Hammer to the Head Wounds

This Will Leave an Epic Scar with an Epic Story that Comes with It

These pictures were provided by the same girl who shared the scarification photos she had done to her lower back. BTW – I have updated the scarification post with many new images so go check it out for more. There’s a whole pile of them now. But let’s talk about the hammer to the head attack – the topic of this post. It’s a Canadian version of the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs. I’ll let Gemma tell the whole story behind the images:

On June 14th 2010 my boyfriend and I ordered food from Kojax. It was a humid night. We were selling marijuana at the time, to make ends meet. Things were going well for us, we had a little extra cash and decided to spoil ourselves with ordered food.

After we ate, we watched some TV and had le sex. Just as we finished “sex time” there was a knock at the door. Not uncommon, we had a lot of customers who stopped by late. It was between 11 and 12 at night. I scampered from the bedroom and hopped into the shower while my boyfriend put on pants and went to the door. Less than 5 minutes later I heard yelling coming from the living room.

Without hesitation I bolted from the shower down the hall, ass naked and soaking wet, and slid into the living room. I stood in the doorway in shock; my boyfriend was leaning over the coffee table with his hand on his head, there was blood trickling between his fingers.

There was a strange man I’d never seen before, dressed in black, wearing a thick black hoodie and a leather jacket. He was holding a bloody hammer in one hand and reaching for the ounce of weed on the table with the other. My boyfriend, recovering quick and extremely pissed that this SOB had smashed him in the skull with a hammer reached to stop his attacker.

The SOB wound up and, using the teeth on the hammer this time, smashed my lover in the skull one last time. Blood started spurting from my boyfriend’s head and his legs gave way. He fell over the coffee table, blood was pouring everywhere. The man was turning to leave.

At some point I had crossed the room and grabbed the 8 inch hunting knife from between the sofa cushions. I heard a female yelling “you’ve fucking killed him!” now I realise that was me. I stabbed the intruder in the shoulder/neck area with all my strength, the knife became lodged and the ounce of weed the assailant was trying to steal got dropped.

The guy, now shocked and pissed he’d been stabbed by a 5 ft naked bitch, punched me in the face. I flew into the wall, cracking the sheet rock with my skull. The assailant moved to leave and I jumped him. He swung awkwardly at me, we were both slipping around now in the litre or so of blood that was pooling and spreading over the floor.

My boyfriend was yelling and trying to get to his feet, his body was in shock and he was having trouble getting his balance. I bit the intruder in the hand and he cracked me in the back on the head with his hammer at a bad angle for him. I was knocked onto the floor and the SOB bolted out my front door.

I chased him, 2 blocks, ass naked covered head to toe in my boyfriends blood. The guy got into a black car (too far away for me to see the licence plate without my glasses) and peeled off. I turned and ran back to my house.

I yelled to a group of my Quebecois neighbours across the street that were drinking on the front steps to call the police. Fuck French Québec men, because the only response I got from them was “nice tits”.

My boyfriend had made it to the front balcony when I made it back to the house. He was standing outside with a 1 ft diameter puddle of blood growing at his feet. I rushed him inside and grabbed a towel to hold against his spurting head. Our living room was upside down and drenched in blood.

I frantically searched for one of our cell phones with no luck. My boyfriend was still conscious and relatively coherent, massive head-wound considered. He calmed me down. Ya, he was so far in shock and suffering from short-term-memory-loss that he was completely clam and kept questioning me about what had happened.

We showered the blood off of ourselves and covered his head wound as best as we could with enough pressure to slow the bleeding. My cellphone was soaked in blood and no longer working. My boyfriend’s cellphone was still MIA – we later found it under the sofa in the corner.

