Indonesian Man with Severe Shoulder Wound

Indonesian Man with Severe Shoulder Wound

Video from Indonesia depicts a man on a hospital bed with a severe shoulder wound. He’s in obvious agony, and prays to Allah to help him.

I was told that he was a victim of an accident, but that’s a very broad term that can mean many things.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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75 thoughts on “Indonesian Man with Severe Shoulder Wound”

    1. If I prayed to anything it would be to myself…… I’d ask for more endorphins!
      Also, as he’s around doctors I would ask for lots of morphine. Much more effective than imploring fictional characters, in my humble opinion. πŸ™‚

  1. Where is Allah? Was his imaginary friend that busy today so that he couldn’t help him? Perhaps he much too busy planning another terrorist attack on the infidel crusaders. Well, on the bright side he got some comfort as he thought he wasn’t alone, a coping mechanism at least.

  2. Took a close look : the collar bone is broken in two pieces, one piece is the white part near the shoulder. May also have a couple of broken ribs in there. The wound is open far because the shoulder sags away without the collar bone holding it together. The broken bone ends will puncture the lung if you raise that arm above the shoulder. Then when the lung collapses, he’ll shut the fuck up.

  3. Yea,,, he was hit very hard, i doubt that that hit could have been done by human hands. Notice the bruising all the way past his nipple??? Yea, no. I think that he had something large, & heavy, either fall on him or, hit him at a high rate of speed, Truck,? Car,? who knows! Dudes in a world of pain though!

  4. He just got caught in a metal pedal rat trap…..
    He got off by” badgering” the all thing…..
    See for yourself …..watching him to try desesparatly to take a shit….Now.
    That’s all…..
    Big deal.
    Ps: did the” shoulder” just shat a turd!??!????!!?….wow Allah is great…..

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