Irish Traveller Teenage Girl Slashed with Machete by Feuding Family

Irish Traveller Teenage Girl Slashed with Machete by Feuding Family

Irish Traveller Teenage Girl Slashed with Machete by Feuding Family

Best Gore member @trey99 explains:

Here is a video about a 14 year old girl who was attacked by men who broke in and wanted to get to her dad, he wasn’t there, but they attacked the girl with machetes while she was holding a baby and trying to protect the baby.

The wound is pretty deep and bad. This happens a lot in Ireland as the travellers here are in constant feuds with each other and it extends far beyond Ireland, it goes to England, America, and even Australia where they move and still this happens.

It is a long tradition that the traveller community sorts it’s problems out between themselves and never do they involve outsiders or even the law. An eye for an eye is how they operate.

Most of the time these feuds start over words and insults and end up with somebody either really hurt or dead. Sometimes a feuding family will have one member marry a member from the feuding family and this can settle things for a bit, until the wedding happens and they all get together. Then things get really bad.

Thanks for the video and backinfo, @trey99. Irish travellers are to Ireland what Roma gypsies are to the rest of Europe.

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        1. lmfao remember Narrow Water..M62 coach bombing..warrington..manchester..London..Enniskillen poppy massacre..Lisburn fun run 6..corporal killings in Belfast..shankill bomb..guildford…birmingham..lord peadophile Mountbatten… Brighton bomb…and countless other british targets and british soldier murders and don’t forget airy neave and droppin well bombings by the INLA. so who fucked who?

          1. Dang, and i found a true four leaf clover in a field of clovers and eventually came to know of my (little) Irish ancestry.. Soo, now imma lucky Irish… Nigger, again… jynx jynx jynx personal jynx! X

        1. Man, it’s hard not to be influenced (sorta brainwash?). I say things all the time that came from other people and places. The travellers are harder to influence than us country people though, so I like that about them. Their women mostly have the best tits too per capita, and they’ll hop into a mill with ye too.

      1. I read it and it was very interesting. I always found the Bostonians similar to us. Ie don’t pronounce their R s as much. Aussies pronounce Melbourne as Mel-bin or short” I ” sounding like the word “bun” . Americans -other than Bostonians- rightly as in three hundred year old original English pronounce it “Mel -born” ie pronounce the” ou” as O and also pronounce the R ,rolling it like an Italian or Spaniard! The beauties of language!

      1. No, not her. She looks rather underdeveloped for a 14 yr old. No hips, which is nature’s way of telling us she is not ready to conceive, so there’s no point depositing seed in her. I like proper, child-bearing hips on a woman: narrow hips are a complete turn off. So she’s yours if you want her, Jonny.

    1. @fred1212
      The “minggonnoff” is the pikey bogeyman. Kind of like “chupacabra” to the central americans, or the “Golem” to the jews.
      “Hey joey-boy, ya best be leying ten tons o tarmac the dey, and rabbing ten ald folks… or fa sure da minggonnoff will get ye!”

      But seriously, that little lass looks deep in shock and terrified.
      Fancy being born into that shitstorm of a knacker life?

  1. @vileness

    A PRIEST IS A PEDOPHILE by bad jonny

    Your local priest
    Is a sick pedophile

    Now he can read books
    He can sail down the Nile

    Gets photos with kids
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    A ‘pillar’ of community?
    The corner-stone tile!

    When he goes to the pub
    He dresses in style

    Smiling at parents
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    He has been raping
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    Till poor Kyle vomits
    Spewing up bile

    And collapses in pain
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    A despicable act
    Inhuman and vile

    Priest listens to Hendrix:
    Voodoo Le Chile

    And to some ‘country’:
    Lovitt Le Lyle

    The cops start to track him
    Keeping a file

    To hurt the kids more:
    He pleads innocent at trial

    Right to the end
    The cunt’s in denial

    He’s a sneaky fucker
    Full of contempt and guile

    Let’s give him a ‘hotshot’
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  2. As if the kid does not have enough to worry about with that huge gash that will most-certainly leave a lifetime scar on her. 🙁 And i say this cause these Irish parents of hers should have a coffee instead of more Beer, and solve this matter without further traumatizing that poor young girl. Fucking Assholes. 🙁

      1. Yes i do Desp,,, and lots of it. just Ask poor Mark, lol. While in Slovakia with him i had to order 2 or 3 coffee’s back to back in order for them to equal in size to my regular extra-large Tim-Horton’s that i drink in Canada Everyday!

