Ingrown Toenail Removed, Gets Infected

Ingrown Toenail Removed, Gets Infected

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you exclusively by Best Gore member Azyress. Take it away, Azy:

Hello! I have been a LONG time reader, but never subbed. I decided today would be the day I would sub, so that I could share with you my friends delicious looking wound. She had to have her toenail removed because of an ingrown part, and it got infected. Here it is in all it’s lovely glory. Enjoy, and thank you for doing what you do, it shows the world it’s not all about puppies and white picket fences.

Much Love xxxx

Thanks a lot for the submission, Azyress. Hope your friend’s toe heals fast. Luckily, I had already eaten by the time I opened that mail.

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          1. i lost a whole fingernail when i was a child (got my hand trapped in a door). it looked nowhere near as bad as this, of course, but it just feels a little weird and sensitive until your nail grows back.

        1. thankfully i was in college, so it’s not like i had to do them all the time. my teachers made us inspect each client’s smelly, dirt-encrusted feet first and apply exfoliator BEFORE washing them.

    1. Yep, regular pedicures are a necessity! I HATE feet, find them absolutely disgusting, and don’t care for others touching my feet either! I pop an Ativan before I get my pedicure done so it’s less stressful. The place I go to gives you a glass of wine so combining that with the Ativan and the massaging chair makes it much more tolerable 😉

      1. @IGI the nail tech cannot get close to my arch with the scrubber or she’ll lose her teeth hahaha
        I do love the massage chair though and having your feet soaked is like the best and then of course leaving there with pretty toes that makes it worth it 🙂

        1. @dawn my feet are really sensitive and every time they try to exfoliate my arch I yell at them lol I love when I’m done and my feet are fresh and pretty but it’s a struggle to not kick them in the face the whole time for me. Luckily there’s wine and massaging chairs to soothe me. I’m on my feet at least 8 hours a day at work so having my calves massaged and soaking my feet always feels amazing 🙂

        1. @Hurumph, not gauze, that stuff sticks like crazy to any bleeding or weeping wound. The neosporin is a good idea snd she can cut up an old t shirt and tape that on the wound once the neosporin is on. Guaranteed not to stick and cheaper than the pharmacy stuff 🙂

  1. I had this for years! All through school I had it and I couldn’t even enjoy football. I had to be extra careful with both my feet as I had it on both the big toes and to make sure I never ever hit my foot against anything. This shit ruins lives! Although I’m not too sure how effective pulling it out would be, but I had a lovely doctor who was part of the NHS who cut both my bigger toe nails a little thinner from the sides. Fucking owe that guy much!

    Can’t believe this other “Doctor” a year or two before him gave me a bunch of pills to take. In exactly what way would pills help in this situation? It’s true what they say about a lot of doctors in the NHS fobbing you off and not caring. But yeah, for anyone who hasn’t had this, you wouldn’t even be able to imagine how much something like this just restricts your everyday life. I wish the best for anyone who has it and don’t let your doctor fob you off! Chase this shit down and get your toe nail corrected surgically.

      1. Hey, Mama.

        I hadn’t the slightest clue something like that could happen as a result of this but wow! Poor guy. I guess the Tee Tree oil my Mom used to put on my toes probably kept it as clean as can be until I finally got it sorted. I wish the best for people. More doctors need to take it more seriously.

        1. Same as you future, one on each bigtoe for over a year! They finally cut half the nails off. When nails grew back ingrown came back but it did heal not too long after thank God. Glad I didn’t get a blood infection. Used to soak in salt water and jam cotton chunks under there. I know what you went through .

    1. Yep, well talking about ingrown things – gotta couple of ingrown hairs on my, well, you know the bag that becomes only about a thousand times more sensitive when you shave it?

      And toenails, I ripped my bloody big toenail off after catching it on a tyre about a year ago. I managed to get a great photo of the immediate post event wound…..should I submit?

        1. @deadzodiac:
          No, not from Holland. I am from the great southern land of Oz…..have you heard of it?

          I have been to The Netherlands several times though, and had my 21st b/day in Amsterdam which was pretty special. My mate and I managed, somehow, to get a private tour with a friendly old fella in a boat around the canals during my b/day night. Beautiful city……

          Thanks, yes, I think I will submit it… clearly describes the pain I suffered in that initial 60 seconds post- rip.

