Man Accused of Rape Chopped Up with Machete

Man Accused of Rape Chopped Up with Machete

It would appear that this video is from Brazil. It depicts a severely wounded man who was chopped up with a machete. According to the information I got, he was accused of rape and that’s why he was attacked.

The victim has several deep gashes in his skull, and both arms covered with defensive wounds. His left hand was amputated clean.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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77 thoughts on “Man Accused of Rape Chopped Up with Machete”

          1. also says “accused” since when is everyone accused of something automatically guilty. if that is the case, then if you want someone killed just scream “rape”.

    1. Do you understand what they are answering back to him? Almost looks like they tell him to shut up or something like that? I don’t think if I was a doctor or a nurse I would like to take care of a rapist, even if it would be my job to do that..thanks

          1. No problem. And yeah the accent does change alot form PT-PT to PT-BR, but the worse is to understand the different dialects in BR wich can sound like a completelly different language.

      1. Thanks Mark! I am loving having you back. This video is an old one we have seen on BG before. We even had some of the same discussion about him saying he was cold. However, many of these really good old videos are unavailable to watch, as most of us know, so I say, “More, please?”
        There are some I would love to see again.

      1. Exactly. Actually its called gynocentrism and that means misandry which is hatred of males. It’s disgusting and almost all people are sheep and think this way; chop HIS dick off, kill HIM. HE’S a dead beat, Should of kept HIS dick in his pants etc. See, we hold males accountable for everything while absolving females of accountability. I’m actually shocked to see these idiots comments when Mark himself has exposed and showed how female centric anti male most people are. Good job Mark, most these fools are not on your level. MGTOW

          1. Not me. You sound pathetic groveling for female validation. Also I am not protesting women, I am pointing out blatant hypocrisies. Have some dignity MAN. It’s not all about pussy

          2. Your type of thinking is exactly why so many men suffer. Disgrace to our gender. Everything you say is exactly why we don’t have peace. Hardly what we should be proud of.

          3. Bruh! I grovel to no one including women, I think women are the greatest invention ever made, but I also know women are evil just like men, their just a different kind of evil, I believe man was meant for woman & woman was meant for man, but I don’t believe in marriage or men & women living together, were too different, you live with anyone long enough male or female, their gonna get on your last damn nerve, that’s what domestic violence is, two people who have no space from each other to be themselves, instead you got two people locked in a house together trying to control each other and they call that marriage.

        1. Most people do not feel a man should be chopped up just because there is an accusation. Not in 1st world countries, anyway. It’s just a very loud group who jump on Twitter and YouTube and start yelling Guilty! But most accused rapists go to trial and recently, the sentences haven’t been very harsh. So, overall at least in the US, we don’t go around killing possible rapists and their sentences are fairly light. It’s not as deeply depressing at you think.

        2. well it doesnt say he raped a women, not all the time a rapist rapes women, could be a men or a child… im also not a feminist, i believe they are not fighting for equality, and some women take advantage of that shit. As i dont believe either men should be assholes and try to justify everything they do on the same shit… but this is a fucked up world so stop bitching about it and deal with it!! and try to be a real men you come from a pussy, why dont you say that to your mother!!

      1. Not sure you know who you are talking to Yung Hitler! Brokeback is a staple on BG. He is also very much a man. You seem to just be angry.
        It is called a sense of humor, brah!
        Oh, and for those of you who did not read above, this is an old post. The original story was theft from a pregnant woman. This website is an escape for many of us. Take the trolling back to YouTube. Have fun instead of taking everything so literally.

        1. I dont car me if he is Jesus Mohammed Buddha Darwin. And no he is not a man. He is a mangina white knight who insinuates only men can be sex offenders. And I do not laugh at all at peoples heart ache. This site may have my death posted and thus I can be as serious as I want. When people show lack of empathy for others suffering like male disposability, it usually means they are covering up their involment in.maintaining the injustice itself. I am a fighter for boys and men. I cant stand to see them be exploited. I been watching you douchbags throw men under the bus for the last four years or so on this site. Its disgusting that women are even seeing what you can’t. Click my link to start learning. Watch my videos. But its not fun and definitely not a laughing matter. I save lives. What do you do?

          1. I agree with you 100%. I was actually already subscribed to you before you mentioned clicking on your link. You got a lot of logic and passion in your videos, and now I know youre even more hardcore that you watch bestgore. Fuck those mangina simps. Bitch probably lied about being raped, I dont know any man that would rape a woman. Some women that think they arent attractive feel like they have to lie to show people how desirable they are, it’s really sick. If rape is so common how come we always see videos of men being murdered but we rarely if ever see videos of a woman being raped?

      1. no, just hacked up a bit and then used for medical research. it’s really only been about 40 years since retards were given rights and the amount of pot holes in the roads has increased ten fold in that same period. i would like my taxes spent on something useful to me and not used to feed a three course meal to a mongoloid through a straw. if anything, i’m stern but fair.

  1. Actually he isn’t that bad, there was a so much very similar video here on BG of someone accused of sexually molest a little girl ,the sucker was chopped off in a much worse way by the little girl uncle..this one will be all right with a few stiches he will be like new again..

  2. In the West you get accused of rape, you lose your job, get your house doxxed for possible swatting (tactics that far left liberals use), your name becomes tarnished and you can’t get a decent job (high paying corporate slavery) anymore.

    In Brazil, you get accused of rape, you get chopped off by Mangina Brazilians who will use machete.

    It seems like Brazilians are easily hair triggered and will act impulsively like bunch of savages that they are.

  3. translation:
    Guy: i want medicine, i feel pain. i hurt all over.
    Dr.: we are taking pictures, hold on a sec.
    Guy: i feel like my arm is missing. and the other one is just hanging there.
    Dr: uh huh, it is, taking video, please be quiet.
    Guy: is there a fly on my forehead? it tingles
    Dr. yep.. its by the large gash, is it ok if i put my finger in the hole?
    Guy: HUH?

  4. I have Zero doubt that this fucker was indeed a rapist and got exactly what he deserved.

    Good that he is laying there screaming and crying and can’t even give himself a “stranger”.

    No Fucks Given here. None at all.

  5. I am not really into people taking the law into their own hands like this, i don’t know the circumstances here but is accusing someone of raping you really all it takes for a bunch of people to hack him up this badly? I don’t condone rape but i’m just thinking, what if someone came with false accusations about me raping them, will anyone trust the accused rapist?

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