Hand Broken by Punching Wall Held Together with K-Wires

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Hand Broken by Punching Wall Held Together with K-Wires

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @costeljinca, who got K-wires put in his hand after he broke it by punching a wall:

This is my broken hand after punching a wall. The pics include before and after surgery.

Thanks a lot for sharing the pics with us, @costeljinca:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Hand Broken by Punching Wall Held Together with K-Wires”

          1. I dont think that drywall can do major injuries.I actually punched the wall because i thought that its drywall,but it was fucking concrete

  1. Man ,that was some utter madness on your part to say the least . Never mind though the walls were mute enough but they spoke back in return ,breaking your hand for ya .

    My advice to ya is to try finding a vent where ya can let go all that
    Built up or better still find a job and be a stunt man in movies .Atleast some bucks and not the dead wall will cringe back at ya .
    Stop acting Mr. Invincible

      1. Gay whores are not supposed to be intervening in men’s affairs as its strictly forbidden .
        And now listen up Whore , ……….. the best ya can do is to sell your body to make a living and if that’s not enough ;try being a concubine in a harem , where the money is good the cocks are big and your kinda of smelly poopers are for takes.

        My domain is out of bound for a homo bitch like ya . Go halve yourself on a train track as ya can’t lay a claim on my dick.

        1. Ha.
          Artificially inseminating a heifer, fisting a sow….it all smells like a giant catfish.
          Upon retirement, I plan to travel the world and fist-eminate a barn animal in every country…except the African countries. I’d be the very bottom of the food chain in those shit holes.

    1. So true Wrath,

      But see the bragging credits he’s getting?
      Makes his life worthwhile

      “I’m on BG!”
      “I’m on BG!”

      Attention soothes the savage beast?

      He’ll pick up distorted chicks with those studs,
      even though they are longer than the one staining his shorts

      hands that fat,
      can his head be far behind?

      punched a wall, he must be pissed,
      his boyfriend’s face,

      saved, he missed

  2. If i had done something like this, I would think I was a utter ball bag , not only that …years later I would look at my hand and think it looks stupid with a gay tattoo and dumbass scar from being a muppet 2 times in different occasions on the one pic , that’s what would think of me .Be much cooler if you lost the whole hand and mad up a bullshit war story.

  3. Punched a concrete wall when I was in High School, broke my middle finger and my pinky.
    And after years, my pinky’s still dislocated a bit. Didn’t bother to see a doctor.

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