Irish Teen Culturally Enriched by Racist Blacks in Carrigaline

Irish Teen Culturally Enriched by Racist Blacks in Carrigaline

Irish Teen Culturally Enriched by Racist Blacks in Carrigaline

In Carrigaline, Ireland, a white teenager was assaulted, beaten and stabbed by a pack of blacks. He was taken to Cork University Hospital for treatment.

The assailants published racist posts on the social media. Apparently, when a pack gangs up on a lone boy, it makes him physically inferior. Somehow, they had to bring their black superiority to Ireland cause wherever they came from, they couldn’t make anything off it there.


The stabber was in custody for about 24 hours. He is now free on bail, and one of his harshest bail restrictions is to stay off social media. He is facing “assault” charges – not attempted murder, not even assault with a deadly weapon, just assault. GoFundMe deactivated the donations campaign for the victim, and the Irish government insists the video not be shared, because it would expose the reality of black on white violence.

Props to Best Gore members @darkmatter95 and @mrg123 for the video:

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301 thoughts on “Irish Teen Culturally Enriched by Racist Blacks in Carrigaline”

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      1. I’ve noticed that soo many times before as well! One could describe it as a Tourette’s tick. Mixed in with repetitive verbal diarrhea! And that’s just the men….now the woman…haha dramatic as fuck….looove having their older children to join into the fights for them… all too often there is two or three year old children of the mother…standing there in shock and crying… A real nice life lesson to teach your child… if. They think their lives matter… it starts from the home… teach those kids to be a better version of themselves and to go to school and do your very best!!! Sad when babes get ragged into this… not just black mothers if I may add

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        1. If by “you guys” you mean Whites, as in Europeans who invaded and conquered foreign lands, such as the Americas and Africa, because that is how the world works, frankly. Every group of people does that when their society gets too advanced and complex, including non-Whites, such as Arabs and East Asians. The need for more improvement usually calls for more land and resources. However, Blacks did very little of this and were mostly the conquered and not the conquerors throughout history.

          The difference nowadays is that the invasion and the conquering is done culturally.

          1. I see your point. The hatred and desire for revenge the Blacks feel towards us is totally acceptable. They envy us. They envy every race and every race hates them back. Blacks are a special case. Everyone hates them, including themselves. Specially the Arabs. The Arabs hate them more than any other group. They know their race failed. They know their history and culture is inferior and pathetic when compared to others.

            My point is that Blacks are only allowed to do this because of us Whites. Most Whites have White Guilt. No other race has that. We have mostly ourselves to blame. Perhaps we can still revert this.

        2. @manstein “White Guilt” More like jewish propaganda! The capitalistic masterminds tell you all the horrible things that Whites did to Blacks while in the mean time they order a white cop to kill a black man in broad daylight. Their goal is to stir up hatred, to incite us until nobody is left.

          1. @emmamonster – Perfectly put. I really admire Chinese history and culture. Although China suffered colonization by Europeans before, it was a major superpower throughout history (even having influence in Europe). Keep your culture and values strong and do not let Africans invade your nation.

            @hofreiter – I do not agree with you entirely. The phenomenon of White Guilt was caused by Soviet Propaganda during the Cold War. It is explained by Yuri Bezmenov in what he calls The Art of Subversion. However, White Guilt is not exactly what they were aiming for. You should look it up. I do not believe that the Jews secretly plot to dominate and divide us all.

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      1. You know what is really interesting, factually speaking, if you chalk up some of the most important inventions of the last 200 years; powered flight, automobile, telegram, telephone, etc., NOT ONE came out of Africa. You know what came out of Africa? Disease, pestilence and violence. Now fast forward 200 years to 2020, you know what comes out of Africa? Disease, pestilence and violence. Compensate and rage as you will, but factually speaking, without the “evil white man” you would definitely be throwing a spear, speaking in tongues.

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  3. The Oirish Nation never had the proper conditions to keep Black People. There was no cotton fields and while traditional music was always a part of Oirish Country Life there was no Blues or Jazz tradition for any Black People to wallow in the misery of. The chitlin circuit never got established, the Porn Industry was non-existent and the steadily falling rain made life for Black People in Oirland particularly difficult. When people traffickers dumped this load of Black Africans into Oirland they just told them it was New Orleans and pointed at a flooded ditch beside a potato field.

