Leg Scratched by Chainsaw

Leg Scratched by Chainsaw

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @oopslol, whose chainsaw went after his leg, but he was able to get it away before it could do worse damage:

This happened when I was working on my back yard. I was cutting some tree branches in a hurry when the chainsaw jumped hitting my left leg. Good thing I reacted fast – saved me from cutting through my fucking leg.

That sure could have been worse. Glad to see your leg gets to walk another day.

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  1. Where are your Steel-Toe Boots, and your Chainsaw Pants @oopslol ??? πŸ™ Well, it could have been much worse, as i have treated, and seen, many gruesome chainsaw mishaps in my 25 yrs as a Construction Supervisor, and dude, you got off easy. This is a good thing my man! πŸ™‚

    1. Exactly, for a chainsaw mishap that’s a scratch. I’ve seen those trousers that bind up the chain in action, they shut the whole chainsaw down in a instant. Chainsaws are awesomely dangerous, you totally need to respect them.

  2. Don’t bring it back to the store…..!!!!!!!..
    They gonna ” really” start the beast in front of you…….
    And you gonna be like…….
    What the fuck is that noise………??????

  3. I agree with other members comments – you got lucky! Most people don’t just get “scratched” by a chainsaw. Just the same, I would be more careful next time, maybe *google some other, terrible chainsaw injuries?

  4. That was a tiny nibble from a chainsaw. Now that it has a taste for human flesh and blood, it won’t be so afraid in the future. I would send it to Mexico as soon as possible. It will come in handy there.

  5. Really? A few scratches on the leg and this becomes the worst tragedy of all time? Cry me a river. I think that the Asian chick with the garden hose up the cunt had it worse than this dude.

    Not sure why your pic is on BestGore? Must be a slow day.

    What’s next, someone with a paper cut on their pinky? Can’t wait to see that.

  6. I remember, when I was a teenager, working in my dad’s shop, using an anglegrinder with a wire brush adapter and it got away from me.
    It chewed my t-shirt and half my pant leg off me.

    The only thing it left on me, physically, was a scar on my upper left thigh, three inches from the family jewels.

  7. It would be more appropriate for Best Gore if you had shown us your severed penis and balls. Or at least, your severed leg, ready to barbecue out back over the chopped up tree branches. Freshly-severed human leg… yummm!

  8. @oopslol better clean it well. I worked as a logger for five years in Kentucky. Luckily I only cut myself once, but it went down to the bone. I poured some water on it, wrapped in duct tape, went back work and dressed when I got home. About ten days later I had to go to the hospital because it was infected and i was having chills and a fever. My dumbass waited so long I gave myself septicemia…

  9. Appears not much of anything to write about save for a few of those oozed out dried up tricklets of Blood but that’s not much to quiver about .
    But before I conclude I gotta tell ya to learn your lessons well the next time around when the chainsaw and you look each other in the eye.
    Chainsaw …………hold one to be working with only when ya have a total …. yes I mean a totalest of hang about it.
    That beast is unforgiving especially if it throws a backlash .
    it can cut ya in two halves or else leave ya disfigured completely.

  10. ”…the chainsaw jumped hitting my left leg.”

    How can a chainsaw jump at you, jumping is usually upward and your leg was down I guess? Pretty funny phrasing, you speak like some wild fucking animal attacked you, while it’s probably your poor maneuvering that caused the incident. A good handling and knowledge of any mechanical too makes you pretty safe with it, if your concentration is right.

    Or can chainsaws be THAT unpredictable?

    Or can chainsaws be

    1. @VillageGlobal ….
      You seem pre-judgmental and you know not a thing about how chainsaw behaves . The authored post is right about his making admissions of the damn thing jumping right at him.
      When powered up these are some mechanized beasts coming to acquire life all their own waiting to chew on to ya if you look just about any wee bit complacent .
      While I for one in the same note won’t negate your saying that his was a poor maneuvering but machines tend to jump upwards when throttled and juiced up but gravitated back to they all come from meaning well rested otherwise its like their coming down either to hit or chew a chunk of ya .
      Be wary as chainsaws have life all their own .
      Own one to know one !

    2. It’s called “kickback” one of the most common ways of getting injured with a chainsaw. The bar “jumps”, and not watching where your bar tip is how this happens a lot. I live in Maine and have seen many woodsman with chainsaw scars, a few with facial injuries.

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