Indian Man Ends up in Hospital with Slab Wounds for Allegedly Asking Someone to Wear Mask

Indian Man Ends up in Hospital with Slab Wounds for Allegedly Asking Someone to Wear Mask

Indian Man Ends up in Hospital with Slab Wounds for Allegedly Asking Someone to Wear Mask

On May 5, 2020, an Indian man was attacked and stabbed multiple times allegedly for asking another man to wear a mask in a public place. The incident happened in Chembur, Mumbai.

The video shows the victim in hospital where he’s being prepped by getting his hair shaved to treat the head wound.

If in spite of all the information about the COVID-19 p(l)andemic that’s out there you still fall for the officially pushed propaganda, you are the driving force behind the destruction of human rights and fundamental freedoms that we are experiencing as a result of Project Zyphr.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

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123 thoughts on “Indian Man Ends up in Hospital with Slab Wounds for Allegedly Asking Someone to Wear Mask”

    1. Yep,,, C.S.A. (Construction Safety Association) Approved & Certified Steel-Toe-Boots that had half of the steel toe part cut-off with a chainsaw, would most definitely leave a sharp enough edge to do that damage, lol. I Mean i think that the dude is gonna die as they work on his haircut instead of his chest, and punctured lung.

  1. Did anyone else find the sounds this guy was making annoying? He almost sounded like an Eastern European Male pornstar with his constant “huuuum, huuuum, huuuum” souunds.

    A little advice to all the Eastern European porn guys out there. SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!

      1. No I never seen “A Serbian Film” but by your description I can say with confidence that I never want to either. Seriously, what the fuck is it with the Eastern European guys making noises like they’re chicks over there? So one more time for all the Sergey’s, Artem’s and Pavel’s out there. PLEASE, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!

  2. That looks gnarly. It’s nice to see some paranoid idiot get their shit kicked in because they think they can dictate other people lives. Not everyone is going to wear a government leash over the face. If he dies, COVID-19 will be ruled as the cause.

    1. Why the hell did he even talk to another person about wearing a mask? Each to their own.
      The purpose of this masks is more so to protect the wear from the outside world, than the other way around.

      1. That’s not how it works, that’s not how any or this works smdh. Masks limit spreading the virus when they exhale small droplets containing the virus. Overall, researchers found masks led to a more than threefold reduction in how much virus people sprayed into the air. Those droplets can stay alive & active for Literally days. Meaning regardless of whether the non infected wear masks or not it is still spread by touch. So no, masks are not for the uninfected to not be infected, they are so the infected don’t infect others.

    2. Dunnhier…

      There’s a lot of truth in your statement…

      Just like the many elderly in nursing homes, who have pre existing health conditions. If they end up with the virus, they will be counted as dying from it.

      “I’ve listened to preachers, I’ve listened to fools.
      I’ve watched all the dropouts, who make their own rules.
      One person conditioned, to rule and control.

      Ozzy Osbourne

      Crazy Train

    3. A security guard at a family Dollar was just shot & killed for telling a black woman the new store policy refuses entery to anyone not wearing a mask. The whole family was arrested. Man had 6 kids & was just doing his job. Don’t be a dick.

      1. “Family dollar security guard”
        “Flint, Michigan”
        Nigs gonna nig. He was probably going to get shot catching someone stealing a roll of toilet paper if he lasted another week.

  3. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! Standard practice is to cover that ‘sucking chest wound’ is to apply a 4″x4″ gauze or with some plastic, or even the cellophane off a pack of smokes.

    What a bunch of clowns.

  4. Da-Fuck is wrong with these idiots?? Start by fixing this mans Chest/Lung Cavity, puncture wound, and then close-up his not bleeding & non life threatening head wound. Fuck,,, shave his cock while your at it dumb-ass since you are bored, and have nothing else ta-do.

    1. And after a second look, where and why have they not inserted a chest tube to drain his collapsed lungs excess fluids, and blood ??? Fucking Weird stuff in Da-Mumbai hospitals, remind me to never get hurt,,, or fuck-it,,, to not even ever go there.

    1. @pacbear
      Yea, i found that fucking weird too brother. Like go for the lung first for fucks-sake. And worry about the haircut later, no??? And where is the chest tube, on order from another hospital across the city??? It would be the best time to put it in while he is semi conscious, and on morphine cause that hurts like a son of a bitch when they have to cut you open and put one in.

      1. And if that’s not bad enough, the doc’s helper isn’t wearing gloves, doesn’t seem as if they want Krishna to survive much longer, so why not give him a nice fancy haircut first to show that the doc did something…?