Morning came and we had been up all night looking for a phone, him telling me that it’s no big deal. That morning around 8 am one of our customers showed up and stood in complete horror as he beheld us and our blood covered home. We eventually called an ambulance after my bf finally let me take a look at his head and I saw 3 distinct open skull fractures. We were brought to Verdun Hospital in Verdun, Montreal (if you’re ever in Montreal and happen to become injured or sick, avoid Verdun hospital – it’s bad… really bad.)

At the hospital we waited in Emergency for, get this, 12 fucking hours, before finally getting a CAT scan. During our wait we picked many-an-argument with francophone nurses, one of whom, when I asked for gauze cause my boyfriend’s head was still dripping, retorted with “we don’t ‘ave gauze ‘ere.” I told her to transfer us to a better hospital then – don’t have fucking gauze, what kind of bull…

CAT scan results showed a massive pocket of air and blood pushing on his brain pocket inside his head. We were transferred to a better hospital for immediate brain and skull-reconstructive surgery. While waiting for our surgeon, my boyfriend’s mom showed up, drunk as a skunk, and started yelling. She was removed but not before stressing my bf out to the point that he no longer wanted to be there. He attempted to leave.

They locked down the ward. He got in a fight with the doctor and was jumped by security. My bf has training in martial arts and even with an open skull fracture was able to break 2 security guard’s noses and dislocate one’s shoulder before they finally managed to sedate him.

I was trying to get between him and security and some cunt-ass nurse with a pink sweater got all up in my face. I punched her in the jaw just as the police walked in. I was handcuffed and hauled off to a waiting room. They wanted to arrest me but since I was the only person close to my bf, who was sober, present at the hospital and he was unconscious, I had to sign the consent forms for the surgery. The police then “escorted” me home back to my blood soaked apartment. Thanks a bunch, Montreal police! Making us feel safe!

My boyfriend’s surgery went very well. He was kept in a drug induced coma for 5 days, partially due to pain but mostly due to his psychotic aggression. The first time he woke up there was a masked doctor standing over him and the last thing he remembered was being jumped by security in the emergency room. He attacked the doctor. They kept him asleep after that until he was ready to be released.

One and a half years later, he’s perfectly fine with some pretty epic scars on the left side of his head. Post surgery pictures attached.

Stitch count: 38 external 10 internal. 3 hammer wounds plus incision scars.

As of 2012 both my boyfriend and I are seeking professional help for PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) and Severe Anxiety disorders as a result from the attack.

Gallery of the hammer to the head attack pictures is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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66 thoughts on “Hammer to the Head Wounds”

    1. Im sorry things didnt work out with you and your wife, but i must say, you married her!
      Its not her fault you couldnt handle her emotional issues and its not her fault your mouse penis didnt do the job so she was always high-strung. and if you `beat that obnoxious bitch` im sure she had valid reason to go psycho on your ass. Just saying.
      Fyi, THIS obnoxious bitch, can hold her own. Sounds like you`re the one with the anger issues and psychotic tenancies 🙂

      1. wow you really don’t get it. i thought my comment would post before obnoxious bitches comment. she is another bg member not my wife. my mouse penis would be more than enough for you. wanna try it? and my ex wife did not appear to be psycho when i married her but that is what you bitches do. you know men MUST expell their demon seed regularly so you lure us in with da pussy. if we do not expell we become physically ill. that is a biological fact. ask trauma, he is the resident bg doctor.

  1. ok, now i read the post and have something to say. this chick and her bf are royally fucked up in many ways! who lets strangers into their house at all hours? yea they was dealing drugs but you don’t shit where you live. deal the drugs somewhere else. better yet stop dealing fucking drugs and get a real job. this dude has that nasty scar now and was almost killed for one ounce of weed?! fucking losers! people usually get what they deserve. on the + side i do like the way this chick writes. she is well versed, multi lingual, and expresses herself well. too bad she is fucked up in the head and has a loser psycho bf. relationships with violent people do not end well. my ex wife was psycho and i left because i would have killed her eventually just defending myself. NO PSYCHO BITCHES!

