Man Brutally Chopped Up with Machete After Land Border Dispute

Man Brutally Chopped Up with Machete After Land Border Dispute

This is what a land border dispute somewhere in Indonesia resulted in. The man got brutally chopped up with a machete. He took a nasty slash to the back of his neck, a smaller one to the back of his head, several to the face including a nasty one above right eyebrow and his left lower arm is pretty much amputated just below elbow, barely hanging on by a thread.

The guy is still alive but looks to be in deep shock. Not surprising when you see the extent of his injuries. I doubt very much this was survivable. Especially considering that nobody was in a hurry to help him cause they were too busy shoving cell phone cameras in his face.

Props to Best Gore member d.i.y. for the video:

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    1. i had to stop they video to point out the fact that it is REALLY SAD so see how humans are so evil and brutal.. those people recording are worse than a dog who would at least try to get a response from his owner.. but these people record the guy for no good reason if they do not have the intentions in helping him…. welcome to the world..

    1. @killthekid_some_more
      thats right my crazzzeee motherfucker…:D
      kill em like a champ ! shoot that vid george foreman knife infomercial bukkake style__pure fuckingl cutting edge action and never a dull moment!
      oh my mommy my momma bring it…

      1. @SoS…I’m liking your style.
        Definitely need to amp it up some..
        If I seen this dude lying in the street all cut up It would be like an invite to continue what the other mother didn’t finish. Take off the other arm an maybe a leg just because your bored….

  1. That’s what happens when you bring nothing to a knife fight, and the other fucker does. It’d be funny if the half dead guy turns to his attacker, who is covered in his blood, and says; “Jokes on you buddy, I have aids”, and then he laughs like predator in the movie when he sets the bomb on his arm to blow up and kill Arnie. Good times.

      1. Not agree with that statement.
        – As i say once, some of us indeed behave like animals, even became same in lack of spirit and soul but, to put every human being in animal world is silly. We are not better then animals but we are not them, long as we have consciousness.

        1. @SrbijaBgd – careful, you’re going to give me hope that not everyone holds humanity in such low esteem either 😉
          i might add that i do believe at least some animals have a capacity for conscious awareness and thought, though that would be difficult to for even a human to maintain living in the wild where survival instinct commands a higher priority

          1. As far as i know only dolphins and whales are close to thinking.
            I don’t know about that but for sure they operate with another form of intelligence.
            For instance, good old “Flipper” dolphin from TV show, killed himself by drowning consciously. He didn’t want to live in captivity anymore and moment before he drowned himself he look’d his handler in the eyes, like he want to say good buy. From that moment this man changed forever and he work now on releasing all weals and dolphins from captivity, knowing that they actually starving for freedom. This i heard from his handler in documentary about dolphin slaughter in Japan.
            He says also that, dolphins are aware of their image in mirror. Only knowing animal capable of that.

  2. He looks like he died at the very end. After his last roll over onto back them eyes have death glazed all over.

    Anyway, I swear, you heard it here first, if when I’m dying people are more worried about putting a cell phone into my face to IDK, post here or on Facebook, instead of giving me space and comfort, I’m coming back and haunting every fucker watching, in a really bad fucking way!

    1. @Frodogore – i wouldn’t want to disturb a person’s final moments with such frivolity, though you might consider the amount of people who are requesting cellphones and other technology to be interred with them.
      seems logical to me that it would be more for assurance; that one would have a means to alert someone that they’d been buried alive. on the other hand, how cool if you actually could haunt people with the help of some gadget in your cold, dead hands… 😈

      1. @senor piggy
        its not wrong to interested in human nature ( good or bad)
        We are born with curiosity it enables learning and leads to informed knowledge.
        Don’t worry about the people with governent sponsered blinkers on.
        Free yourself from the constrants of society.

