Jealous Woman Attempts to Murder Her Husband, He Does Not Retaliate

Jealous Woman Attempts to Murder Her Husband, He Does Not Retaliate

This happened earlier today in the neighborhood of Nossa Senhora da Vitória (Our Lady of Victory) in Ilhéus, state of Bahia, Brazil. A man comes home from work and as soon as he steps in, his wife attacks him with a straight razor, hell bent on killing him. Being a man, he’s able to disarm her, but not before she delivered a slash to his breast. A little bit of blood, but nothing major.

48 year old José Maciano dos Santos Filho told authorities he was surprised by his wife lashing at him and slashing like mad, but being a man and her a woman, he prevented her from killing him, even though that’s what she admitted to have intended. He also said he loved his wife who is the mother of his daughter and wanted to live with her in peace, therefore he did not retaliate in any way.

Elenilda França de Jesus (the wife) also said she was in love with her husband and wanted to return to living with him in peace. She said she wanted to kill him out of jealousy, but it was not clarified what sparked the jealous fit. People get murdered by jealous partners for as little as stopping on the porch to have a chat with their neighbor. Whether something of sorts sparked her jealousy, or a suspicion that her husband was cheating on her was not clarified.

Another thing that was not clarified was whether the woman was charged with anything. Police did respond to the disturbance, but since the victim did not hold any grudges against the attacker and expressed his love for her and the will to iron things out, perhaps they were let be? Not sure how it works in Brazil. They do need to let go of that uptight jealousy down there, though.

Needless to say – if it was the man who slashed his wife, he would have been lynched. Equality doesn’t work both ways. In pussy whipped countries, the man subjected to domestic abuse by his wife will just have to get over it cause even if the woman is the attacker, it’s still the woman who’s a victim and man is by default the bad guy.

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68 thoughts on “Jealous Woman Attempts to Murder Her Husband, He Does Not Retaliate”

      1. These females need to step it up. Its 2013 if these bitches just waving pussy in your face without bringing anything else to the table, that shit dont cut it no more. You want to scream all this feminist shit but all you accomplished in life is that you can handle a dick, you fucked someone with money,or got impregnated sit your asses down. your just sucking up our air. I dont blame this guy for not stabbing this whore because sometime in his life he was programmed by his family, tv or society that you dont hit a female. And you must submit to the pussy. This female knew this guy isn’t gonna do shit. im just saying this female is grimy, and a calus animal. She is cold inside. If this guy had a pair of balls and slayed this beast, there would have been an outcry, somethings wrong in this world

        1. I hear you bro….but it’s not the females need to step up, that’s like asking a child to become an adult overnight. Men need to stop being manginas and realize how Atrocious females are when you give them a say or power/control. Our forefathers weren’t stupid after all, they knew the concept or role a REAL woman had to play in the world.

  1. Hey have you guys realized that the Joogle ban on Bestgore has been lifted? Strange… either they reacted our aggressive reaction… or they were trying to send a message, that they could ban or censor any website they want, especially, if that site criticizes god chosen people.

    1. Thats funny, I always used firefox and google chrome and never got any weird messages from it, also, what makes you think a company that big would give a flying fuck to this website? For all we know, if they wanted they could just ban any links related to this website, but they always have bigger fights to fight.

      1. trust me it happened. I saved a screen shot of the blocked page as well. I still get the stop sign for bg in my firefox drop down bar. I suspect that it may not have been blocked for members outside of america or something like that. I also noticed that a few days before the block i got redirected multiple times when trying to access best gore. I was under the impression that the site was offline at the time as well.

  2. I guess this is a better example of how to deal with bitches. They are not worth getting lynched or going to jail for. He said he loved her, I’ve already stated I don’t have enough experience in that department but I think he handled it the right way. In the world we live in, that was the best thing a man in his situation can do.

  3. I wouldn’t go back to living with someone if they tried to kill me, no fuckin way. She says she’s cool now but fuck that, i’d be waiting to wake up dead after the crazy bitch carved me up in my sleep, shit ain’t checkers, it’s chess. Who’ll be the one to say “check mate”? Tune in next week for the conclusion to”My wife’s a fuckin crazy bitch, oops! I’m gonna need a stitch. Brought to you by our sponsor Gillette.

  4. I’ve never understood jealousy, Its an emotion that’s strange to me.

    I’ve been cheated on before but I didn’t react with anger or misery, I just came to a conclusion on whether to end or continue the relationship based upon the circumstances and the evidence present, either way life goes on.

    I’ve even been on the receiving end of jealously, I’ve been attacked a few times for succeeding with women in bars by other men who had failed to gain her affections.

    I’ve had girlfriends who went crazy every time I would be having a conversation with other women and yet they seemed to not mind having conversations with other men and would even get angry that I didn’t get jealous about it, as if you can consider talking to people a form of cheating.

    It certainly is crazy, that is why I tend to stay away from extremely emotional women, they would probably try to kill me in my sleep.

    1. I get jealousy, but like you I don’t get how that jealousy can turn into violence. Ok he/she is seeing someone else, You are being lied to, I get how someone can get mad about that and of course from anger its easy to get to violence but trying to kill over that sort of thing its not something I would ever even consider.

    2. And that is exactly the reason why that females that tend to think like that will turn out to be a male at some point in their life. Doesn’t matter how intelligent or well centered a woman can be, the emotion factor is always there and will come up in different ways. From my experience, the less intelligent tend to be more aggressive, while the smarter ones are meticulous with their methods.

      1. Well see, beards have that coolness factor going for them. Armpit hair is just repulsive. It makes us guys look even more apish than we already do. A beard makes you MORE manly, too. Armpit hair don’t do shit for ya. I’m glad you’re entertained by my grooming quirkiness. 😎

        1. If by “mixed comments” you mean naysayers, then fuck them. It is our MANLY birthright to grow a beard. I can’t wait until I get back to the total schizophrenic bum level. Props to you, man. I hate shaving, too!

    1. I think most people were mad that the other guy killed the child not so much the whore. Here I applaud the guy for not bashing her head on the sink because its not worth it. Deciding to stay with her though I really would not recommend, but that is his own decision and if gets stabbed again I won’t feel so sorry for him.

      1. @Juicy BTW I agree with you. If she really wanted to kill or injure him she could have. It’s much like a sucidal attempt where the person nicks their wrists. Really just a cry for attention or for help.

    1. @mentmc what is O.o ..? That if your a guy and your wife beats you and stabs you the police don’t do shit but when you find the cheating whore in bed with a former friend of yours and you beat the shit out of her and the guy the cops actually give a damn. ^_^ lets just say he kisses his sweetheart with his fist a couple of times woohhh dogggy ^o^ how I luvs me some domestic disputes-assults < 3

  5. My ex father in law was married several times. The first time they were very young and did NOT get along.( Can’t imagine why, he was a viscious Bastard) after a couple of years of constant fighting and abuse, She said to him one day While he was eating breakfast ” you know, Grover, it would be so easy for me to poison you”. Grover pushed himself away from the table put down his fork and walked out the door. He never went back , in fact he never even legally divroced her, never set eyes on her again. Never saw his son they had together again. Went on to have 13 more children. I disliked that man immensly even before i knew this story.

    1. yeh I was thinking he wants to get this public, so everyone knows he’s living with a crazy bitch who tried to kill him. So in a few weeks he kills her and says ‘self defense’ and everyone might give him a pass instead of lynching him.

    1. Just to keep their theme going, he should break out the wooden spoon, my arch-nemesis when I was a little bollox. Or, failing that, a cheese grater. Thats what we need to see on this site; someone grated to death in HD.

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