Intestines Protrude from Stab Wound in Abdomen

Intestines Protrude from Stab Wound in Abdomen

In Cajazeiras – a municipality in the state of Paraรญba, Brazil, a man was stabbed in the abdomen.

The video shows him squirming on the floor. Somebody then lifts his t-shirt to expose intestines protruding through the stab wound.

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  1. Honestly, I’m pretty sure if he went to the er, they’d probably take him to surgery, knock him out, squeeze his intestines to make sure there weren’t any defects, i.e., holes, tears, rips, etc. & stuff that shit right back in there & suture him back up & release him the next day. He’s lucky. Obviously, he’s not a Brazilian with the notorious last name that we’re all familiar with…

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  2. hey guys you remember that scene in original Aliens were there were all eating dinner and that worm exploded out of he’s stomach well sometimes fact is stranger then fiction

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  3. This is actually a very serious injury. When he was stabbed, the knife didn’t just cut 5mm through the skin, you can bet your bottom dollar that knife lacerated his bowel in quite a few locations, as bowel is looped and layin on top of itself. So a long blade will result in many hours in surgery repairing his bowel. They will need to do a explorative laparotomy to determine the extent of the injury and that will require a massive incision from his diaphragm to his pubis. Then they will need to lavage the whole abdomen with antibiotics, as well as intravenous ABs. Then sew him up, but its not over yet. He will have to be on a clear fluid diet until his bowel sounds return and introduce solid food very gradually to ensure there are no bowel obstructions. After 48-72 hrs they will have some idea of whether or not he will develop peritonitis, and if he does that whole abdominal space will fill with pus and require a second washout. If he is really unlucky, they may be required to do a bowel resection leaving him with reduced capacity for the fine art of poo management and end up with a colostomy bag. To be so young with a poo bag hanging on the outside of your body would be be horrendous. He has a 30% chance of dying from this injury in 5 days. That means 3 of every 10 people that have this injury and subsequent surgery die before the end of the 5th day post stabbing. long term complications can include adhesions which could one day suddenly result in severe abdominal pain and results when parts of the bowel and peritoneum fuse together after the injury and can cause bowel obstruction and requires emergency surgery and often results in death………

  4. Wearing a red shirt would have added some ” panache”…..
    He could have just laughed it away, like nothing happened….
    No no……….mates……. I’m cool no problem here .!!!!!

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