      1. @jxk777 Please feel free to add as many pints of Guinness to my words as you might wish. I loved the Porter when I languished in your country at University during the 1980s when it was a bit more of an interesting and funky place. And had no rampaging gangs of knife-wielding chimps and the like. Just a few mad Republicans and Orangemen. The rest was fine!
        A Crack and Smack-dealing African died in Police Custody here in Scotland a few years back. His death was no loss to the local community he was destroying with his drug-dealing, or to the parents of the young teenagers he was selling Smack and Crack to. He choked on his own vomit in Police Custody. It must have been racist vomit according to today’s news.
        Stay cool. I will think of you the next time I eat a potato, hear a Thin Lizzy record or see a priest fondling a little boy or girl. Reading your words is like feeling the clear crisp wind off the North Atlantic at the Fanadh Head Lighthouse in Donegal. Stay cool!

        1. @lord-wankdust
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          Thought we’d all the answers,
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          The dealing as is here continues in mainly White hands, blackies that deal do so amongst their own, they get taxed quite often,
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          Ah’ Scotland, has some beautiful open spaces without any cars,
          Had some very excellent experiences there, and never a bad one.
          Will think of you should The Skids be on the Radio, or Billy is having a Rant.
          Gimme Light over Heavy, pieces of Haggis and a corner to sit,
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          Friend of mine invites me every time I see him, it’s too freaking cold Mann, even in the summer.
          Only 2 weeks ago he’s still getting odd showers of hail balls and snow.
          Nah, told them I’ll go the hottest week in August for a Day. That’s it. Ha.
          Cool as a Cucumber Dude,
          No Less…

          1. @jxk777 Funny you should mention Billy (I’m presuming BC). My old father died a fortnight ago. He was in Dublin at some point in the 1990s and met Billy in a bookshop. They had a chat, then when my Mum had bought her book she came over and told Dad they were leaving! So Dad said “Cheerio Billy – got to go.”
            A couple of hours later they were seated on a bench in O’Connell Street eating sandwiches when Billy came bouncing up and greeted my Dad. “We never finished our conversation Auld Yin.” says Billy.
            So Billy sat down with them both while they ate their sandwiches and Billy and Dad finished their earlier chat!
            I have a good Skids story too. I was in CND and at a March in Edinburgh The Skids performed on a flatbed truck right in front of our marching line. They then blew the sky off Edinburgh when the March got to Princes Street Gardens and they performed on the open air Ross Band Stand Stage. We got to help carry their amps up onto the stage from the truck!

          2. @lord-wankdust
            Ah in fact yes I meant the one and only BC he’s been making me laff since being a little whipper snapper no higher than a cigarette paper, or tin of Hummel model Paint.
            Glad to hear your tales of the BIG Yin, and sincerely saddened to know of your recent loss.

            Similarly I’d seen Billy yes in the 90’s, with sometimes an entourage and sometimes not,
            one instance being at an auld Early House along the Docks, long gone now since but. It was Stupid o Clock in the morning and the back room was a Dog Box, with no space to swing a Cat. All the noise going on me friend sez what’s all the fuss..? (That room usually the quiet one, for the ole’ Duffers reading their newspapers, farting and flicking their Nose Muck at each other’s Mush).
            Barman said it’s Billy Connolly he’s in for a session and already Half Cut, just tuning up they are so you are in for a treat. Well my friend and I were on a ‘mission’ that day and pushed for time but looking at ourselves in agreement we’d gotta get some of that.

