High School Student Severs His Artery Punching Through Glass Door

High School Student Severs His Artery Punching Through Glass Door

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Rogue-. This set is slightly different from your usual Best Gore Members Rock series in a way that it’s not the submitter who’s depicted in the photos. Rather, it’s a kid of failed parents who brought up a piece of shit too full of himself to accept authority. Something tells me this kid’s failed parents are of the same breed as all those who bitched at the judge who did not stand idly by when his kid’s behavior turned unacceptable.

This is how Rogue- described what happened with the window punching student:

Some idiot at my former high school decided he was mad, so he punched through a glass door and ended up severing his artery in his forearm. He almost lost his arm but they were able to save it.

According to the news reports – in a fit of rage, a Papillion-La Vista South High School student put his arm through a window in the principal’s office, severing an artery in his forearm. The injury was so severe, the kid had to undergo an 8 hours long surgery.

Papillion-La Vista South High School is in Papillion, Nebraska, USA. Thanks a lot Rogue-

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39 thoughts on “High School Student Severs His Artery Punching Through Glass Door”

  1. I sliced off the pad of my left index finger. I was drunk so I didn’t wanna pay $300 for stiches and sit in an ER all night.

    I heated a spoon over the stove and cauterized the wound shut.
    I have pictures and a padless finger looks pretty knarly, but I don’t think it’d Best Gore worthy.

    As an artist I’ve been planning to make my contribution to BG through a sick piece of artwork for the site.

    Eventually I’ll get around to it.

  2. what a genius. Damn lucky though.. i cut through a tiny thread vein in my thigh by accident (the cut was deliberate, but I didn’t mean to go through the vein), and I thought it’d NEVER stop! And that was just a vein.

  3. Back in high school some guys were fucking around near a glass door and something similar happened but the guy had head injures as well i remember the principal taking him to the hospital there was a private hospital in the same street one block away from there the guy was injured in his arms/face seems he was bleeding but he did survive and got stitches wasn’t brutal like this dude’s arm he’s a lucky mofo to be able to keep his arm 🙂

        1. @mouse,
          I’m coming to you to sit it out in one of your nuclear bunkers under the sands of your beautiful land.Your going to need your own personal dancing girl with a taste for gore to get you through those long years waiting it out.

          1. yes, we must repopulate the muslim holy lands and establish a world wide caliphate so the human fleshy virus shitstorm begins anew. c’mon over. there is much fuking to be done in preparation for that glorious day!

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