Handcuffed Suspect Smashes Glass Around Him with Head

Handcuffed Suspect Smashes Glass Around Him with Head

A Brazilian man was arrested and put in handcuffs. His mother got emotional and cried about it while talking to police. Meanwhile, her handcuffed son, who was probably high on drugs, headbutted the glass pane next to him, smashing it to bits. Moments later, he did the same with another pane.

It’s quite interesting to observe the seemingly level-heading reaction of Brazilian police to the actions of the man. Had this happened elsewhere, he would have been in the pool of blood, bleeding from three hundred gunshot wounds, cause the popo would have feared for their lives.

Props to Best Gore member ThePortugueseDude for the video:

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      1. I was waiting to see the broken glass fall and cut his throat! Yeah I would’ve hogtied him then again they probably got laugh out of watching dumass stick his head through 2 windows. I’m surprised they didn’t have bulletproof glass or at least lexan or plexiglass

  1. If i was one if those cops i wouldve grabbed him as soon as he headbutted the first glass. drug him up some more. Then put him in a isolated brick wall room. Please bang your head on the wall tough guy, i dare ya. 🙂

    1. Ahahah ! That’s funny the way he hit his head showing Cops ‘how dare you ?i m a psycho guy you wanna see my anger? Here you go ‘bam’ cops you see it? Then waited for a while don’t arise my anger I m telling you all then again ‘bam’ ! Unfortunately This time cops will help you to get up! 😉

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    That is all.

    1. Welcome @Anon. Just a bit of advice – don’t get offended if someone writes shit to you. We’ve pretty much all done it and had it done to ourselves! Comes with the territory on this kind of website, lol. You’ll see plenty of racist and ethic slurs against every kind and color of people on this earth – just how it is. 😀

  3. maybe he was just trying to pass out so he wouldn’t have to listen to his mutha… just for a few minutes. If I was one of those cops, I woulda given her a nice rifle butt to to the chin. ” se?ora, puede usted por favor dejar de hablar”

  4. That was hysterical, I keep watching when he breaks the first pane of glass, too funny, i hope he gets billed for the glass, if he can’t pay make him clean out the toilets till he pays it off. What is up with that dreadful women, she can’t shut up enough to hardly even notice,

  5. The police here in the U.S. would be offended and act as if the guy broke out the windows in their homes. Any reason at all to pounce on him and fuck him up.

  6. Yep, if that happened here in Canada the police would’ve beat the hell out of him and his mother. Saying they did so because they feared for their lives.
    la-la-la…O’ Canada….la-la-laaaaa!

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