    1. Erm, so you know both me and my boyfriend suffer from ridiculous psychological problems. No one will hire us. Trust me; i keep getting fired for aggressive outbursts. Selling weed just makes that small amount of extra that allows us to eat healthy and not just pasta everyday.
      Not all of us are so lucky to have a healthy mind and beable to hold down a job; consider that.
      Because i wish every day that the health system will give me back my rights as a human being and allow me to make money like everyone else.
      but they refuse so im stuck doing whatever possible to make ends meet.
      and my boyfriend knew the attacker, otherwise he would not have been left inside the house.
      Unfortunately due to severe head trauma he has no memory of the attack.
      The irony is the intruder only took the weed; our rent money + bill money was in a tin not 4 feet away… close to 1000 dollars and the fiend almost killed my boyfriend for some fucking weed. Oy.

    2. I thought the same thing. Sell drugs and you set yourself up for violence. The morgues are full of drug dealers and users, especially those that open their doors late at night for who knows who. This whole episode is stupid. Especially the author chasing the assailant buck naked. She’s lucky he didn’t kill her on the spot with the said hammer. Enuff said.

      1. Weed is a joke unless you dealing in pounds. An ounce is a shit score to try to kill someone over. And all pot smokers have sold to someone else at one point or another.

        moral of the story: choose your friends wisely and keep business separate from home.

    3. not to mention they ‘couldnt find a phone’ so they didnt ring for an ambulance… why the hell didnt they go to a different neighbor

      oh and whatever the reason who the hell runs 2blocks butt naked?

  2. I live in Montreal and agree that the Verdun Hospital looks like a place to crawl into and die.
    So two junkies that almost died for weed!. Next time you might not be so lucky & See you soon on bestgore!

    1. I wasn`t aware that smoking a lil weed made me a `junkie` , but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
      I smoke weed, yes, but i don`t do any other drugs other than the medication prescribed to me by my doctors. I don`t even consume alcohol, which is legal and plenty more dangerous than smoking a plant. Thousands of people die a year to alcohol. It`s nothing more than nicely bottled poison.
      Frankly, i don`t understand what kind of debt inspired the intruder to almost kill another human being over a little pot. It`s befuddling to me, since most people who smoke marijuana are pretty docile leading me to believe that he was intending to sell it himself to get out of some kind of trouble. He told me he was sorry while he was doing it, he said `he had no choice`.
      I would also like to add that smoking pot is hardly a crime in Montreal; the most you`ll get for pot, if you`re polite to the police, is a small fine.
      Even the officers who investigated the attack told us that they were surprised that something like that could happen over weed. It`s unusual, to say the least.

          1. Thank you, despite being a total nut job im not a complete idiot.
            Neither is my boyfriend, we are both human beings in unfourtunate situations and i have no shame revolving around the entire matter. Thought regardless as to how crazy we are bestgore may appreciate a gnarly head wound and a random ass story of irrational reactions.

            And i fully agree, chasing some guy ass naked down a street, not my brightest moment; but we all react strangely in stressful situations v____v lol

          2. No Gem ,you are definitely not an idiot …Your actually a VERY well spoken “nut job” and have shown a tremendous amount of class….Stay up my friend.

      1. Too bad you didn’t have a gun. You could’ve shot him in the leg to keep him from running away, then shot him again in the testicles to make sure he felt worse than your boyfriend. Then taken some cool pics of his leg bleeding out and disfigured scrotum to post on Best Gore to go with the pics of your boyfriends head.

        1. There have been many times where i’ve wished ive had a camera on hand to photograph some of the disgusting injuries acquired from being crazy .____.
          imagine how upset i was when 2 people jumped infront of the train at the metro station right in front of me and i didnt have a mo-fucking camera! >_< /cryy
          it was an epic mess <3

          1. And to Drccoco; I do try to “stay up” hence the marijuana smoking and weekly psych appointments at the Douglas mental hospital, however, i got alarmingly lost in the creepy tunnels under the hospital trying to avoid the cold weather outside. I was all of a sudden, not just crazy, but lost, late, crazy and claustrophobic. O____O’ winning.

