Maggots Settle in Machete Wounds

Maggots Settle in Machete Wounds

Captions at the beginning of this video explain how the man came by his nasty head wounds and why they are full of maggots. I had to painfully type all the gibberish out from the video and paste it into a translator to make some sense of it. The original text in Spanish reads this:

El siguiente caso ocurrio en Cancun. Este hombre fue asaltado y macheteado por unos pandilleros quedo tirado inconsiente y herido, expuesto al sol y la lluvia por 7 dias tiempo en el cual las heridas se pudrieron y agusanaron. Vean el resultado.

English language translation I got:

The following case occurred in Cancun. This man was assaulted by a gang machete and left lying unconscious and injured, exposed to sun and rain for 7 days at which time the wounds were rotted and agusanaron. See the result.

It would appear that the video was filmed in the popular tourist resort trap of Cancun in Mexico. The man was probably attacked by a machete wielding gang that slashed his head up and left him with no aid to die in the bush. The man survived but not before maggots settled in his machete wounds. The only word I could not find a translation of is agusanaron. I have no idea what it means however the captions make pretty good sense even without it. Check the video out:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. The injured guy was saying that can not open his eyes and he wants to eat ,the other person is asking what happened to him ,the injured guy keep saying it feel like burning

    1. i had maggots in my ass, it was pretty disturbing feeling… i had absolutely no idea how i got them, i was in high school, cca 1993 in the middle of urban zone (Prague,CZ) had normal hygiene – probably ate something. it feels like somethings scratches your insides, you know about them all the time… the worst part is when you go to the toilet and the shit is swarming with them. they were white and approx. one mm long. got rid of them by eating excessive amount of chillis an drinking something sulfuric which tasted like something sulfuric which i was given by the doctor. i was paranoid all the time that the things will crawl out of my ass and parade on my back during class. .. that would ruin a guys high school rep. i was very thankful that at least it wasnt that -out-of-the-ass-crawling-type- . to have something eating pieces of head must be… well very rotten feeling. i read somewhere about the extreme case in which someone lived long enough that the worms got through his skull and started getting in his brain – since they don’t usually eat live flesh the wound must have been very deep…

        1. He does speak, they ask him how he feels and he replies saying that he feels tired, hes eyes are tired and his brain is tired

          He also says hes really really hungry and they tell him they will get him food soon

  1. When a bad wound leaves tissue deprived of blood supply, and it gets infected. The infected tissue can cause septic shock and kill the person, if the blood loss doesn’t do the trick first.

    Actually, the maggots may have saved this guy, by removing the dead tissue before it had a chance to develop an infection. In the treatment of wounds, applying maggots is a standard of natural healing, to remove necrotized skin, for example.

  2. Not bad, but Google is not a good translator.
    Actually, a good translation would be the following:

    El siguiente caso ocurri? en Canc?n. Este hombre fue asaltado y macheteado por unos pandilleros; qued? tirado inconsciente y herido, expuesto al sol y la lluvia por 7 d?as, tiempo en el cual las heridas se pudrieron y agusanaron. Vean el resultado.

    The following case happened in Cancun. This man was robbed and machete-slashed by a gang; he was left lying unconscious and injured, exposed to sun and rain for 7 days, time in wich his wounds rot and got infested by maggots.
    See the outcome (aftermath).

    And, YES; Spanish IS a Latin language.

  3. Good friends of mine… I feel myself compelled to cast some light on the misunderstood about this video.

    This man was NOT attacked with a machete, but with a trunk.
    Here I left the full translation of the conversation as you can hear it during the video.

    (First, some medics talk behind the camera)
    – (The skull is broken, right?)
    – (Yes)

    Medic # 1 – How do you feel, my good (sir)?
    (To say “mi buen” is kind of a short for saying “mi buen amigo” (my good friend) or “mi buen se?or” (my good sir) Like, an effort to call him a closer term for “dude” or “bro”.

    Wounded Man – I can’t bear no longer!
    M – What happened to you?
    W – I have no strenght left!
    M- Ok, tell me, what happened to you, my good?
    W – I have no strenght on (the sense of) sight, I have no strenght on the brain! … (hard to understand, as he is barely moving his mouth)… I’m so hungry!
    M – Yes my son, we’re about to give you something to eat!
    (He calls him “mi’jo”, a short for “mi hijo”, not because they’re related in any form; is just a common term to refer to someone younger).
    W – I can’t bare it anymore, boss! (the injured man call the doctor “jefe” as “boss”, as a way to show him some respect). (He says something very hard to understand, and then his voice breaks about to cry). Aaay! This thing is… hurting and bursting! … Aaaay!

    Medic # 2 – What happened to you, boss? What did they do to you?

    W – They broke a piece of timber on me!!

    And then, the video finishes.

    So, as you can read, he was attacked with a piece of timber, maybe a trunk, or some other wooden object; therefore the gravity of his skull wounds.

    Hope this helps.

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