Human Foot Meets Lawnmower

Human Foot Meets Lawnmower

I’m still waiting for the day when the mighty lawnmower takes revenge upon my irritating neighbor who has the loudest lawnmower in the world and likes to run it whole day long cause she’s bored the fuck out of her mind. I figure a bit of a shredded sole like in this pic would shut her off for a while.

Cool pics, nice complement to the previously posted degloved human palm photo. Patient must have worn flip flops mowing the lawn.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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92 thoughts on “Human Foot Meets Lawnmower”

    1. A fucking jungle and full of garbage… don’t you mean a Detriot lawn?

      Detriot was once the most economically prosperous and urban city in the world… now it pretty much a jungle.

      The new ‘inhabitants’ of Detriot are remodeling the city to suit their spirit and culture…. which is a grassy unruly jungle.

    1. I was thinking that too Rotten…
      All the damage is on the bottom of his foot – Huh?
      I can just see it – lazy ass here was laying in the sun (on his stomach) while his girlfriend mowed the lawn.
      Him barking out to get him a beer was her last straw.

      1. I’m thinking he was backing up and probably tripped and the mower rolled onto his foot. I could see this happening to me, when I get in a hurry and want to finish mowing so I can get back into the air conditioning and liquid refreshments.

    2. @stench
      im thinking.. okay, imagine the lawn mower and how the blades are covered by the safely sheild. Now im thinking the dudes foot was probably pulled in via shoelase or the shoe itself, and basically the toe portion of the shoe got pulled towards the inner roof of the shield allowing the blades to slice through the under portion of his foot.

      I dunno if that even made any sense, but if that’s not what happened, then i’m befuddled as to what did O__o

  1. I don’t do lawns. Instead, I pay others to take the risk. If they end up chopping up their foot like this dude, oh well, bummer for them; here’s your 65 bucks have a nice day. Works for me, my foot is still intact.

    btw, I’m surprised that that foot was savable considering the amount of damage done.

      1. Jesus,

        My mom has a big lawn, 1/2 acre, to take care of and since my wife and I live under her roof that’s the cost of my ‘ rent ‘ . Cheap rent, I’d say.
        I don’t have a choice on whom she uses for lawn service, I just pay.

        btw, thanks for the offer Jesus. I don’t know where you live but I doubt it’s in Washington state.

        1. Yeah you’re right i’m not in the Washington state though wish i was because the northern states like WA or IL are really nice.. since you are my buddy i’d do it for 50$ 😀

          1. Jesus,

            It’s funny that you mentioned Illinois because that’s where I lived most of my life (20 years). Chicago area. Got board of the place so I first moved to Nevada and then ended up here in Washington, for now anyways.

            Thank you for considering me your buddy and likewise to you. I’d let you mow my mom’s lawn for 50 if you lived in the area. Hell, the last time I had to pay 250. She had the lawn guy trim the bushes, cut branches off the trees and a bunch of other crap that I don’t remember. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to do all that shit. I’m a lazy fuck when it comes to yard work.

          2. @TheBoatman

            Anytime! if you have the proper tools i’d be a pleasure i really don’t own any equipment at the moment.

            i mentioned IL because my ex-girlfriend lives there never been to IL but want to live/travel there someday 😉

          3. ex lives in Chicago,too. I spent a few days there, enjoyed it. Very differentfrom South Tx (Mexico lol) I want to go back.

  2. Ewww. Man I was surprised that foot was in such shitty shape, but the doctor got it all fixed up. Wow, talk about a talented doctor. I can’t even draw a straight line… lol. 🙂

    1. You’d be amazed by some of the repairs we do in the ER/OR. Most of the time I think they’ll look messed up, but most of the time they come out looking fine albeit with a scar.

  3. Boy, I do my own lawn every two weeks. it is a bitch, especially with all the damn mosquitoes. I know it’s just a matter of time before one of my machines gets me. The grass edger or circular saw are probably the top contenders. In the end, it will probably be my safety razor. Sometimes when I’m shaving near my eyes, I wonder, dang that was pretty close to becoming a pirate.

          1. The sergeant in the Michael Caine movie? That was an awesome beard ( and movie.) If he got rid of the moustache, his sideburns would qualify as pork chops. Caine is a great actor, I kind of think he is too good to be playing in the Batman movie.

          2. Yessir…

            Although at my rate of growth… It would take about 50 years!

            Too right mate.

            Although I don’t think much of superhero movies. I do enjoy the Batmans.

            Did you see Harry Brown? That wasa good film.

  4. Just get one of those lawn mowers without a motor that you have to push, problem solved. If you have a big lawn then I guess there’s no choice but to use one of those dangerous machines though.

    Picture looks like a piece of meat intertwined with lots of rubber bands, maybe this person decided to take a quick nap on the lawn while the lawnmower was running?

    1. I used to do that, too, but I didn’t stop because of safety. I stopped because it made me feel too suburban. Now I live in an apartment complex, so to hell with having to do ANY yard work! That’s what maintenance guys are for!

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