Hand Punctured When Trying to Jump Over Fence While Drunk

Hand Punctured When Trying to Jump Over Fence While Drunk

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @r3al1ty, whose friend puncture his hand when he was trying to jump over a fence while drunk:

The story is about my crazy friend, who busted up his hand on a metal fence, which is basically a 2m high grid of 3mm reinforced steel wires welded together.

He was drunk and as he was over the fence, just about to jump on the other side, he lost balance and his hand caught on one of the spikes protruding from the top of the fence, ultimately falling on his back with a huge gash on his palm.

Luckily, he didn’t tear any major blood vessel and didn’t bled much, but will remain stitched for a full month.

This is a picture of his wound just before he went to the hospital to get sewn up.

Thanks for sharing the pic and the story with us, @r3al1ty. We wish your friend a complications free recovery from the injury. I’ve heard superglue works well on hand injuries (don’t try this at home, lol).

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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48 thoughts on “Hand Punctured When Trying to Jump Over Fence While Drunk”

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  2. Poor guy ……..S’gonna take at least 6 months to heal…..
    Plus tons of Vicodin………. Sometimes a sick annoying tiny lil Jester pops out of the wound and explains the dude to come down……..That this is just nothin……That people get
    Beheaded with dull knives……And get their vaginas seared
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  3. Oh look at my hand, it’s puncture. Oh that hurts. I’m in a lot of pain. Will I survive to tell my grandchildren about the time that I puncture my hand? So many things going through my mind right now. My whole life seems to be flashing before me. I can see the pearly gates from here. Is that you god?

    This image is one of the most violent image that I’ve seen so far. I almost had to stop turn away from looking at the picture because it was making me throw up from all the violence.

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