            Entering into the parlor sized room no larger than a Watchman’s Hut. We were sardines packed in the atmosphere of twisted revellers barely seeing anything thru stinging eyes
            from the smoke of butts.
            Joining in with a couple of Dubliners covers and him delivering the Craic, we’d to be going, tho didn’t want. I’d called Pints which took so long to arrive that we’d no more time for drink, Billy was crying ata singing his heart out (off tune and key..!). For drink he was dry, so we pushed thru the melee and gave him the Pints, saying something like there you go Billy enjoy, those are on the house, straight off he said thanks and when he gets chance he’ll reciprocate, I said no bother Billy thank you for all the laffter and good cheer you are an bring we’ve to be going now, another time perhaps eh’.
            Couldn’t get to have a chat with him properly too much going on, not the right time, plus alot of drooling sycophants who were itching only to interrupt but couple of years later at one of his gigs think might have been the Point, maybe Vickers. (90’s) bit of a blur as well.
            I’d friends who had the security for the place and other venues in town so I’d a grand position for the show, he comes on stage to the usual rapturous applause and his hello and intro into the night’s humorous affair, he’s recognized me and sez Hi, to catch up with him ata the show and he’ll buy me that Pint that he owes..! Ha.
            Was a grand evening but, I’d only meet this doll of a young one and was treating her out for the first time, and the little Head was in control because I was on a sure fire promise, so the choice was a chat drinking with Billy, or back to my place for to Fuck this one’s brains out, so I think you’ll guess the outcome to that..!
            Suffice to say that Billy and meself are yet to have a chat.

            Those were the days eh’ CND marches and demonstrations,
            what about Rock Against Racism,
            Hahaha what a FUCKING JOKE..!?!
            Our crew of racially aware went to one somewhere in the south of Angleterre, there wasn’t any fighting as such fisticuffs were out but lot’s of Boos and Hiss from the Neapolitan Liberal cliche.
            Luckily for us the Cop’s of that day they were more of an encouragement than anything else, they said they’d to be seen separating the factions and didn’t want to see us being attacked, get that..!
            Then in the press the following day it was splish splash ‘Nazi type hooligans and thugs tried to disrupt yet another gig’ etc etc blah blah Shyte..!

            They were not using the term Neo then, (not that I am or have ever been). I am racially aware, also a Nationalist that’s why I’m no longer (many years now) a member or vote Sinn Fein.
            The only ‘label’ or description that I’ll except of myself is;
            Staunch Republican Nationalist to the original core values of said. In that respect.
            Other than that I could add, Addams will be very lucky to die peacefully in his sleep or old age, the protection he has CANNOT protect him forever. It will be broken and he will meet a Violent End. Fuck Him, One dirty Narrowbacked Turncoat, a not so secret provider of information against the Cause, for decades huh, think he’ll be let go of that..!?!

            Again I digress and waffle so over to you Lord Ha Ha, Wankdust.
            (saying that for the French story which still gives giggles)
            think I’ll know it word for word soon.

            WTF happened to Jobo Jobson..?
            Truly think he succumbed to that contrite confusion he always carries with himself.
            Oh well different discussion for another day.
            Have a good One.
            Oh, one last aside; If it wasn’t for your Wellies, Where would you Be..?

  4. Yep. They are like this everywhere and many people still don’t understand why we hate them so much.

    The IRA needs to switch targets that’s for sure.

    Notice they always talk about da wite wommenz, lol. Muh dik, muh dik. They don’t want to just kill the white men they want to be the white men which is why they obsess over white women so much. Its self hatred at its finest. It’s the deep desire to replace someone else and is manifested via Alpha male bullshit. “Look wite wommenz, i beez superior to da wite boyz so let me beez yo man”.

    Its utterly pathetic and their own black women are crying at home alone with nothing but a dildo for company which is why so many of them turn full lesbian because the black men can’t get it up no more for da black coffee. Dey beez needing sum milk in dat sheeeeeeeeeit.

    1. @empty

      LOL @Your last paragraph. If you look a the dating scene in big cities like London, it’s a disaster for most reasonable men but if you say it out aloud you’ll just get unfriended on FB and possibly socially lynched by all the Feminazis and white-knights. A lot of guys are staying single. But one thing I noticed is that there is an over-representation of black women in the dating pool. I.e. if they form (say) 5% of the social demographic in London, they make up (say) 40-50% of the dating platforms, real life and online.

      And these women are high-value. Educated, with a career, not bad-looking. Not fat, divorced or carrying another man’s child, or having tattooes or piercings. They are catches. Perhaps a bit loud, though.
      The question is…are they not interested in black men? Or are black men intimidated by them and therefore look elsewhere?