      2. Hahaha, I’ve done something similar, taking bestgore to the masses, one person at a time. Kudos on the video you decided to show her, in time you may become known as the ass-fish video guy. People have been giving me funny looks since I shared one or two videos here. I think most people would watch this stuff it they knew no-one else would know. They pretend it’s disgusting and they aren’t interested, like a socially encouraged front, cause they want the supported and acceptance of the majority. Sad truckers can’t even think for themselves. Don’t stop doing what your doing, @senor piggy

        1. I have been quite jealous over this site and have never wanted to share with anyone , I made an exception with the beheading with 50 calibre video.
          That sooooo needed to be shared. I admit I was taken back by the repulsed face I got in return for my generous gift. In that moment I saw that my man of 7 years was re evaluating his mind set of me.
          I worried for less than a second and placed him in the wimp pile.

          1. If he is worried about you lookin at this stuff, I can only imagine his worry at the fact there are people out there doing the things we see on this site. Out of sight is out of mind for the vast majority. Fuck that, show me the worst that humans are capable of. I wanna see it, and I can, thanks to this wonderful site.

          2. @whurly I know the feeling I think they think we are gonna cut there penis off in there sleep or something. Was actually one of my Xs that got me into gore he had a police training vid with car accident etc was awesome hehe. And my dad has told me many story’s of when he was a copper looking for heads etc at car accidents, so I would be odd if I was not into gore haha

        1. @Senor Piggy – you raised an important issue about how best to share bg. i posted here before how i’d made a game from a video featuring four chinese workers electrocuted at their job site. the fun was predicting which one would crawl to safety and i think maybe one person got it right. i got looks from all of them just the same, though one or two seemed like they were getting into bg after all. it’s a personal decision to expose one’s interests and i applaud your confidence to at least try and make others aware of what they otherwise would never know from traditional or mainstream media

          1. ThanksAV, different world out there. One of my family members was traumatized by one of the beheading vids. When you think about it, the eel was pretty tame compared to some of the other stuff on here.

        2. @ammobabes
          I wouldn’t dream of slicing my mans cock off its my favourite toy.
          If he pissed me off I might heat up a bowl of candles and deposit them swiftly on his bits. ( while filming it of course)
          I’ve always been into gore, was a morbid child. There was no internet when I was growing though. Had to sneak past a thin lipped librarian to consume any goverment approved gore in the adult section of the library.
          Earning pocket money lead to a wider freedom. I wet my pants when in early internet days and I found a site called ‘ steak and cheese’. Been gore hunting ever since.

          1. Haha that’s a pretty full-on video to show someone who isn’t used to it. But I know what ya mean @@realitycheck07, I always ask those people how they can get entertainment from a movie where people get fucked up but when they see it for real they freak out. A bit hypocritical in a way, but whatever. I view it as reality, and it happens, regardless if I see it or not. I had to do a first aid course for work a few weeks ago, and the guy teaching us was a retired ambulance medic. He had a laptop full of his own photos he took at scenes of accidents, which he attempted to show the class, so they would know the reality of auto accidents. And everyone protested and saI’d they didn’t want to see them. But they all drove home, so their ignorance is their bliss, until death comes for them. I came back early from lunch, and asked him to show me the photos he had, which he did. He warned me “they are as graphic as you can get” and I felt like telling him “if only you knew man”. They we’re fucking awesome, I would have loved to copy them and send them on to bestgore, but he didn’t want to let me cause he didn’t want a relative of one of the victims to see them on the web somewhere. Shame, they were ultra high detail mangled metal and flesh madness.

        1. @stagedoor jonny – i’m responding to what you wrote about your first aid class. i hope that class wasn’t something that would qualify anyone there for working directly with moderately or severely injured persons, because of the manner in which they declined opportunity to know how badly things can appear to an ems or first responder. in any case, i despise those who would at once consider themselves capable to assist and wear blinders at the same time – no wonder they keep sayingt robots are going to take over

          1. @antivirus, it wouldn’t qualify any of them or me to do shit at accidents like that, the guy was just giving us his background and we were asking him for crazy stories etc, and he mentioned he had them and one or two of us wanted to see. You’re right, at a serious accident they would have been as useful as a cock flavoured lollipop, Me included. I cam make a sling for a sprained arm with the best of them, but no roadside surgery I’m afraid.