          1. @despy
            I Don’t know Da-Fuck is up with that hun, but it seams that everywhere in Europe, or Down South Like For Example in Cuba,,, Dominican Republic,,, And Also In Mexico, they Also All Serve these (like you say) lol, Teenie-Weeny Baby-Sized 2 Sip Coffees.

            And it seams like they are all using The Same Juan Valdez’s bold tasting batch of this Super Strong Espresso Type Coffee only. They have no regular coffee like we have in North America, at our Tim Horton’s or Dunkin Donuts Extra Large ones. 😉

          2. coffee was fantastic , best three sips of my life lol
            but I agree, very strong! actually felt a surge, no longer feel that here

            Xtra large Tim Hortons is $2.28 here (4 creams ,3 sugars if you are in area 🙂 )

            I wonder how a Tim Hortons would fair over there? we need to franchise

          3. coffee was fantastic , best three sips of my life lol
            but I agree, very strong! actually felt a surge, no longer feel that here

            Xtra large Tim Hortons is $2.28 here (4 creams ,3 sugars if you are in area 🙂 )

            I wonder how a Tim Hortons would fair over there? we should partner in on franchise 😀

    1. Hey @the dre how are you??..good to hear you are doing well my BG brother..
      How are things going your sides??..
      I haven’t been so good,a friend of mine passed away the 10th of November. .she was only 45.She had bad copd.she was a tough little cookie.She was so small,but she wouldn’t let anyone walk over her.she had a sharp tongue. I just can’t belive she is gone..anyway I won’t go is to short to be bitter..
      Hey dre do you know when I can interact in the forums,it says I can’t interact with certain social things&I will get a message when I can..have I got to email someone??.. (I hope you understand what I mean,if you don’t no worries.I will look at what it says&get back to you).I hope you are all well,good&healthy&life is treating you good.sending you live&groovy,positive,happy&peaceful vibes.takecare my BG brother.

      1. @Skull Rose☆
        Hey Sweetheart, I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s passing as 45 is still such a young age to pass away. At east she is with our Creator/Our Maker/God.

        As for Not Being Able To Reply To The Forums, does it have to do with some of my Forum-Pages Like
        #1- The Sun & Moon is Not what we were aught they were?
        #2- Or is it any of my other Flat-Earth Related Stuff that it will not let you reply to?
        #3- Or are you trying to start your own Forum-Page, but it will not let you do it?
        And Finally #4- What does it say (like what message comes-up) when you try to reply?
        Andre. 🙂

        1. Hey there my BG brother,the main man.a real&true gentleman.@the dre..
          How are you&how is life treating you,how is your family??..sorry it has took me so long to reply.
          So are you looking forward to Christmas, are you having family round??..
          Thankyou so much for your kind words,about my friend who passed away.I still can’t belive it.I am so proud of her though.she kinda turned her life round in the end.she had a beautiful home&most importantly she made up with her mom&family.she lost her mom a few years ago,it broke her heart.I said to her at least you&your mom made up&spent precious time together making up.honestly she was so happy&proud.she left behind to grandchildren.
          My friend was only small in height&weight but she was a tough little cookie.I’m just picturing her now.oh in could go on..thankyou for listening @thedre. I do love having a chat with you.your such a lovely person.
          Oh yes the forum thing.when in go to my profile it says-Welcome to Bestgore.You can comment on posts,but some social interaction features may be limited.we will notify you by email once these have been activated..
          That’s what it says.but I have never had an email. I got your message saying you cannot use the forum would be nice to join in especially about the one about the music,confessions of music you have listened would be great to interact.oh and I have read a little bit on nasa and space.
          Right I am rambling on lol..I hope you are well&life is good&blessed.catch up soon.sending you loves& a big hug.takecare.

