Man Breathing After Having Head Chopped Up with Machete

Man Breathing After Having Head Chopped Up with Machete

This bloody mess you’re looking at, is some poor sob’s head.

The guy was reportedly attacked with a machete and had his head chopped up. The video shows him still taking snorts, I mean breaths, but based on what I was told, he eventually died.

I did not get a conclusive information as to the location where this happened, but I’m pretty sure there a Da Silva or two in there someplace.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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51 thoughts on “Man Breathing After Having Head Chopped Up with Machete”

    1. I couldn’t agree more.

      2 (or more – the merrier) Brazilian guys, all in wheelchairs, sitting down, flailing at each other with machetes and HIV-infected syringes.

      We could have Team “La Divas” (anagram of Da Silva).

      Bring on the games!

      1. His difigured face could open new pathways for him, maybe acting in a horror movie, being the celebrity of his neighbourhood for Halloween, working in a circus as a freakshow…he was lucky to get chopped off.Maybe he will just have a slight problem picking up girls..that’s the downside of the story.

  1. The fact that he was breathing like that, and all they were doing was taking their time with putting their gloves on and filming tells me they knew he was gonna die. Like, why put in the effort when he’s gonna be a perfectly good corpse soon.

    1. I think the doctors and nurses anywhere around the world have always the moral duty to try to save any life even when a situation appears desperate and there is very little hope, but this is brazil, probably they were already busy taking care of some other guys going trough the same shit in that moment..or maybe they learned that the guy did something despicable like raping or child molesting, so they don’t try hard..

  2. Actually it looks like he died right there right at the end of the video his arm falls off the stretcher as that was his last breath.

    I wish the cameraman would have done a better job filming. We only get a couple quick glimpses of the face carnage and then we see a lot of bloody scalp and bloody stretcher/floor. Only see his right arm go limp in the corner of the screen. By the way, at the end of the video, it looked as though he wasn’t even fully on the stretcher….they clearly didn’t give a shit and knew he’d be dead soon, because his shoulder was pretty much hanging off the stretcher, wasn’t even laying comfortably, poor guy.

  3. Its more like this dude really succeeded in pissing someone totally off …that Machete chop to his face from that pissed up dude shows how much anger he had him boil with .

    For a change they could have smoked a pack cigerettes and called of their differences .

  4. I have been through a couple “serious” injuries, some of which I will share in a handful of months, but after each, I always worried/wondered how I would look and what I would feel about looking that way. I can never imagine how someone in this situation is feeling or what he is imagining he looks like. What is going through his head.

  5. Ah gosh! I haven’t cringed at gorey video in a long time! It actually makes me want to breathe in as much air as possible for him but also hold my breathe at the same time whilst I watch it! Haha Odd but true!… Poor guy! Luckily he is not in pain anymore.

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