Horrors of War in Syria

Horrors of War in Syria

This short video from a hospital in Aleppo shows just how much it sucks for the people of Syria to be caught in the middle of war. There are armed groups out there, fighting each other with little regard for ordinary people. Children especially pay a huge price for the aggression.

There is one child in this video – his leg was literally ripped off in the middle of the thigh. He’s in so much shock he doesn’t even realize how badly he’s hurt but when he sees the medic puncturing his skin with a syringe, it makes him cry.

This is absolutely horrible. Peace talks are way, way overdue but with the rebels making it clear that they’re not interested in peace and with Hillary the Obtuse financing and arming them, the outlooks are bleak. Suffer little children – whatever the rhetoric Hillary uses before the media, her support for the suffering shows that the end of aggression is not on her agenda. And so the horrors of war in Syria will come to no end anytime soon.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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32 thoughts on “Horrors of War in Syria”

  1. Holy shit that little kid’s leg is hamburger!
    I bet he stepped on an IED that was left behind and forgotten.

    Then there’s another kid on the ground with a foot hanging on by a string…

    I bet most of these people don’t get much more than some comfort before they succumb to their injuries.

  2. Oh man that sucks. If Syria falls, she falls. Then we would have the President of the United States Isreal, Netanyahu, have the US declare war on Iran…
    I’m a glass half full kind of guy, maybe more wars will expedit my deployment, tired of just waiting around for my ship out.

      1. oh my gosh, it’s a very powerfull vid that the world must see, the real life horrors, all of this war.
        and that poor little lboy, if the world were to be shown vids like this, then i’m sure we all would think twice, before taking part in this nasty war!

    1. The boy cries because they give him an I.V. I do not think he knows much of his injuries. I have seen people who lost a leg in sudden accident not realize their leg is gone.
      He is scared-gory stuff going on around him, probably no familiar faces, and then person comes by and stabs him in the arm with big needle. Hopefully they give him lots of good drugs, yes?

  3. Wow, bravo to those brave doctors/nurses working there. What a living nightmare. That poor little lad, all on his own. He didn’t seem in any real pain, though? Just in shock and very frightened πŸ™

  4. This is exactly what deserves to be shown via the US media for every drone strike, Apache gunship attack, etc., so the cheerleaders for war can see what the reality is. Many tears for the 20 kids in a school shooting, but oblivious to hundreds if not thousands of kids killed to impose democracy with bombs and bullets.

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