Hand Caught in Sheet Metal Roller

Hand Caught in Sheet Metal Roller

Today’s edition of “Best Gore Members Rock” is brought to you by Best Gore member lermms. How he came about the injury was summed up in two brief sentences:

I did this at work using a sheetmetal roller. My glove was pinched and pulled my hand in.

I hope all of you who work with industrial machinery stay safe in the workplace. Props to lermms for the high res exclusive.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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56 thoughts on “Hand Caught in Sheet Metal Roller”

  1. Fuck Bro, even though metal is infanatly adjustable, skin isn’t.
    That must have felt like a 4 foot long pair of vice grips clamping down on your fucking hand.

    Now THIS is how to open one’s finger tip mouth

      1. Lately I have been REALLY wanting to stick my entire head into that sheet metal roller.

        My computer is as dead as all the Fleshy Virus shot gun suicides found on the site…….what else is new.

        So in anwser to the question, I don’t have one.
        Most my time has been spent trying to beat survival….for what?
        My cats(kittens) are at the top of the real, unscarcastic answer.

        But, for now, I want to say HI to all my friends and know that I miss hanging out everyday talking words about how DOOMED the F.V. is and how unplesant it is to BE one myself.

        I miss StubyOne and Tiger.

      1. I am going to the doctors tomorrow.

        I was hoping it would sort itself out today. But it hasn’t.

        I am going to get an emergency appointment with the sister tomorrow.

        I am itching and aching all fucking over.

        Thanks for your concern Foxy Nicole.

  2. I lost a friend to a sheet metal grinder, actually.. His glove was pinched and pulled in his hand, then his arm, after that it was pretty much too late. A fellow worker rushed over to the emergency shut off but by the time he had pushed it, he was done.

    The screams lasted up to a minute. It was horrible. Please stay safe at work, no matter if its a gas station, use caution!

    1. A grinder? Sounds more like a press roller. I’m not trying to be an asshole, just wondering how a grinder could do that. Sorry about your friend. I work in a metal shop myself so shit like this hits close to home. And if it ever hits me in the whatever, you better believe I’m taking pics! Unless I die, then someone else better do it

      1. I do apologize for making that mistake. I would be a terrible reporter. Yes, it was a press roller for sheet metal. I really don’t know what made me type ‘grinder.’ I also had a friend die this year in a drill press accident. September 12. Another friend committed suicide, another one in a motorcycle accident. A midst all of this chaos I lost my Grandmother. It has seriously been a tough year for me and I do say, my mind isn’t all quite, ‘right’ just yet.

        1. Damn that’s a lot to deal with at once. Obviously you are strong minded for making it through all that. You may be new here, as am I, but you always have people to talk to here if you need to vent and whatnot. Sorry for all your losses. And you don’t need to apologize for mind not being quite right, at BG it is quite alright!

          1. It is rough, especially when your just at that point of feeling alright BAM another funeral. I am so scared about losing my kids. I am terrified. I have been having the worst dreams about them dying, ever since I started losing people. Last night I had a dream that my oldest son got hit by a car, these dreams are best gore dreams, too. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. I stay awake at night because I am terrified of having another death dream involving my kids. I found best gore when I came across this video on youtube. Thinking it was something else, although I can’t remember what I thought it was, I clicked on it. What I saw, was one of my many dreams that I have involving my kids! It was in Africa I believe, Ghana? This terrible accident involving kids. A mother and father crying over their dead son, just wallowing around in the streets. Somehow I linked the video here, and thus, my account was born. It may sound weird but this site supresses my dreams. I still have nightmares, but not as heavy as I did before I was on this site.

            I didn’t plan on commenting, but you guys are so funny, I had to chime in somewhere. I started posting nude pics of myself because I thought it would be funny to have a serious conversation with a nude pic. Its funny in my mind, anyways. I actually though I would get some bad comments as I have a low self-esteem. I got some good comments though. Ah, sorry I tend to ramble on and on.

          2. There was a video not that long ago involving a car crash in some shitty African hellhole. Where this father was cradling his dead son in his arms.

            His son head his head popped… The back of his skull was gone and their was brain all over the fucking road.

            It was pretty sad.

            As a Human I felt empathy for the father’s anguish.

            The vast majority of women I know have poor self esteem.

            And seeing the naked pictures of you… You have ABSOLUTELY no reason to have low self esteem.


          3. @Trooper-That is, indeed the video I am referring to. It is the video that brought me to BG. I hate having a distorted image of myself, but I think of it as a way of holding me back from being a snobby, stuck-up bitch. Some girls can be hot and be nice, its rare though.

            I tend to try to reason with myself as to why I have this self-esteem issue with myself. I may just be making excuses. Its totally psychological. I don’t suppose it helped with my mom calling me, fat, ugly, sick looking, dirty, too dumb for college, etc.

            Sometimes I want to experience a normal life, sometimes I want to slap myself for even thinking that. But one thing is for certain, I really want to be able to worry less.

  3. I’d have more sympathy for you lermms if you were a chick, but damn, hand injuries are always painful to look at regardless. There’s no indication of how old this injury is but I hope your hand is functioning at 100% of it’s original capacity (or has high chances of it in the future). Thank you for sharing, lermms. Enjoy those pain killers in the meantime.

  4. I got stabbed in the arm 10 or so years ago, and didn’t have insurance so I had my vet tech friends tape it back together. I had them video tape the repair and was more pissed because the video came out blurry than I was about the wound.

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