Machete Attack Victim with Ear Cut in Half and Hand Dangling Comes to Hospital

Machete Attack Victim with Ear Cut in Half and Hand Dangling Comes to Hospital

A man severely wounded in a machete attack walks into hospital. He’s covered in blood – his whole is one big blood stain, and his ear is cut in half from a blow. He also holds on to his left hand for dear life. That the hand has been essentially amputated and is only connected to the arm with a tiny bit of skin becomes apparent when he lets the hand dangle by letting go off it whilst inside the hospital.

I don’t know much about the background of the attack. My guess is that the video is from Brazil. Dominican Republic may be the leader in machete attacks, but they do exist in Brazil too.

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      1. Haha I’m imagining the other guy is much better off if this dude lost his hand. There’s no way someone injured worse than this could have severed a hand like that. On the contrary, there’s no way this guy could have done much damage to someone else after having his hand cut off.

    1. Umm, yeah, this is totally dangling participle-style eh, normal. Business as usual in these countries. Wtf? I mean… I can’t imagine why they don’t jus do as I an drink & pass out. Hell, fuk the partyin & cuttin off bodyparts & jus pass out–its hole lot easier! Hey its my 1s post here after lurkin forever, hahaaa, Welcum me to the jungle yes?

      1. First comment ever! Anyways
        He’s disoriented and from the adrenaline and endorphins he’s probably not feeling the pain aside from shock. the lady is telling him “go in there” and at one point I thought I heard “ayuda me” help me.

          1. Thanks fellas your all so welcoming:) lol. Been watching these videos for a couple years now. The world is a crazy place. And yes I drive a 83 coupe deville Lowrider

    1. a hand got chopped off. What do you want them to do? start yelling and screaming? is that gonna put his hand back in place? is this gonna hurry up the helicopter or ambulance?
      When you say you live in a town, you mean farmers, big equipment and small community. I’m sure these towns have seen or heard their share of torn hands or limbs stories.
      it’s normal in the sense that this is a hospital or clinic. and I don’t usually hear people panicking or yelling in hospitals.

      1. @ elmaspison – I know you weren’t talking directly to me (@ T.T.). But, I would like to reiterate a bit further on the response that I left below h4nz1m4n’s comment.

        If I was at the receiving end of a machete attack. Or if I was walking with a person that had just been involved in a machete attack (not a farm equipment accident) … I can honestly say, that I’d probably be more than a bit frazzled.

        I definitely wouldn’t have been as calm at this man was. Kudos to him for taking it so well. It just seemed as if this was something that is not that out of the ordinary to all involved.

        Hell, the victim might have been in shock for all I all know due to the massive amount of blood that he had lost; hence the calm demeanor displayed.

        Or maybe he’s just one tough S.O.B. that walked in and said: “It’s just a hand, I got another one.”

        And I agree with you, medical personnel aren’t going to go crazy, yelling, or panicking. That wouldn’t do any good.

        1. Like 83coupe stated. your body would go into shock and you wouldn’t feel much. There is people on the archives that had half of their body smeared on the tarmac, although they seem sad at the life they will now have, they are breathing perfectly fine and not scared as you assume you would be.
          They just embrace their fate.

    1. I agree with your suspicion here @F.Days. If he was an innocent victim there a couple of things missing. An ambulance, surely you believe you are worthy of an ambo. Some shock and anger, and surely someone would be there giving him a hand, and not just filming.

      Looks like he reached over the counter to get at the till, at the local fish and chip shop and the shop keeper has come out of now where, surprised him with a

  1. Now he’s got himself a hell of a dick
    Lost a hand won a new dick in life
    His girlfriend is the happy winner.
    She’ll never leave him and have lots of kids
    Together. …….and live for ever happy.

  2. Would they try and sew it back on in Brazil I wonder, I’m sure they would try to sew a clean amputation like that back on here. Or maybe it’s just one of those lottery things, if there is a surgeon at that hospital skilled or not in that procedure.

    1. How hard can it be? find the main arteries, sew them to the hands arteries to get blood flowing so the tissue and muscle don’t die
      they have to sew it back on with in that 12 hour window. whether his body will reject it has nothing to do with third world doctors. it happens in canada all the time.
      They can’t guarantee the use of it either. nerves have been severed.
      it’s a human hand. not Mr potato head.

