Hand Shattered by Pyrotechnics at Oaxaca Festival in Mexico

Hand Shattered by Pyrotechnics at Oaxaca Festival in Mexico

Hand Shattered by Pyrotechnics at Oaxaca Festival in Mexico

There is just this one pic. According to the backinfo I got, this happened recently during a religious festival in Oaxaca, Mexico. The festival is notorious for its midnight fireworks display.

This man apparently didn’t take appropriate safety precaution and the consequence is that his hand got shredded by pyrotechnics.

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the pic.

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  1. This brings back the memories of my business assignment in Central Mexico in the early 2000s.

    Every night of a commemoration of some popular patron saint, there would be dozens of bomb rockets launched. Every once in a while, I’d see or hear an emergency vehicle heading to the center of the action

    Religion, fireworks and alcohol are a dangerous combination.

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  2. When I was 8 years old, one of my neighbors, who was a teenager at the time, blew 4 of his fingers off during a 4th of July celebration in our cul de sac. I remember seeing his mangled hand with only the thumb intact. Ever since then, I have not touched a single firework. I’m 37 now.

  3. This jerk of a Pyromaniac will have two things said ,” good bye” to …….. one of which is fapping; and the other one, of course is counting from one to ten neatly with two nubs gobbled by the fireworks ……….Mexican style !

  4. I would watch these crazy ass firework concoctions they’d come up with in the Plaza which is like their square , and bulls that would chase you around made out of fireworks and wheels. We’d run through the plaza like crazy asses getting shit shot at you from the Bull.
    I wouldn’t do that again. You’re young once.

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