      Either way, I feel sorry for black women. They have it tough.

      1. @mrspock

        I can’t really speak for online dating as I have never done it before but from the people I know that have done it they say the same as you, a complete crapshoot. A place where people tend to be narcissistic and have a tunnel vision towards potential dating partners. Where they just completely skip the personality part, scroll past everyone within the average range and go straight for the 10 out of 10 fuckables.

        I’ve heard that men greatly outnumber women on these things as well which gives them much choice thus consigning a large percentage of the men to the dustbin. Sounds like hell to me and I can’t say I would ever want to put myself through that.

        When I was single I use to just hit the trendy bars on a Friday night and look for people to mingle with. Lots of single women to be found and you actually get a real life shot at chatting them up unlike the virtual world. I would just treat it like an adventure. Sometimes I would go home with nothing, sometimes I would get laid that night and sometimes I had a good chat and fun and ended up taking phone numbers and keeping in contact with them which led to relationships.

        As for black women though. Yep. I have noticed this for years now. They are the least sought after women, even when they have a career and a place of their own.

        To answer your question then, black women desperately want a black man but the black men don’t want them. The black men have become self-loathing and hate their own women, particularly the dark skinned ones which is why I said they want to become white men. They want to replace the white man because they are obsessed with the white man’s society, with his land and with his women. They envy his lot in life, they resent his achievements.

        Imagine being born a black male into a black family and growing up in a black neighbourhood only to then desire the complete opposite of that for themselves, that is 100% a rejection of oneself. Worst still, they keep chasing after and finding that missing fulfilment and happiness within the arms of their nemesis, the ebil wite debil. You can’t make it up, lol.

        I feel sorry for the black women too. They are seen to be ugly and undesirable by the very same men who share their exact same physical traits. The black men have also transferred all of their self hatred onto them and you see it all the time, black women are too loud they say. Black women have bad hair they say. Black women are too dark, too ugly etc. All of these things apply to the black men as well but they have transferred it all to the women so as to make them the focus of blame for their white women chasing ways rather than face the truth that they hate being black.

        1. @empty soul
          Many thanks, I read it all. Yeah, it’s what I thought….black men rarely pair up with black women, so the onus has been on the women to raise their game, but to no avail. Still…they take it so well. gotta admire them, almost.

          Internet dating is a crapshoot, I agree. It’s basically the top 80% of women chasing the top 10% of men. (or maybe just the top 2%, who knows). Which means that the bottom 90% of men are fighting each other for the pleasure and privilege of dating the, er, bottom 20% of women, but they don’t know it. That’s why I don’t really bother too much with online. It’s sad. Real life is better. Slightly. Lol.

          1. @mrspock

            What kind of women are you after by the way?.

            White women are pretty fucking trashy nowadays. There are very few traditional ones left and many have been infected with the cancer called feminism. On average they tend to be loud, pushy, self-obsessed and have an extreme sense of self entitlement and they also expect far more from you than they themselves are able/willing to give.

            Indian women on the other hand(from my whitey perspective) tend to be classical beauties with traditional values who place far more emphasis on the man’s ability to provide than his physical endowments. In fact I once dated a lovely Indian girl back when i was in my early 20’s and she was great. A real fine lady.

            I was going to add black women as well but………yeah. Fuck no, lol. The nigger males are the ones who need to man the fuck up, stop hating themselves and date the black women. No other race of men on the planet hates their own women as much as they do.

        1. @empty-soul

          I’m just looking for ‘in-betweeners’, i.e. down-to-earth, reasonably educated, long hair, nice boobs, an upholder of Christian values, normal etc. Not fully traditional and not Feminist either.

          However these ‘normal’ women are now the new super ‘elite’ in dating, because that woman is rare and can have any Chad they want. You’re right. Feminism has ruined women in general, and it has also ruined the traditional nuclear family and marriage. Not to mention salaries in the city, lol.

          Right now I’m just building a Harem on Tinder and online sites made of walled-out attractive career women looking for responsible men when it’s too late and ex-carousel riders. I guess if marriage is off the menu, at least sex is . That’s not very Christian, but it is reassuring, lol.

