Idiot with Gun Shoots Himself in Hand

Idiot with Gun Shoots Himself in Hand

CCTV video from what looks like a shooting range shows a man handling a gun with an instructor next to him. For whatever reason, his idea of getting a handle on the gun was by pointing the barrel at the palm of his hand. It didn’t take long for obvious to happen.

I’m not a gun expert, but even I know that two of the most fundamental gun handling rules are never to point the gun at anything you don’t want to shoot, and always treat the gun as if it was loaded. Some people probably need to get hurt to finally get it.

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  1. Fucking idiot. Keep your index finger on the side of the barrel. Once ready to shoot, cock it, aim your target, then move your finger to the trigger. The safety is for pussies.

    1. Manual safeties are retarded. That’s why I carry a GLOCK19. The guy should have shot himself in the face. Would have made for a better video and take that dumb fuck out of the gene pool.

  2. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase : stupid ass … I’ve watched the video several times and I cannot figure out why the fuck this idiot is pointing the gun at his hand, it’s not like there’s a laser sight there he’s trying to see works or not… can somebody please please help me? my mind is a complete blank as to why the fuck one would do something like this

  3. If I am to define the word, “IDIOT” ; here is one for all of us in this episode with his being a total foolhardy of a pure reckless man who actually need to keep away from arms and ammos or he is gonna die someday. It goes to prove what a guntard he really is . I wouldn’t expect a grown up man with all his pubes on his groin like some Amazonian forest to handle something so dangerous like a little toddler . Good that he didn’t keep pointing the muzzle at the instructor or he would be a goner .
    A Bullet through his palm will serve to forever remind him what its to respect Ballistics and salute them when you can .
    If ever you happen to come across someone somewhere with a hole to his palm ,its him .Just hold him by the scruff of his collars and try dropping a coin through that hole to the ground .

  4. He was nervous with his finger on the trigger so he figured he would keep his hand in position to catch the bullet if he slipped. It sort of worked, He kept the target perfectly safe. He just didn’t think it would hurt as bad.

    1. That’s the way to go for a shooter to practice targets by letting targets be safe . His action from the beginning were quite amaturish hinting of the very obvious to happen any minute . Like a fool he kept moving his palm as if to tame the muzzle .
      Not even the instructor had any inkling of what was bound to happen . This shit head could have been told to turn the lever to ‘SAFE’ mode and point the muzzle down but before that the bullet chamber should have been checked to see if it was loaded or not .
      Indeed he succeeded in his attemt to catch the bullet

  5. If you know nothing else, the most important rules are stated in the post. That’s for sure. Another rule; you can’t fix stupid. This dumbass should’ve never been allowed to handle a firearm if he is that dim. At least it wasn’t pointed at the instructor.

  6. Its Laurel and hardy.
    Whats the instructor being paid for? Looks like hes too busy thinking of whats for dinner instead of the safety of his clients.
    And who in the hell aims a gun like that? he must of had a laser sight on it thats the only logical reason as to why he would do that.
    Bunch of dipshits.

  7. “Now I will show you what stupid people who aren’t supposed to handle a gun end up doing to themselves..see? They aim their own gun to their this ..never do that ok ? You might shoot yourself and…BANG! OUCHHHH! WTF DID I DO????”

  8. “You know, I love piercing, in fact I need a new piercing on my hand, but since I never have FUCKING time to go and get one because I am so FUCKING busy to teach you FUCKING people how to shoot ..I think I’ ‘ll FUCKING do it myself right now!”

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA, haven’t laughed this hard since ages. Shooting his own tentacles. Stupid octopussy. Just leave him to bleed out to dead, we’ll be having something to feast on. I’ll start with his munchy anus.

  10. Yeah the piece was outfitted with a cool laser grip and the on switch right there, so you could see the laser dot from a fucktard ways off, so the hand in front of the mussel was just about the dumbest of shit to do. At least the gun didn’t drop on the cold hard floor and get a ding. Cool press checks are a good way to get it on, just to take in the summer night sky in the park type thing. -951-

  11. The 4 main rules of gun safety are.
    1.Don’t put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire.
    2.Know your target and what’s behind it.
    3.Treat every weapon as though it were loaded (even if you know its not).
    4.Never point a firearm at anything you don’t want to kill/destroy.

    These rules are universal and are not specific to any certain area. The guy deserves to have a fucking hole in his hand because even if he didn’t know the rules common sense dictates what not to do. If that was an instructor, and not just some backass, redneck country fuck, he needs someone to pistol whip his stupid ass half to fucking death! This kinda thing pisses me the fuck off. I am a gun owner and I don’t go anywhere without a firearm. People like this ruin it for Responsible intelligent people just because they feel that they have to be tacti-Cool because….’Merica that’s why! I don’t support gun control for the most part but I would definitely support a law that prohibits ownership based on I.Q.

  12. What in the actual fuck was he even attempting to do/show there? Why would you point a gun at your hand w/ your finger on the trigger. One of the first things you learn is not to keep your finger on the trigger until your ready to shoot. Some people deserve what they get.

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