      2. I’ve seen m done and done one. Unless you are comatose or dead you well asst least feel something. I hatewhen they say “pressure” or “pinch”. I’m honest. My son was in the hospital a few years ago. For every procedure he asked if it would hurt. If it was going to I said “yes”. Now I have his trust on those things. I have always been like that with patients as well. Anyhow…enough of my yap flapping…..peace!

    1. Duct tape would actually be a real remedy for a sucking chest wound. The standard patch up work for a sucking chest wound is to cover the wound with a non permeable substance and tape it to the wound.

      1. your so close.. yes you cover a pneumothorax (sucking chest wound) with a thin plastic sheet for a field treatment. but the most important part is to leave a corner open. or you just end up killing them yourself.
        so tape would never work
        if the wound is fully covered the air already in the chest cavity will remain. causing limited lung mobility. so difficulty breathing, over worked muscles, damage cause to the opposite lung lack of o2 circulating in the body and so on. leaving a corner open allows air outside the lung to be pushed out of the body with each breath. sorry thats the smallest explanation i could do.

  5. It’s refreshing to see, there’s some people in this world that simply won’t let others victimize them. Especially when it comes to propaganda. He too, may have lost his job or health, as a result of this New World Order.


  6. Can’t tell nobody nothing nowadays. Who knows what they might be carrying in their back pocket? A KNIFE? A PISTOL? Pop Pop and you’re finished. And what was your “mistake”?, that you told the man not to smoke in public??

        1. The publisher isn’t going to respond and he wrote an entire wall answering your question. You might not agree with it, neither do I, but don’t ask dumb fucking questions that are a click away. Not everyone is going to spoonfeed you simple shit.

        1. Done and always adding to the long lasting non perishables.
          And spices….no way Ima gunna do a bland apocalypse.
          Most non perishables are really cheap…so if this shit does come to nothing you haven’t spent a fortune on shit that you normally wouldn’t eat every day if it wasn’t the end of the world.

          1. Hopefully you have a generator…and can find a deep freeze.
            If it was still winter I’d be cutting ice off a lake and storing the blocks….talk about old school…but if you pack sawdust around them and shit lasts through the summer….with all the crop run off I wouldn’t be putting that shit in my lemonade but it does just fine for keeping shit cold.

  7. If I was a doctor, and I am, I’m Dr Phibes. I’d be more concerned about treating the collapsed lung than the head wound. Still, the idiot shaving the guy’s head could get a job as a barber after they fire the bum, that’s some pretty neat work.

    1. Ohh look at me. I come on a gore website and also take the trouble to set up an account, watch videos, enjoy a vivid homosexual fantasy, get an orgasm and just before climax, I post a holier-than-thou comment about hEaRtLeSs PeOpLe diSgUsT mE!!

    1. A thought that went through my head… This can’t be all because dude asked someone to wear a facemask in public, this has to be a hindoo/moslem issue.
      But lets say that indeed it was a facemask the issue, maybe stabbed dude asked in an aggressive tone, or perhaps he didn’t asked him politely.
      “Excuse me sir, can you please wear a facemask while you’re mingling in public”

  8. Doc-I’m fixing his head wound! Damn it
    Nurse- but what about his collapsed lung doc? Can’t you see the big slit in his back making those disturbing noises?
    Doc – I dunno what you’re taking about! Im the doctor here, now sweep up this hair that’s fallen in the floor, it’s making the place look untidy!

  9. I just kept thinking of a vagina queefing watching this as this guy moans fff,uuhh,ff,uhh,ffff lmao wtf stick a but plug in it and stop cutting his hair he’s losing air

  10. What the fuck ever. I was at the store, getting some beer and enemas. The lady in Front of me took her gloves off, pulled her mask down used the point of sale, scratched her nose and looked at me when I put my shit on the belt like she wanted to go. I looked at her and said. “I’m not trying to kiss you….enjoy your corona virus that you just rubbed all over your face”. Fucking idiots. No wonder they are starting to get stabbed.

    1. it was the smart one who got stabbed. while the un-masked man was the assailant.

      which blows my mind… people are now not using masks to commit crime. i though a mask was a staple of a criminals tool bag.

  11. I was out for a walk a few days ago. I Stopped on the side of the road so a man that was walking towards me could pass. He starts walking on the grass and I said “ it’s fine you don’t have to walk on the grass” he stops, turns to me, takes off his face mask and says “ I don’t want to catch the virus.” I start to walk away and then he starts shouting “MA’AM DO YOU HAVE THE VIRUS” 5 times getting louder and louder. I say that to say this, I hate people.

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