    1. Sit your ass down somewhere fucking coward. Stand face to face and talk shit or shut the hell up. Sick of you white bastards acting like total pansies. You fucking bastards are scared too death. Get the fuck outta here with that weak ass bullshit

      1. Are you kidding? Your whole race is only alive because we allow it. Do you realize the fire power we have. We have nukes. LOL. You are only being tolerated because liberal whites want to baby you and nurture you like you are their children.

        You had better hope that whites in power keep babying your asses.

        Remember the past? You didn’t dominate shit. We colonized all of Africa. Whites are being nice right now dummy. Keep provoking us though.

        White morality is the only thing stopping us from squashing you. You are completely dependant on our generosity. You’re biting the hand that feeds you.

        1. (((we))) allow it
          (((we))) have nukes
          “liberal whites”
          (((whites in power)))
          (((we))) colonized all of Africa
          Keep provoking (((us)))

          Yeah okay bagelmeister you can fuck right off

          1. Shut the fuck up you retard. Let me guess, you’re new to this website? Calling me a bagelmeister? LOL. I’m not Jewish you moron. It’s the exact opposite dumb ass.

      2. You can’t tell me, as a mud-blooded moon cricket, that you would not steal candle-making supplies. C’mon. That is an affront to that glistening angel, George Floyd. I’m going to have to pull rank on you here, and ask you to act like a white man.

    1. Shows how old I’m getting, lol.

      Still, I bet even the old foggy Irish could beat the shit out of those tar babies. The young ones must be getting soft though if they are letting these primates push them around in their own territory. Would have never happened in the 80’s and 90’s.

      1. ES.
        Ha for sure matters will be sorted, it is only ripples here so far as that er, type of niggarish behavior happening but, nothing can be put past the monkeyman.

        From mid 80’s the trickle began, mid to late 90’s coincided with the Belfast Accord (good Fryday Agreement). With other arrangements. The subsequent down tools, as it were. Disposal of. End of an era in Ireland with no open armed conflict (by and large) with Bombs going off bullets flying etc.
        European Union says; Open the floodgates, make sure they get their share of incompatible third world parasites, oh’ look the Roma haven’t far to come either.
        Parallel to all that from the late 80’s the first wave of heroin and other lethal concoctions hit everywhere tidal wave that was awash tearing communities apart. Resulting in urban decay and quality of life across the board.
        Then with so many of ALL shades coming in at one point seemed like they double overnight. They were getting placed in all the new and rebuilt area’s. Our own pushing our own out for Johnny Foreigners Eurodollars regardless of color.
        Slowed down presently because of the corona circus, wait and see what’s next with the European Union, we’ve still to have a proper election, governed by unelected and misrepresented criminals in suits,
        in effect Gangsters.
        Whole fucking country has been ran that way
        since the formation of the Free State.

        Our Country is as fucked as Yours, you are just ahead with the pollution head count from receiving them for longer. We’ve alot yet to come, I hope not but…

        1. White people have been taught to be nice to you. That’s why you’re being tolerated at the moment. They don’t want to be seen as “racist”. As soon as there is an attitude change, you’ll all be fucked. Just look to the past when we weren’t so nice. There are a lot of white liberal people kissing your asses right now because of Jewish brainwashing.

          You blacks are just more willing to break the law and end up in jail because of it. Whites don’t want to end up in prison, so they are holding back. If the government turns against you guys, you’re screwed.

        2. Please be kind to niggers. They are basically retards, only contribute far less to humanity. Too bad thier flesh is nutritionally useless; might it be rendered into a low-grade pig feed. But then, who would eat that pig?