  2. If she has the doc destroy her nail matrix, the digit will never produce another toe nail and she won’t have worry about this again. For some people, ingrown toenails are simply genetic and they can continue to be a nuisance…

    1. Not for everyone.Husband had this done (both feet) and they both grew back.Now he has huge thick toenails and refuses to have it done again because he said he’d never go through it said it was too painful(wiener).

      1. If the doctor knows what they are doing, it’s extremely unusual for them to grow back.

        Ablation is usually undertake with Phenol; people get scared of the stuff because it cauterises and causes the affected skin to change colour; they therefore don’t apply sufficient to ablate the nail growth matrix and, bingo, you get a regrowth.

        I’ll post a horror story, on this subject, later.

        Y’all come back now.


  3. Now he only has 8 toe nails to cut, more time to spend on this site. I had both of my big toe nail cut out about 40+ years ago and I have had no problems at all. The nail bed was removed then. My father had his taken while in the Army before fighting in the Pacific. Our health system down under is quite good also.

  4. Never had an ingrown toenail, but I got turf toe back in high school plus shin splints. Turf toe sucks like a motherfucker and shinsplints aren’t a walk in the park either..just a little kick to my shins will put me on the deck..fucking brutal pain that is….That’s what I get for playing 3 sports throughout high school and college

  5. I’ve heard of trimming the sides to relieve ingrown toenails but never removing the whole nail. Must have been 1 hell of an ingrown toenail! If you trim your nails too short or wear shoes that are too tight (I mean you, ladies who wear pointed high heels!) you can get ingrown toenails pretty easily. Prevent them from happening by keeping nails trimmed but not short, wearing shoes that fit properly, and for everyone’s sake frequently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells that can also cause bacteria to build up and make your feet stink!

    1. @IGI
      That’s why I was talking about pedicures. But really all you need to do is cut your nails properly. They do have surgery to fix it that way you don’t have to lose your whole nail.

      1. Did you know the nerves of the large toe and foot are closely aligned with the same receptors that respond to sexual stimulation? I once brought a very refreshingly foot friendly ex-gf to climax just because she was quite responsive to podophiliac stimulation 😉

  6. I Fuckin hate feet. I make sure my wife always keeps socks on in bed I hate when her cold Fuckin feet touch me. She has pretty little feet but I’m not into that foot shit. Only time I’ll touch feet is when Im putting them behind her head. Bend her up like a pretzel.

      1. @dawn I had a boyfriend that always kept his socks on during sex. Asked him why 1 time and demanded he remove them because it was weird and distracting. He told me they were his magic socks and they provided his skill in the sack lol I left him wear them after that, didn’t wanna take any chances 😀

          1. If it didn’t hurt and you don’t need a serious shower afterwards then you’re doing it wrong. If one of you ends up in the ER even better I say.

          2. @amnyc.. that is why I don’t like those impossible positions. . My pussy is sore after, why have to be like that??? Think “lovemaking” is different from sex..

      1. @wm. I highly doubt that she would divorce me over not touching her cold ass feet. She’s lucky I dont divorce her for not taking it up the ass. I’ll touch her feet if she let’s me pack her shit in.

          1. @nybadguy Hahaha that’s so bad. The next day she would be wondering how the hell she let you do it…
            I’m willing to try anything at least once but damn I’d have to be really really turned on for that. Like @realitycheck said, I have heard it can be very pleasurable…
            I came across a book once called A is for Anal lol I think I might have to read it

  7. I’ve known my brother in law for 10 years now, and since he’s such a pussy ( don’t want to see a doctor ) he has had both big toes fucked with ingrown nails on both sides all this time.

  8. I could guarantee you that it will come back. I know because I had my same toenail extracted 6 times for the same recurring problem. The problem would be solved with, a good pedicure (as mentioned), keep off the high heels and tight shoes that narrows up the tip, and go consult a doctor for godsake, you need to heal the infection before gangrene comes! Peace out

  9. Yuck, I’ve had ingrown big toenails and lost the nails several times, as well as losing a thumb nail after it got jammed in a door and most recently (a couple of weeks ago) lost a toenail (not big toe, second toe) because I somehow got a blister under the nail after doing a LOT of walking for a few days. None of those times did it look as bad as that! Not even close!
    It’ll certainly feel better with the nail off, that’s for sure. It might grow back normal, it might not. Mine never have. They grow back wonky and the problems start all over again.

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