Limb Ripped from Barbwire Jumping Accident

Limb Ripped from Barbwire Jumping Accident

Limb Ripped from Barbwire Jumping Accident

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @lordquas, who hooked us up with a pic of a limb ripped in what he was told was a bard wire jumping accident:

I don’t have much info about this pic, it came from my friend who is a firefighter, who got it from one of his buddies.

All I know is this injury came from a barbwire jumping accident.

This is exclusive.

Thanks a lot for the pic, @lordquas. Even though the tear into the tissue is deep, it looks as though only fatty tissue got torn, so while there will be a sick scar, the function of the limb should not be affected once it heals.

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40 thoughts on “Limb Ripped from Barbwire Jumping Accident”

      1. naw… I’m not into weird stuff at all *rolls eyes* it’s like an abstract painting to me… didn’t mean to turn anybody off. This would be a Va-j-j only in my wet nightmares.

        How would you describe it, besides being a bloody gash? How about a prolapsed sphincter instead?

      1. The barbed wire fences installed in modern Mexican football stadiums are designed to keep the fans safely situated in the seating areas. Pulling the intestines out of loyal, paying customers is not the primary goal. The stadium authorities certainly cannot be held accountable for unruly behavior.

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