    1. He may be dead already. Looks like allot of blood loss, plus he seemed off balance at the end. On top of that, that hospital didn’t seem to be one that would have a top notch staff and blood on hand for the transfusion he surely needed.

      1. I tried to click on your name, just to see what was going on, but I was really wanting to see and understand what has happened to you? Our “family” on here, I can’t speak for everyone, but I bet a lot of us would be a great support system! <3

          1. Nice to hear that juicy! you looking good as always 馃檪 I’m doing good also! I think we would need a couple bottles of baby oil!… 馃槈 Glad to see you back!

  3. This guy won’t die and will get his hand back. He is at medical care now who will just replace volume with other IV fluids until blood is available. But his hand a is a nice clean cut and there is no rejection worries like a transplanted hand. Pretty straightforward actually. Plate and pin bones together, attach one artery and one vein, and reattached the two nerves. New blood vessels will generate pretty quickly and skin is no problem. The only issue is the nerves and he may only get some sensation back onqqodokokkskxxxxpkpkkpnx. Ere. !’.

      1. Yer booz you’re right, again. Damn. But if he is lucky this is Brazil, and a big city hospital is not more than a couple hundred km away, and I reckon for the sake of this dude’s quality of life they would make the effort because he is a good candidate for sucess – he’s young and because it is a clean cut and pretty straightforward process, that does still have lots
        of hurdles though. Infection, surgeon’s skill etc. BUT if he is in the Dominican Rep. then yep, he is totally fucked! Won’t die, but won’t have two hands anymore either !
        I fell alseep above there…’s 3.37Thurs morning and I going to bed, but got to check the other posts from yesterday yet…….

  4. I cannot believe his attacker didn’t finish him off. He must have fought hard for his life to get away or maybe someone helped him but it sounds like his only companion was that woman. Regardless, I really wonder if the Doctors there have the skills to reattach his hand so it functions again? I would be a very time consuming process to try to match up the severed blood vessels but more so the nerves. The nerves are all of 1/4 the width of a human hair so how do you stitch those back together?

  5. Love the fact the hole of his ear is visible there, he can hear fine I’m sure as the ear canal and drum are within the skull itself. In fact he can probably hear even better behind him.

    So it begs the question, what is the function of the rest of the ear anyway??

      1. @effoff, cupping your hands blocks sound from other directions, additionally amplifies the forward sound. I understand that.
        But our actual ears don’t look that great a cup shape, what about the very particular ridges, and cartilage shape we have. There’s more to this explanation…..?

        1. I don’t know. I would guess the cartilage shape creates rigidity to keep the funnel in a forward facing direction. Although it is beneficial to hear from all directions, when you turn to localize the sound, it is helpful in a life or death situations to have your eyes looking at it when you do. it doesn’t have to be so pronounced because taking away from one direction adds to the other. So I guess I’m theorizing that the ear shape gives enough of an advantage to the front to allow 360 degree hearing but allow fast localization.

  6. Hi my BEST GORE compadres –
    I’ve failed to do something important…introduce myself. I came to BG about a year ago looking of course for gore, but found I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. I’ve read the humorous and heartfelt comments, and at times…. when there are no words. Anything to do with children, animals and the elderly for they are the helpless innocent.
    So, I look forward to exchange mind bending thoughts and some wicked humor.

      1. Wow! You two are the fourth and fifth new family members just on this page alone! I am only a few months new, but have felt welcomed, and so now, I welcome you to this crazy world! Hope you have fun chatting with us! <3

  7. I have no idea what the bloody man said, but I thought I did hear him say “por favore” – please – as he was talking to the person filming. Please open the door for me, huh? Got my hand full.

    Did look like he was about to pass out at the end; made it to his destination and now he can safely collapse. I’ve said it before, humans are incredibly sturdy and amazingly fragile; it all depends on where they get hit and by what.

    Dear Mouse; stay strong. This too shall pass.

  8. is it only me who thinks these guys are tough as shit, he waits for the door to open and he walks in like he’s about to say “hello, im here to book an appointment with Dr ImSlicedOpenAndBleedingthefuckout”

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