Irish Activist in the West Bank Shot by Israeli Terrorists

Irish Activist in the West Bank Shot by Israeli Terrorists

There are two things to observe from this video:

  1. Israeli terrorists are bloodthirsty cowards
  2. Mainstream media are a joke when it comes to interviewing activists in Palestine

Irishman Tommy Donnellan has made several trips to the Palestine to help the oppressed Palestinians to stand up to the terror of Israel. He’s been shot 6 times by the Israeli terror forces, the latest one was to his ankle on May 20, 2013 while he was just sitting there with his camera rolling.

Shortly after this, Tommy was interviewed by Keith Finnegan of Galway Bay FM radio station. During the interview, the host has given the interviewee little room to explain the parlous situation in the Palestine, nor has be asked question about what the lives of the oppressed are like under the Israeli reign of terror, and instead twisted the whole interview in the direction of establishing that Tommy was not a journalist, just a YouTube video poster and kept guilt tripping him by repeatedly assessing that he was intentionally putting his life in danger.

Why didn’t you leave the area? Why put your life in danger?

Tommy got little time to explain that his life being put in danger was next to nothing compared to what the Palestinians go through on a daily basis as a result of Yid terror. He was willing to put his life in danger to increase awareness of how bad it really is in the West Bank with firsthand accounts captured on video by someone who’s not paid by a large conglomerate to make the situation there look sided stories. He is willing to do that because he’s not blind to the suffering the people of the Palestine are subjected to by the Yids. He’s a great man because he does what few have the balls to do – to stand up for the voiceless and helpless ones, to stand up against the terrorists and mass murderers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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51 thoughts on “Irish Activist in the West Bank Shot by Israeli Terrorists”

  1. Fucking wannabe soldiers. Firing at unarmed civilians. War is never good but these peaces of shit need to experience real combat when the enemy can shoot back. At least the shitbags in Syria are putting themselfs infront of bullets.(occasionally) These guys are even fucking worst

    1. Actually Israel isnt able to maintain a war campaign for more than about 30 days, thats when a real army has to take over their mess. This risky, landbased aircraft carrier should be phased out finally.

  2. These criminal Jew pig thugs are fucking cowards. Shooting a drunk Mick with a camera like that.They’d probably even fire on a crippled man, no wonder Stephen Hawking doesn’t wanna go to Israhell. He’s afraid of getting shot!

  3. I am skeptical. Plenty of things about this that strain credulity.

    1) How unlucky do you have to be to be shot on six separate occasions? Add to that this guy isn’t even a soldier fighting an active war (where it would still be incredibly unlikely).
    2) How in the world did he survive being shot six times? The Israeli Army uses assault rifles, not bb guns or 22s. They are designed to kill. That someone could survive six shots from an assault rifle is also incredibly unlikely.
    3) the wound does not match the described injury. Why is there no bleeding. The shot, if it came from an assault rifle, would almost certainly have been a through and through. Blood should have been coming out of the exit wound on the back of his leg (that we conveniently didn’t get to see because there probably wasn’t one).
    4) Very convenient (or planned) his injury was a flesh would in his lower leg and not a life threatening hit that was center mass or in the head.

    This is what I think happened. This guy only makes the news when he supposedly takes a bullet. He shoots himself in the extremity with some small caliber round before going out to report and when an Israeli soldier shoots, he acts like he was hit by that shot. and shows off his previously inflicted wound to prove it. The kind of head fakery every amateur magician knows about.

    I am hardly a staunch Jewish supporter and it pains me to have to come here and defend them, but this guy’s story is just too incredible to be true and the statistician in me compels me to play the numbers.

    1. Hey dummy the IDF uses the nato 5.56 round which is 223 cal. As for shooting him the idf soldier wasn’t gonna murder a european on camera. He shot him in the leg on purpose. I’d put my money on it that the idf put bets on who can hit tommy donnelian.

    2. If you listen to the interview, or do some research in google, he is being shot with rubber bullets. Which of course are less deadly but still no excuse to shoot at unarmed civilian. So he could survive 6 shots on 6 different occasions yes. The likely hood of being shot 6 times in this scenario has nothing to do with real war where things are much different.

    3. The statistician in you is compelled to play by the numbers but you obviously posted a comment without even watching the video and listening to the interview, yeah… Real by the numbers. Even if you had the sound off for the video you can clearly see the soldiers load the rubber bullet into the end of their m4 barrels before shooting.

      As an aside tho, the beginning of the video I’d funny when the IDF guys come in from the right of the screen stumbling and flailing, it looked like freaking keystone cops for a second.

  4. I respect this man. Standing up to the Zio scum like a true man. Even taking that cowardly shot like a true man. This guy makes me have a bit of faith in our species restored due to his independance from the herd.

  5. Israeili soliders are not terrorists, they are ordinary citizens following the law of compulsory military duty. Palestine is not oppressed. There are some restrictions put into effect to protect the innocent Israeli civilian population from the ongoing attacks from the Palestinians who democratically elected the terrorist organization Hamas to be their leadership. Anyone who puts themselves in a position where they are defending that, deserves to get shot.

  6. The IRA always had close links with the Palestinians, they trained together. The peace process in Northern Ireland saw people being released from jail who had murdered members of Northern Irish families on both sides. They put up with it to for peace, tough, fucking tough. Now we have ‘The real IRA’., wanting to start all this shit again, don’t trust those fuckers.

    1. Oh my, this shit goes really since the first alleged persecution of the katholics by the protestants in 1539. The IRA was found in 1800, and the division of Ireland happened in 1921.
      What an enduring conflict.

  7. May he stay safe…and get back to ireland in one piece.

    He should be proud – he is being proactive and standing up for his beliefs – if only more people were as strong.

    Ayee oh how i love the irish ๐Ÿ™‚ So proud to have some irish blood in me ๐Ÿ™‚


    And not because of any political reson (i dont know much about whats going on over there and so i have nothing to say about the politics)

    What i find AMASING in this video takes place after the asshole soldier fires his rifle at the camra man, in the 1 second after he fires THIS VIDEO CAPTURES THE BULLET IN FLIGHT!, ive never seen this before!

    The dark part of the palm tree behind the rifleman was a perfect contrast needed to apot the bullet.

    From what i know about firearms this rifle was chamberd in 62 Grain 5.56mm NATO ammo, and from time the rounds flght time i figured the camraman was about 600-700 yards away.

    At that distance the rifleman would have needed to aim 12-15 feet above his target in order to compansate the 140-170 inches the bullet would have droped durring its flight. this is why the bullet can be seen near the top of the tree at its elevational peek then continue to drop down to its target.

    Ive always wonderd what a bullet fired at you at distance looked like, and if the flash and bullet were visable would i be able to move out of its way in time…. judgeing from this video i think it would be possable it the rifleman was 900+ meters away from me when he fired, because after the muzzle flash could be seen at 900+ meters you would have 1-2 secs to take cover before the bullet reaches you.

    Even if a .50 BMG fired from m107 sniper rifle at 900 yards you would have 1.3 seconds to get out of its way before it reches you.

      1. Rubber bullets huh, interesting.

        never the less my main anly only point about this vid. is that it captures a 5.56mm bullet ( may it be a rubber coated steel bullet or copper coated lead bullet, they both still share simular ballistics) in-flight after being fired.
        Nice shot.

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