Machete Attack Leaves Man Bleeding Profusely from Cheek

Machete Attack Leaves Man Bleeding Profusely from Cheek

By the sound of it, this happened in a Spanish speaking country, perhaps Mexico?

The video shows a young man bleeding profusely from a facial wound inflicted with a machete. A group of people assist him, but the wound is deep enough to require stitching, so hopefully somebody was making arrangements to get him to hospital.

Got to love how he fingers his wound at 1:01.

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62 thoughts on “Machete Attack Leaves Man Bleeding Profusely from Cheek”

          1. True enough @n1ne and, i doubt that he will have much feelings, or movement in that cheek afterwards because of the amount of severed nerves.

    1. Watching, and Cheering, like always bro! The Death Cheer Team Were Having Themselves A Mexican Block-Party, Me Thinks! If the loser dies, than they strip him of all his valuables, and if he survives, then they act like they care, help him out as much as they can, and hope they get a bottle of Sauza from him for their troubles. Ahhh, good-ol Mexico.

        1. Shit, better be quick with the damn gun and hope it don’t misfire like a da Silva civil war era revolver.
          Me personally I think I would rather take my chances facing off someone with a pistol than someone with a machete or a long blade.
          I rather have bullet holes in me than looking like a human jigsaw puzzle.

          1. “Hey I hear you there amigo.
            To me machetes are worst than guns.
            Always go with Smith and Wesson.
            That’s my recipe for success.
            Don’t care which brand magazines scare me.
            I always prefer the wheel gun.
            I ain’t Snake Plissken in real life.
            I’m just your regular old Joe.
            Going for reliability.
            A single action shotgun perhaps.
            Always been my weapon of choice.
            Carry that shit in your vehicle.
            Some crazy guy pulls a machete.
            Hit him with 3 and a half buckshot.”

  1. Is someone among those assclowns going to take his bleeding-ass to an ER, or are they “patiently” waiting for cops and paramedics to arrive and take care of this slashed-Mexican? What a fucked up way to sit and try to stop bleeding when there isn’t no help around.

  2. This is definitely somewhere in Mexico. Though, I wonder how he ended up with a facial wound, and whether or not it was on accident or on purpose. It seems like it would be pretty hard to cut your face with a machete by accident, but I wouldn’t know.

  3. Machete kills again…. good luck stopping that bleeding you got two arteries in you neck cut any of them and without professional medical help ur pretty fucked. I have a friend that was in the military in Afghanistan the Taliban filled a barrel with home made TNT, It exploded killing two soldiers a 3 inch peace of metal traveled through his neck severely is artery he only serviced because the medic stood on his neck while he was waiting for a medi vac. He now suffers from a heart condition and has a brain injury but he’s ok and a good friend.

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