Knife to the Head Photos

Knife to the Head Photos

Whatever the altercation, the knife to the head definitely ended the fight in favor of this guy’s opponent. It’s one long ass blade too, which you can see from the X-Ray image. The existence of the X-Ray image also implies that the victim was alive at the time these pictures were taken. It doesn’t look like any part of brain was affected by the blade, but he may have lost hearing in his right ear after the puncture. Fine nerves connecting the eye to the brain may also have been severed which may have resulted in vision loss in his right eye. I’ll leave it up to the Best Gore experts to provide more authoritative insight. But I personally think that regardless of how dreary the stab wound looks, the victim has survived it.

Gallery of pictures of the knife to the head victim is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Knife to the Head Photos”

  1. Oh yum,
    the knife looks pretty dull, for what can be seen of it, too,
    like a kitchen knife
    Either way, sucks to be that guy. Especially if he did indeed survive,
    “Yeah, my wife shoved a kitchen knife through my head”

  2. NICE! There is so many goodies in that area, there’s NO TELLIN’ what all got messed.

    I think Ozeania got it best… “Sucks to be him.”

    One think is obvious, though… whoever did this to the guy certainly wasn’t trying to put him in the hospital. He was shootin’ for the morgue.

  3. Precious knobs like texasrebelchick leave me cold. Clearly what she needs is a dominating, powerful, hairy sweaty male pounding her senseless. Far too PC for this site dear…go to You’ll be so glad you did.

  4. X-Rays are commonly taken by mortitian assistants to aid in evidence gathering. Showing the exact path taken by an instrument of death (in this case, a rather long knife), before such instrument is removed, is crucial in some wrongful death/murder cases.
    In any case, at least those damn voices shut up… on the right side only!! Crap, REDO!!lol

  5. picking his brain…
    that is a daamn fine blade…
    maybe, a bit of homocidal-rage….
    another, passionate sex-crime…
    another, domestic-dispute turned into…0H SHIT!CUNT, YOU’LL LISTEN NOW!
    I’ll most probably not fucking accept that most women I’ve met would have such power nor gumption to slap a 6~or~8inch-blade into my skull

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