  3. WOW that is amazing he lived ! I have to ask, Did they ever get that guy? Or did I miss that in the story? I would think that he would have also had to seek medical attention for that knife wound you gave him.

    1. No its an unsolved “attempted murder”. The assailant had enough brains to not seek medical attention in Montreal. The case is still open due to severity of the crime but no new evidence has come into play.
      Note though, if i ever see that fucker in the street or metro station, ima push him infront of a bus or train..
      Then take pictures and send them to BESTGORE ;P

      1. If your BF doesn’t remember the attack or the attacker then how do you know he “knew” his attacker? You yourself say you don’t remember or recognize him. Lying ass problem kids both of you.

  4. Hope everything works out for you guys. My Uncle was hit in the head with a hammer and was never the same again. Be became very aggressive and after 10 years started to have seizures. He is really f up. Good luck to you. Oh the guy that did this did he get caught?

    1. Call you a pathetic loser for almost killing another human being over some blueberry pot. Fiend.
      i could also be a bitch and link this to the detectives involved in working the case; it is, after all, and unsolved attempted murder and the case was never closed. they certainly want to stick somebody behind bars for it for 20+ years 😉

    1. Nar, we kind of had to disclose the situation to the police v__v lol
      plus, between me and my love, we’re totally psychotic and the cops in our area know us by name for the amount of “domestic disturbance” calls they’ve gotten because of us…
      they wave at me in the streets, tell me to not smoke my pot in public, and sometimes pull me over just to ask how im doing O_____o’ they’ve handcuffed me and strapped me down in an ambulance and dropped me off at the crazy-bin enough times that we seem to be on a ‘pal’ basis.
      Awkward. Mad awkward.

  5. That’s some scary shit, all over a little bit of herb. I’d rather be around a pot head than a drunk any time. I suspect the thief is a tweeker, too much meth.

    Hope your sweetie feels better soon. If I’m ever in Montreal I’ll make sure I avoid the hospital there. There is no excuse for their ineptitude. He’s lucky he lived.

    1. Thank you for your condolences; its ironic i find that this happened over pot. Considering its the most mellow and least addictive of all drugs, including cigarettes.
      And it’s just verdun and lasalle hospitals that are REALLY bad; The jewish General, Montreal General, Royal Victoria and the lakeshore general are all MUCH better hospitals to be treated at :3

  6. Ummmm, after reading this story, (yes, I understand that I’m well behind the times), as a Paramedic with a ETF cop husband, I call bullshit. For 95% of this bullshit story. You’re 5ft tall and you bounced out of shower naked, supposedly stopped an assault on your loser fucktard boyfriend, got hit in the head with a hammer, then chased him down the street NAKED and suffering from a HAMMER BLOW? Bulllllshit hon. Bullshit. And then, YOU had to sign the consent for surgery? That’s where you really blew it, you’re not married, you’re as nuts as he is, there’s no way ANY hospital, ANYWHERE, in CANADA, wouldn’t be sued for having YOU sign consent forms. If worse comes to worse, they’ll go ahead with surgery with NO consent form signed, it’s called the Good Samaritan Clause. If they THINK that surgery would be beneficial to the patient, no consent is needed. If that patient dies, they’re covered from malpractice under that G.S.C. Furthermore, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE waits for 12 hours for a hammer wound, don’t care WHAT hospital you’re in.

    Grow up and make up a better story without so many holes next time. He was probably drunk, fell down somewhere head first and that’s why he needed surgery.

  7. Canada become the garbage can of the northern planet….all that mess in the house, and nobody came to help…
    And a car waiting to that crap who did that…. Sounds as a plan….
    If it was happening in my country..
    The assailant would become a history
    Or vagitated…

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