          1. @Skull Rose☆
            You are such a kind and wonderful person that your Friend (may god bless her) was so lucky to have a friend like yourself to witness her life changing event shortly before her passing.

            Thank You for your so kind words my B G Sister & Friend. Yes i am looking forwards to Christmas as all our families will get together on 4 different 4 days, and 4 different locations. It is so nice to share some good food,,, laughs,, and lots of love together as we only seem to all get together only at Christmas, but i would like to see it happen more often.

            What about yourself Sweetheart,,, are you getting together with family also this Christmas??
            And God Bless You Rose. 🙂

        2. Hey there @the dre,how are you&your family??..I wanted to message to say hi & I hope you are well at this time with what’s going on.
          Anyway just wanted to message,say hi & see how you are.
          Please take good care of your self & your loved ones,stay safe.
          Sending you loves& a big hug,xxxx

          1. Ahhh sweetheart, you such an awesome, and caring B G Sister. And please make sure that You, And Yours also keep extremely safe & healthy through this Pandemic. Cause these are some really trying times, we need to stick together.
            Big Hug & Kiss also from,
            Your Forever B G Brother,
            The-Dre. 🙂

  3. She so tiny too, who the fuck would do some shit like that. Leave the kids out of it, especially if they have no part in it to start with. I can see it the kid is running their mouth and instigating, but this girl didnt look big enough to kill a flea, much less hurt a grown man. Fuckin sick fuckers, I really hope they kill the sick fuck responsible. And No, I’m not a whiteknight at all, I totally agree with beatin a bitches ass if she wanna boss up and act like a man, equal rights deserve equal lefts, but this kid is clearly pretty much defenseless. At least all they did was cut her, it really could have been worse, they could have killed her or raped her, or both. Hopefully she will recover form this. I’ll never understand why some people take it out on peoples kids, girl or boy, doesnt matter, leave the kids out of it.

  4. That poor girl though….if someone ever did that to my daughter because they were too big of a bitch to face me it would be the last thing they ever did, and no, my 14 year old daughter would not get posted on here, but whoever did it damn well might.

  5. God bless the IRA. we hit those brits hard all those years.. we had a boombing time in England 🙂
    Narrow Water ambush was great! Best way to get rid of 18 parashite regiment soldiers in one day 🙂 TAL

  6. Good!! Disgusting, illiterate, inbred scum! Gyspsies are worse than Nigerians, Armenians and even shithole Muslims. If this little turd died, then five or six more Illiterate, inbred thieves were prevented from existing. I hope that Gypsies kill each other.

  7. @vileness

    KISS by bad jonny

    Here is a little
    Poem about KISS

    In their own Jewish way
    They made musical bliss

    While Paul fucked your Mom
    And then raped your Sis.

    Gene fisted Ace
    And sodomized Peter Chris

    He wanted bi sex
    And he didn’t miss

    Now I don’t mean to hurt
    And I don’t wanna ‘diss’

    But one thing we know
    I say it is this:

    Without the gay makeup
    KISS are just PISS

  8. Fuckin PiKEYs no one likes them cunts should burn down the lot of their camp sites fuckin scum everywhere they go they are hated just eliminate them all do us a favour they keep trying to mingle their way into england no one wants anything to do with them trampy cunts so called ‘travellers’ they’re not travellers they’re Dirty Pikey cunts fuckin knackers

  9. Guess they’re lucky they didn’t decapitate her and the baby.

    They got big balls to slash a child. Not cowardly at all – they attacked a child holding a child, and that takes balls to do!

    Now, get your knives and Louisevilles, and get some fucking revenge. Don’t forget to record it for us.

  10. Gypsy. Fucking say gypsy. Fucking christ. A game I play recently removed the word gypsy and censored it. It’s fucking GYPSY. smh. I hope BG is not censoring themselves now.


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