Little Boy Got His Hand Caught in Meat Grinder

Human Hand Minced by Meat Grinder

Little Boy Got His Hand Caught in Meat Grinder

It’s a little boy who got his hand/arm caught in a meat grinder. We don’t know where it happened. He probably put his hand in the meat grinder for fun but it didn’t end well.

Many thanks to Best Gore member Landa for photos and DerSteppenwolf for putting the watermark on them. We’re all pretty useless without Mark but combined effort makes it work.

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  1. Before anyone makes any crued remarks about how he’ll never have the pleasure of wacking off with that hand…let me do it first. It’s always the wacking hand is’nt it? Guess he’ll have to learn to be a lefty now.

  2. If I put my hand into one of those grinders I would probably get sued for breaking the grinder!
    I wanna thank you guys for the b-day wishes yesterday,you guys made my night!!!! You all rock! 7:30 am here, drinkin’ the vodka again-the party continues.

  3. @it was me- absolutely highlarious, thanks a bunch for the early morning laugh.. As for the hand, just Darwin showing his beautiful face once again- honestly the damage doesn’t look all that bad, considering how bad it looked inside the grinder.

          1. Actually @ rude a little known fact that spam is made from the fingers lips and left testical of orphan children…. Nah just playing its made from cow vagina

          2. I don’t eat them, but my daughter loves them. The smell alone makes me gag. The only meat I eat is chicken and shit at Taco Bell. And I choose to believe those animals die of natural causes lol

  4. Isn’t there enough awareness about this by now? How many will it take before someone gets it? Hand plus meat grinder equals bad idea. It doesn’t take a scientist and a slide ruler to figure this out.

    1. @Rude Monger oh there is awareness alright in technology advanced countries like the U.S, I think they made an electric meat grinder where one doesn’t need to keep shoving down the meat as the meat is being grounded but since many other foreign countries haven’t had technological advantages they still do this process manually. Sometimes I wonder if cartels well instead of grinding down the body parts in a meat grinder they just throw the bodies in one of those industrial wood-chippers. 馃槷

      1. Well, that too, lol. I was just trying to say in a smarty way that this reminds me of the music video of Another Brick in the Wall where the kids are lined up to be grounded in a huge meat grinder.

  5. The is a rather old gore picture. I recall seeing it about 2001-2002 with a similar picture. The kid would probably be in in early 20s by now.

    Anyway the picture might look gruesome but I think he’s alright. The only finger that looks really bad is the one right between the middle and pinky finger. That looks the most damaged but otherwise I think he kept all his fingers.

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        2. Degloving is an avulsion injury that typically removes a large section of skin from an extremity e.g. a finger or hand; think along the lines of removing a glove by turning it inside out with added pain.

          The avulsion destroys the vascular supply from the underlying tissue and the management is typically amputation of the affected digit. Degloving can also involve larger surface areas such as the face, torso and legs; typically non-survivable due to fluid loss; rather like a burn without the heat.

          To put it into context, you could deglove a finger if a ring caught caught against a rigid object.

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