Machete Attack Leaves Two Men Wounded

Machete Attack Leaves Two Men Wounded

Two men were wounded in a machete attack, but I don’t know much more about it. I did however understand that the incident happened in a place called Zambrana. We all know that the world’s machete attacks capital is the Dominican Republic, but I will need help from someone who recognizes the accent to confirm where this took place.

One of the victim was chopped in the back of his hand, almost losing all fingers, and in both legs. His left leg was cut deeply right through the knee. He will basically never in his life walk normally again. That knee is bust. Unless surgeons these days have the means to implant an artificial knee joint that works like a charm, he can truly say good bye to an evening stroll.

The other victim appears to have a wound on his forehead and on his buttocks. He sounds very composed with nothing about his tone of voice hinting the experiences of pain or anxiety.

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  1. Hey everyone, New member here. Been lurking for a long long time and decided to join up because reasons.

    Pretty sure this guy won’t be moving any of his fingers for the rest of his life.

          1., if it says that there is already an account in that name, just add a letter to the end of your screen name, it will allow you to create the new account, but not change your name on BG. By the way, I left you a comment a couple pages back, I think on the shredded skin post, about some of your questions. Welcome!

  2. That dude uses his right hand to masturbate. He always takes an evening stroll to a nearby bush to masturbate. Now that his fingers are chopped off and his legs can barely lift his ass up, I don’t know what the fuck is gonna do!

    By hearing the name Zambrana, it reminds me of the African country Zambia whose students studying in Russia were severely beaten in St Petersburg.

  3. Oh well, just add that to the list of places I never want to visit thanks to BG. Seriously, I think BG should be like a travel agency, so people could see what really happens in these places outside of the fancy resorts.

    1. right? fuck third world countries. “oh but the people are so nice” bullshit, the people are scum, thats why they are designated third world. “oh but its the government thats corrupt” bullshit, i don’t see politicians in any of these videos hacking people apart and lynching and raping everyone for the slightest infraction, fuck these people.

  4. I’d imagine that his body is either numb from shock, or it just hurts too much it no longer effects him. But I’ve no degree in medical shenanigans, so I could be wrong.

    But look at the size of that needle!! Flippin horrendous!!!

  5. the only good thing i can say is at least they are not going into schools randomly and hacking the shit out of little kids….and they dont charge in there shooting them either.

    it seems they prefer the art of the deul when they deal or rob with each other. still just as horrifying none the less

  6. I don’t understand spanish very well and they are speaking a little bit different than people Spanish and Mexico but at 2:02 something interesting happens.

    Interviewer: Who made the cut in your head?

    – It was he himself who cut me [he points at some direction, maybe the guy with fucked up knee in the bed?]

    Also before that they talk about what happened and he said like “he, his father and his brothers came to visit me.”. I guess the victim and the attacker knew each other.

    He also says that something covered his head (didnt understand what) so he couldn’t see who/how cut his arm, hand and feet. It looks like he has a few more wounds than what the video suggests.

    1. This was in the Dominican Republic for sure because of that spanish accent.There is a Zambrana in the DR so it may be there.

      The guy said he was sitting down listening to music and the other guy came with his father and brother like you said and that guy attacked him in the head and he couldnt see because the blood was covering his face and didnt saw who cut the guy attacking him

  7. @Bestgore staff, you should create a travel section called ?Final Destination? and in this section you should write a humorous but factual account of all the destinations that may remove you from this world.

    You can have it numbered, lets say from ten to one, and include at first the travel agency?s standpoint and then your own view point backed up by Bestgore evidence.

    It would be both humorous and educational and increase peoples awareness of the world around them, free from propaganda and promotional capitalism.

    It would be a fine addition to this website and help to increase the populations perception of the world and the way that capitalism and reality are presented to them.

    Food for thought, most definitely.

  8. Since there’s no backstory I’m gonna pretend they did this to each other and are now buddies. Machete fight turns into an all out bromance. Maybe they can be roomies in the hospital and give each other bubble baths.

  9. Fuckin hell they’re mad for the aul machetes are the Dominicans. The extremists could learn from them, they’d do a great job removing heads, and i can only fantasise about how a street corner would look if they set off a machete bomb, put a hundred machetes inside a pipe-bomb configuration and let her rip, they’d be embedded everywhere, and I’d be a happy camper.

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