        3. Go ahead nigger show your cards Now the whites, the ones with real power and guns haven’t even begun. Remember we’ve been doing this shit for thousands of years. Keep it up and you’ll be picking cotton soon. Fuck da blue gums 🙂

      1. @theprotocolsofzion well well we meet again lol, hey bro I don’t know who the fuck or what you think you know about white boys but it’s evident you’ve been hanging around the wrong crowd. The white boys I know (myself included) don’t take shit from anyone, not even our own . SERIOUSLY kid me thinks you are making one of those ignorant blanket statements….. Ok ok so there are those groups of pussies in all races, niggers included ! IN FACT- that includes the niggers in this video, I mean seriously bub what do you expect a young white boy to do when he’s getting goon squaded by 5 niggers ? In my experience that’s the only way Niggs show their bravado, they have to be backed by their boys LMAO. Now the white boys I know will handle their own shit and tell their boys to stand back (and they do), their is an unsaid rule amongst us white boys that if you get help from your friends you are a pussy. So speaking of blankets me thinks you need a blanket party to wake your ass up ! HA HA HA HA @theprotocolsofzion

  5. Ige2020 isnt that a suitable name for a gangster especially when you find out ige stands for Irish general election. Yeah street gangsters really care about elections lol. Dont fall for such trickery, just another fake government influenced account.

  6. What has he done to piss them off called them nigger I guess

    Dark brown race gets offended when someone from a different race uses this terminology however they call each other just that. Such a hypocrisy

    1. Because it is effective. They don’t care about rules or what is fair. They do what works. White people better start doing what works instead of what they think is fair.

      Instead of worrying about what is moral, you better start doing what is effective and necessary.

    2. And white bastards never do the same thing right? Just stop already dude. You a fucking coward just like the rest of them. You faggots write so tough in the comment section but in person you motherfuckers want so much as breathe hard. Sit your ass down somewhere idiot

    1. What’s keeping you from doing it faggot? Don’t write it, go fucking do it. But we both know that’s not gonna fucking happen don’t we? You are a Cowardly White stinking bastard that what so much as raise your voice to a black man. You make me laugh

        1. @TheProtocolsOfZion
          i dont agree on that! Soon or later theses monkeys will lower our quality of life to a point that we wont have enought to llose to even care about the law,and we’ll, not send em back in coton fiels or right back to their jungle….. At that point we’ll create bestgore’content for the next centuries while fixing that monkeys issues (be kind i know my english sucks cause i’m a French-Canadian)

  7. Time to stop listening to liberal white women telling white men that they have to help these races of foreign men. Stop letting white women make decisions for our people. They want to nurture invaders like they are their children.

    White women’s normal natural role is to nurture white children, not black men. Letting white women make decisions for our people has been a complete disaster.

    1. Really? Well go get it started then. See the problem with you fucking cowards is you only write what you can and will never be able to do. Like I’ve told the other fucking cowards on here, own what you are which is weak ass inbreed mother fucking cowards. Don’t keep wasting time writing ✍️ what you wish you had heart enough to actually do. Sit your ass down before you get your skin smacked off

  8. We should aim towards perfect world where all of us no matter what race can just hold hands and embrace each other. This site would just be content full of accidents and animal encounters. No violence and best of all, no brash hatred in the comments.

    1. We all dreamed that but then you woke up in the middle if internet war. Full of race war where every race just attack each other, calling bad words to other races, entertained by seeing someone got murdered, men saw women as just sex objects and less successful. Prises about killing homosexuals and talk nasty things to attractive underage children and pedophile apologists.

      Welcome to BS, where everything all in once.

      I always made fun to my friends like if you want to experience racism, rapist or pedophile or anti homosexual, anti immigrants or anti islam, you all can just come in this site, see some posts by admin and see all those comments. It will give you some little taste of life lol

      Instead of being mad, just roll with it or stir them up lol

        1. It’s okay, ​I came here for shitposts as well but I won’t take it personally. Well you know if you take all comments personally you’ll be mad and upset as well. Just chill and enjoy your day!

  9. Here we observe the Wog species attempting its impression of James mason or David niven commentary. Unfortunately as the wog species intelligence level is on par with a Rubber Plant, this is a fruitless exercise.

  10. The Irish have always been thin boned delicate weaklings, even among Europeans. But besides that, these black racists will get away with this. There is practically no repercussions for anti white racist hate crimes now, it’s getting more and more disturbing. If they are even arrested, they will be pampered and coddled by some cowardly white judge and given the most minuscule sentence possible. You also will not see any serious report about this in the media either, which is now universally anti white racist propaganda. They work hard to cover up and bury murderous attacks against whites like this.

