Knife Injury Between Index and Middle Fingers

Painful Area for Knife Injury

PKnife Injury Between Index and Middle Fingers

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @unlimitedmutation, who sent us picture of his knife injury, but that’s all I got for backinfo.

As is obviously from the photos, he sliced his hand between his index and middle fingers. All I could think of was how much it’s got to suck being a lefty – you’d have to give yourself a stranger with your right hand.

Many thanks for the pics, @unlimitedmutation:

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26 thoughts on “Knife Injury Between Index and Middle Fingers”

  1. For some reason I always hold food in my hand while cutting it. I’ve got a nice collection of scars. The best one is from a cut when I tried to separate 2 frozen pieces of fish. It required a lot of force. Almost lost my finger. I never stopped doing this. What’s wrong with me?

  2. Looks like his hands are very Clean, and Callus-free. So i highly doubt that it was a construction related injury. But he could have been cutting food for supper or the like. Just like i finished doing, and the Wife Cathy & I are now enjoying the fruits of my labor.

    Nice Homemade Escargot In Mushroom Caps Au-Gratin.And for those who do not know what the meaning of the french words Au-Gratin Mean, well it simply means with melted/baked cheese on top, that is also cooked in garlic Butter. And Guys/Gals,,, let me tell ya’s that it is truly the very best thing, & The Closest Thing to a meal that was prepared in heaven that you’ll ever find. My house smells just like one of the favorite Canadian Restaurant that we frequent Quite regularly that’s called called The Keg

    Ok,,, gotta go as the Escargot will get cold So chow for now! 🙂

    1. You frenchies and your snails. It’s like they say lobster, who was the brave fucker to eat the first one.. I mean, here you have a blob of mush crawling around in its own slime, not exactly something that screens eat me, but hey, bon appetit

      1. @Dil Doe
        Hey Brother, Hope all is well with you my good man & Best-Gore Brother.
        I Know,,, I Know brother, as it looks, and feels like a large snot when you open the can, lol. But after you rinse them well in water, and cook those little buggers they are incredibly good. 🙂

        1. Back again Dre, sorry to keep bugging you about this but I’m really curious. We don’t eat that kind of stuff where I’m from, just shit like rattle snake, but that’s only at a roundup or fair.
          What do they taste like (and don’t say chicken), are they eaten like clams, swallowed whole, or chewed. They have to either be hard and rubbery or mushy. My guess is they’re mushy. Am I right.

          1. @Dil Doe
            Yes,,, once cooked they honestly are like the most tender little morsels of the finest beef Fillet-Mignon money can buy. Which is why (even though they look, and feel like snot) when raw, that is, lol, once cooked alone in garlic butter they are incredibly good brother.

            And you can prepare them by putting them inside a mushroom cap, and bake for about 20 minutes. The first 10 at a preheated 450 degrees, & the 2nd 10 minutes on Broil, & voila,,, pallet-Perfection. 🙂

            And B.T.W. I would love to try rattlesnake, as i heard it tastes Just Like Chicken, lol 🙂

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