Hand Caught in Meat Grinder

Grinded Hand Looks Like It Is Holding Onto the Screw

Hand Caught in Meat Grinder

Hand caught in meat grinder – such a gore classic. Your hand is a fucking meat and this thing is especially designed to grind meat. If you don’t pay attention, you could end up watching your hand getting eaten by revolving metal and there’s no way for you to pull out once caught. The experience must be terrible. Pain beyond reckoning as your hand is being swallowed and until you’ve hit the switch, it will continue going deeper and deeper.

Have you ever done something stupid as a kid by putting your hand where it’s not supposed to go only to find out what it feels like? You know, like putting your fingers between the bus frame and the door just before it closes and then intense pain? I wonder if that’s what this guy was thinking – look at that revolving screw. I wonder what would happen if I… FUUUUUUCK!

Let us all collectively hope this man did not work for a meat factory that produces burger patties for Burger King or some other busy fast food restaurant. Gallery of pictures of hand caught in meat grinder is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Hand Caught in Meat Grinder”

  1. These are so classic. Probably the first ever gore I’ve ever seen was a meat grinder incident on rotten.com.

    Although either this guy was really dumb or the grinder was very unsafe to use and probably lacked the small piece that is used to push the content that is processed through the grinder. I know this since I’m a chef myself and I’ve operated a meat grinder to process about 100kg of meat a several times at a restaurant. And its basically impossible to get fucked like that by accident unless you really force your hand there.

    I bet he tried to push the meat down to get processed with his hand than the piece that is dedicated to that purposes. Work safety failure lol.

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