    1. It will be a ‘liberal’ judge taking orders from his capitalist pay master. Remember, for every 100 niggers the Irish state imports, 10 will end up as useful cheap labor for the capitalists and ‘liberals’.

    2. @philoctetes

      Really Mr Font of all knowledge.
      Hum add where do you hail from and reside.
      Should I take a guess..?

      Thin Boned delicate weaklings where did you get that from,
      something you picked from the sky..?

      We are the Oldest Fair Skinned Tribesmen and Women on this Earth.
      Stood the test of time over and over again
      Thru WAR and Genocide brought to our Shores
      by conquest and greed from those who thought
      they could take our land for their own.
      We have seen and experienced, the worse in all kinds.
      There is no need for me to go into historical detail,
      Although, you should learn that for every single
      Fair Skinned Irish person at home there’s 15 in the World.
      That if we were invaders that is every country
      in the World we already have significant numbers in.
      We have a Global network in place for Centuries now,
      that is how when it comes to finding someone
      who has transgressed it is relatively easy
      for us to find those who have wronged,
      inside or outside of our Country then fled.

      What I will say now is, its
      already in hand, those monkeys will be corrected for this,
      wether recordings are made, very doubtful but they’ll be some pictures surface I’d say.
      The Law is failing us, as in ALL European countries but, their not required for what Happens next.

      Now I’ve been restrained and polite thus far tho,
      anymore anti Irish slurs from yourself we’ll have a problem.

      Erin go Bragh

  11. Tomorrow everything is forgotten and the poor white boys and stupid white girls will howl the “blacklivesmatter” shit parole on the streets again and again and again. Except the poor guy in the video. He is a rightist for now.

  12. You can’t blame the blacks because they are beasts. It’s the fucking leftist white cunts who are to blame because they allow beasts into their land. I think the UK, Belgium and France are doomed. Zee germans and the wops still have a chance.

  13. White inventions have made it more comfortable and convenient to enjoy life a little less stressed.
    Black invention – if you can even call it an invention, is more like a Spastic Behaviour with a drum beat – certain demographic give into their emotions and get sucked into the monkey culture.
    Those who act black don’t really want to be black, they just made a stupid mistake at the time.

    *Fuck your lame responses*

      1. Defining peoples intellect by their inclination to respond makes you even more stupid than you portray yourself to be. Imbeciles like you and the many other dimwitted morons couldn’t comprehend articulated responses due to your defective brain being in defiance of logic.

          1. Internet couldn’t teach you to translate and spell correctly? Sum ting wong? Sum ting wery wong.
            Here’s an online translation English to mandarin: You idiot 白痴

            You’re the epitome of a dumb cunt. Any further response to you now is involuntary charitable education.

            Get back to sucking your mothers dick.

  14. This sets a dangerous president for blacks in Ireland. They are still a tiny tiny percentage of the population only really arriving in any significant numbers since the mid 90’s. They are hugely outnumbered even in the three largest cities in Ireland. Cork in particular is known for some tough Irish People, so when black kids start acting in a raciest way towards whites, they are in danger of bringing a world of pain on themselves.

    These same blacks are running from the horrors of black society and find themselves in Northern Europe where the liberal White disease Oils the passage of their existence. The same liberal “woke” BS that’s affected the white western world and has come out of decades of liberal BS in our universities and colleges. The consequential extreme liberal zombies that presided over the media, politics and education System compound the problem. Everyone knows that the BLM is BS and we all know the truth, (Including the blacks) that blacks are generally more violent and generally inferior to Asians and whites.

    The choc- ices of this world (Choc-ice = black one the outside white inside) promote the illusion that blacks are as they are, because of white oppression. These beacons of the black voice on CNN and everywhere else , live in their gated communities alongside their woke white friends, who also feed of the Jobs created through everything in the false racial BS world of compliance and fast tracking for the “racially oppressed“.

    It’s a lucrative existence for the Choc-Ices, because it makes money for all involved. They are no more aware or concerned for the struggling hard working black in American than they are for his counterpart in Africa.

