Index Finger Injured While Working with Wood

Index Finger Injured While Working with Wood

A woodworker was ripping a 1×2, when the long plank bounced up and hit his index finger.

32 stitches later, the injury started to heal, but the infection formed under the nail, requiring the doctor to rip it completely out.

Props to Best Gore member @infect3d-Tr1p for the pics:

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38 thoughts on “Index Finger Injured While Working with Wood”

      1. I hurt my back, yet again,,, on Sunday. And after suffering needlessly for a couple of days, i went to the E.R. and they took pity on me, & gave me a script for 8mgs. of Dilaudid Tablets, & Flexaril. πŸ™‚

  1. When you are “working with wood” but your wood is still okay. Does anyone know if there are videos where someone is stretched out on two boards until they die. If someone was forced to eat an abortion that’d be fascinating, similar to South Park. Someone refer me to the most painful deaths on this website. Is there a real life version of room 101 from 1984? With a heated cage of rats under someone with the persons stomach the only way to get out for the rats?

  2. I’m no medical professional but have seen your type of fingernails and shape of the end of fingers a symptom of a dangerous medical condition. Maybe someone here has seen this too? Think its called nail clubbing.

    1. I do have clubbed fingers, I’ve been to several doctors and had many second opinions. Clear bill of health, no lung disease. Their consensus was that I have acquired clubbed fingers from biting my nails for my entire life. Heads up for nail biters.

  3. Hi this is Gary, the guy with the finger lol. So yea that 1×2 jumped up and I tried to push it back down on the table saw like an idiot. The saw was sitting about 3 inches up too high so when I pushed it down it clipped my finger. Also, contrary to popular belief, there was no pain. During, after, or the weeks to come. Even when the doctor pulled my nail off completely, there was no pain. Although, it looked like it should have been extremely painful so I grimaced just from the sight. Also I am a day drinker and on this particular day I had already had WAAAY too much to drink that early in the morning. And no, the nail will not grow back correctly, cant say I’ll even have half a nail anymore.

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