would be nappy. Not straight.

      1. reminds me of time I went to far away mall with mom to purchase school uniform, there I saw black santa. I did not laugh “helper” or not I left out shaken. your story however made me laugh! nice one @kevin yesssss

  2. Thank God for people that still give a fuck about other people like this man that just got stabbed. I could see a few passer-byers stopping, seeing what happened and deciding to keep going like if nothing happened.

  3. You can hear this penetration from knife to skin and that’s hot!looks like he loses to much blood in short time to not miss any artery ..looks like a revenge hit or a warning ..stabing there was very common older in few countries and I hear it’s really painful

    1. An ex of mine was stabbed through his upper arm and he said it is excruciatingly painful, more so than you’d think. He said that even though it took him by surprise, all his muscle seemed to grasp hold of the knife tightly.
      He was a boxer too, so had a decent tolerance to pain, I’d suppose.
      When I see stabbings on here it sometimes calls to mind his description of a knife plunging into you, and it makes me realise how violent an act it truly is.

      1. I’m sure getting stabbed hurt af more than get shooted and in this video his stab is in a place with so many nerves muscles veins n arteries it seems he hold a big ass knife long enough to stab till the bone lol

  4. He’s being stabbed for very good reason… He’s Haitian… They’re a fucking poison. Look at their nation. Look at everywhere they go… Chaos.. Poverty…

    We need to start stabbing these fuck faces in the leg, too..

    1. No… just tired of the invasion of blacks theyre poor and they brought their HIV turning chile in the country with the highest rates of HIV in america. they came seeking for treatments and shit because their destroyed countries cant afford them. chileans are paying healthcare education and food for this people… chileans dont want them in chile.anymore!!!

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