    Just look at the reality of the world and what the African continent has produced. I’ve traveled to almost every African Country and I see the same Corruption and backwards thinking everywhere. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that white/Asians can also be totally corrupt. We are taking about the tendency for Natural social cohesion in the whole of any society and the fundamental make up of the majority of people in those societies. Of course I know decent and sophisticated black people but they have almost in every case being schooled by white society and the white world. There is also a minority of sophisticated black people in black society (nobody has evolution cornered) but they are let down by the majority around them.

    Why do you think the industrial revolution start in Britain? It certainly didn’t kick off in Africa? As a land mass Africa had all the advantages over say Northern Europe and still there was zero technology in Africa when the Europeans first navigated the worlds Oceans.

    The slavery BS that blacks keep harping on about is just that BS. The Africans were enslaving each other long before and right up to the time Europeans first set foot on the Ivory Coast. Europe had already seen thousands of years of slavery under the Romans and Long before. But they had evolved out of it and reengaged when the economic advantages presented itself, when they traded with inferior and technologically stupid Blacks.

    Virtually every single scientific development and advancement in human civilisation is exclusively white/Asian. What has ever come out of Africa or any part of the black world?

    When you combine low IQ with high levels of testosterone you get strong but violent human beings. Of course Blacks living in more evolved white society can improve and become educated and quickly adapt through social conditioning. But many will not and whether due to historical prejudice or a lazy tendency to turn to violence and crime, they Pull Themselves and everyone else down with them.

    This has got nothing to do with morals or fairness or justice. The fact is that human beings did not evolve in precise alignment on this planet. This is probably true of many biospheres in the universe and perhaps the mismatch is far less extreme here than elsewhere. But the fact remains that we, regardless of tribe or creed take advantage of each other and now that the smartest tribes have created the modern world the rest have got to catch up and integrate. White society has decided that turning a blind eye, letting blacks mix, and at the same time pretending they are the same as us is the way to go!

    Very messy and lots of bloodshed and heartache along the way. Will we ever achieve it? Probably, but it’s going to be a slow and dirty process for everyone involved.

    As the great Mike Tyson recently said…

    “ If white people rioted every time a black killed one of them we would have no peace”

    I’m not a raciest I’m a realist

  15. Hopefully the authority enforcers put an end to these savages activity’s I was disgusted by their action and to think such thugs roam in Ireland in the first place.

  16. I live in cork Ireland and what this says is untrue. they weren’t a gang just scum. two black guys and FIVE white guys where arrested for it. the guy who attacked him was mixed. And the Twitter account is fake. so y’all are stupid for believing and commenting on something ye don’t know and are told by one person. fucking hillbillys

  17. I ain’t no black or white. Now you know what race I am.
    Our race never stood up for anti-discrimination cuz that’s not how the earth rotates. Plus it’s never gonna work.

    All-Races-Are-Equal is the biggest lie, same as Men and Women are equal. No they’re not that’s why human beings compete against each other to get more advantages. And work with each other with different pre-set roles.

    You weak, you got bullied. Women got raped and men got belittled. Cuz you deserve all those shit. That’s the way it is.

    You wanna get out of this deep mud? Keep mouth shut, develop your own race and fight back to the top of the world. Then you earned respect, resource and hv the luxury to spread the AlL-RaCes-ArE-EqUaLL type of bullshit to make your own superior race feel good.

    1. The hell, that made absolutely no sense, lol.

      All races are equal, people are just people. Obviously men and women aren’t the same because of biology, the only thing that makes someone a diffrent “race” is the production of melanin. It’s not even a thing in nature, it’s a manufacture concept created by people.

      Also, this crawling out of the mud tanget… a little ridiculous.

      In laymen terms, you’re full of shit buddy.

  18. IRA is back?

    I will never understand why people have to hate each other… it’s better a caress than a fist…
    Racist will always be angry and people like me always happy 🙂
    I love even racist, they’re just sad people, angry with the world, a world that they never will change… Better love 🙂 ❤️☀️

          1. She knows how to use Google, doesn’t she? Let her look it up instead of asking every single time….” What mean?” Fucking annoying kid….I’m sure she is not old enough to be here. Nobody over 18 could be that dumb.

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