Layabout Woman Wears Red Panties, Rolled Over by Train Aftermath

Layabout Woman Under Train in Red Panties

Layabout Woman Under Train in Red Panties

Aftermath video.

Woman in red panties has unfortunate accident crossing the rail tracks in unknown location. Sounds Russian or related.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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      1. I could be her HERO if I was there. opening my belt and use it as tourniquet, then suddenly my pant fall down. she takes a good look at my stuff then she ask me if I can make her relaxed; mmaaayy pleasure!
        That’s what being hero means.

          1. Well, I wouldn’t say that. Your mother usually pulls through for us. Choo Choo!
            You see, because many men pull a train over your mother…yeah, you get it.

          1. I like a woman naked and rolled in the dirt first, proper dirty so i can lick out her ass hole and her feet must be dirty too. Well that’s my chat up line so it’ll have to do.

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        1. Nice poetry Jonny. i’m trying to think of some myself now….

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      5. A Hero he was not. It’s like he thought that sexually transmitted diseases could be spread airborne. The least he could have done was given her a comforting grope or fondled with her boobs but instead all he did was make a video of her laying there from 20 feet away.

          1. @kahlua @angelicawhite do women wear panties. i know some dont’t. can youse two add me as a freind please? i don’t know what the fuck is up with this site, it’s like you have to jump through hoops to get on the forums. Who runs this site? A bunch of fukkin commie dictators?

          1. Yeah, I can imagine what kind of night of drinking and partying she must have had. Then to wake with such a pounding headache… the feeling like a train hit her.

  1. Some of our older Aussie commenters may remember the Red Bikini Girl of the Eighties. She was a Russian girl who jumped off a ship in Melbourne to seek asylum dressed only in a …red bikini! In freezing winter. By all accounts she was quite a looker and a uni prof I knew actually dated her afterwards. She went on to be in Aust Playboy or Penthouse if i remember well; I was only a preteen when it happened so can’t remember all the details.

    Anyway,what is wrong with this bird? Was she a drunkard or on flakka to be laying about on railway tracks? Waste of good horseflesh if you ask me.

    1. Yeah, I vaguely remember the Ruski Red Bikini girl of Oz.

      Kind of reminds me of the Aussie ‘Petrov (Ruski Spy) Affair’:

      In 1954 Australians devoured stories of espionage and charges of political conspiracy.

      The defection of the Petrovs came to be regarded by Western intelligence services as one of the most important of the Cold War era.

      The Petrov Affair had a profound and lasting impact on the Australian political landscape, with the Labor Party Split a direct consequence of the events of 1954-1955

      1. Absolutely! Very big and I believe even before the Rosenbergs of America. Big mistake by that fucker Bob Santamaria. Wrecked the party and it still hasn’t recovered. Most of the shit liberals of Howard were all ex Catholic/Labour voters.
        Abbott ,Robb,Arbetz( his great-uncle was a Nazi German as well) .

        Petrovs….Aussie intelligence punched up Russian thugs at Essendon airport and they were saved literally on the steps of the waiting aircraft with the photos shown all around the world!

    1. I’m no Columbo but it looks to me like the train was almost stopped and she tried to cross in front of it. She stumbled, ended up under it and it only ran over her lower leg. She’s a stupid cow, has to be said but having said it the male in me hopes she’ll be okay.

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          2. @vileness
            Was that the 7-Eleven, the Ralph’s on S. Pacifica or the Farmers Market?
            No matter. A yellow eyed 9 ft spook with a shotgun would make anyone stain thier shorts.
            Now, where did we land on those sandwiches?

  2. ‘Please don’t wear red tonight
    This is what I said tonight
    For red is the colour that will make me blue
    In spite of you
    It’s true
    Yes it is
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    Yes it is
    [Yes It Is – The Beatles]

    1. Ha. While I question your knowledge of the existence of this song, I will admit that it is exactly what a lunatic would sing first thing in the morning while packing his rape and body dismemberment kits into a backpack.

      1. I saw those R&BD kits on Amazon. ‘Those who purchased this kit may also like: smelling salts, roofies, a years subscription to The Modern Rapist’, etc. Also a DVD titled: How To Look at Another Woman’s Ass Without Your Wife Noticing. (R. Dangerfield)

      2. See, originally nursery rhymes and songs for kids were meant to be warnings about dangers. Then at some point they changed into fun and cartoons and the messages were lost. The late victorians invented childhood. It is an invention.
        Before that kids had to get used to the world as they grew, they did chores, were warned about dangers and grew into savvy adults.
        All childhood serves to do is keep our kids naive right through to their twentys and beyond. Songs like this one in 1932 were actually meant to stop kids going into the woods because they kept disappearing. They weren’t really meant for fun.

        1. Much like Halloween in the USA. Outsiders come here and are baffled at children dressing up and celebrating the Eve of Samhain, a Pagan day involving spirits and stuff. They see a girl dressed up as The Little Princess and think, ‘what a cute little devil worshipper.’

        2. Godamn Right! Changing a stern warning into a fun limerick has resulted in a generation of smart ass kids standing right at the edge of the woods talking smack to all the bears before running away.
          “Hey bear! I bet you’d like a bite of Deeeeez Nuuuutz!”
          “Hey bear! Wuddaya get when a brown bear humps a black bear?
          Well, I don’t know, but it sounds like one of my Uncle Louie’s picnics! Suck It Hard, Bear!”

          1. About 10 years ago there was a rash of E.R. visits by young girls after watching The Princess and the Frog. Guess what THEY were doing? (Hint: Sounds like my friend, Sal Manilla).

          2. Jennifer Aniston severely misjudged that cute little Leprechaun. Almost cost her life! And her role as Rachel.

          3. @stevehamm
            That Leprechaun movie franchise went straight negro. There was a period when real live street coons thought they were seeing leprechauns in trees and shit.
            But yeah, hated the movie, hated Friends and I hate everything about Hollywood, but I would eat every square inch of Jenifer Aniston and gladly die of Rachel-betes!
            I’d pack her into my steering wheel and drive into a tree just to have that vag hit me in the mouth at 900 mph!

      1. We believe you. But, it wouldn’t be the first time man has gone to war over red panties. BTW If I went by the tag, NYC G-Spot Man, would I get first dibs on… well… you know?

  3. This is why you should never go to a bar in Russia, get drunk, pull off pants, wander outside, pass out on train tracks, and wake up with some guy looking up your crotch while your foot dangles over the train rail. …….just so you know.

      1. With my pinky out! But hey, those are some smart glasses. Who knows I may order some. You never know when the next woman’s crotch will appear on here needing my expert examination and approval.

        Don’t forget, it was I who pointed out the prominent vulvae on that Indian girl burned by party favors, and there are many more fine examples of my exhaustive work that can be found on these pages.

        1. BG can certainly use a quality control division. The mission would be 3-fold: 1) To spot and report those hard-to-see boobs and pubes. 2) To censor any inappropriate content. 3) To disregard #2. : )

  4. (I know a little Russian from the military training we have to go through)
    Man1: Tired of life?
    Man1: Why did do that?
    Women1: Sobbing *, I did not do it on purpose Crying*
    More Crying*
    Man1: Uh-huh
    Man1: Alright Alright wait I will drive wait a minute

  5. Its in Russian language. She was attempting to commit suicide. The guy filming asks, “what, tired of living?” She replies “no, i don’t know what i was thinking, I’m in pain, please help.” The guy filming replies back “okay, wait. Help is on the way.”

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