      1. Yeah, hopefully he died on his own three feet of land. I swear i think mid way through the vid the dude was saying ‘whatdafuckdamatta’.

        I ate lasagna today. Totally thought about you. You would’ve been proud.. it wasn’t microwaved.

        1. I couldn’t be more proud @nextie. I thought of you when I made meatballs this weekend. I kept thinking how much better they would of tasted with some of your lady parts mixed in. Nom…nom…nom.

          1. Sorry @Zion, but I ain’t giving her up that easy. I got her baking lasagna in a conventional oven while thinking about me, she’s a keeper. Dont worry though, I’ve got a nice Jewish girl I want you to meet. You’re going to have to take her to temple every Saturday and I hope you like potato pancakes, but if you play it right, she’ll think of you when she’s making them.

          2. Hahah @amnyc. Poor girl might end up as BG content, though. @Zion.. Want me to make you some matzah ball soup?

            I’m actually an awesome cook, by the way. Total keeper. Too bad the ‘M’ word scares the hell out of me.. I’d make a wonderful housewife.

          3. It’s funny, I was having a discussion about this with someone, about women cooking. If a woman wants a man to love her, all she has to do is cook for him. The man feels as though he is being taken care of and she loves him enough to do it. I don’t care what anyone says, a man loves a traditional woman. If you cook and clean, amoung other things, he’s gonna keep ya. Most men remember their mothers prepairing meals for them, when their woman does it they asscoiate those good memories over to you, of being cared for.

          4. Call me pathetic or old fashioned, but I’m a southern girl.. I’ve always cooked dinner and took care of my house, even when I was working. If my boyfriend/husband goes out and works(and I don’t), then I’m going to cook for him and keep my house in tip-top shape. I’ll gladly take care of my man, but that doesn’t mean I’ll take unnecessary bullshit from him. 😉

          5. Yeah, I’m with you on the bullshit. If you’re taking care of him he should be thankful and appreciate and show you lot’s of love and affection and do what he can to make you happy. Although sometimes it’s hard to totally please a woman.

  3. Just listen this guy with fowl voice..

    and so on..

    Imagine him as roommate and next you know: The machete is in your hand and he is chopped.

  4. Land is so much more important than life , i’ll bet the amount of land they were fighting over was much smaller than the anger that started the fight , over all jealousy , greed , anger will b the demise of the human race

  5. Fucking people man…lets record this fucker bleeding to death instead of putting a belt around his arm or covering him up or i don’t know maybe having common sense and alerting the medics sigh…great video though shame we don’t see his last breathe nor his pupils dialate as he exits his meatpuppet…

  6. Look, can somebody tell me how to change my avatar…I’m on this stupid ass iPad and I’ve had this same stupid ass avatar for a year now. Please help!!! I really would like to shoot a few rounds in this fucker, but this is the only way I can Best Gore every day, so I reeeeeally can’t afford to do that….I’d go insane!!!

    1. @420rudegirl
      Step away from the gun……
      Go to your profile and click change avatar/browse comp.
      Pick and choose selected avvi press upload.
      I am unable to change my avvi when on my phone , but can easily on my pc. Hope this helps.

    2. Hey 420rudegirl….
      Go up to the top right hand side of the site where it says “Howdy” and click on “Edit My Profile”. Scroll down to the “Avatar” section and hit “Choose File” and select your image. Lastly hit “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page.
      Best of luck… and pass that fatty 😉

  7. I truly believe that his wounds were treatable. First off his neck gash did not injure his spine, or he would not be moving around as freely as he was. Secondly, his blood loss was not enough to kill him unless he bleed for days, but then his blood would eventually clot over time.And thirdly, he did not have any Arterial bleeding or spray from his woulds. Although you would expect him to be very disoriented after taking some hard blows to his nuggin, with proper medical attention and keeping him awake while talking calm to him would greatly improve his chances of not going completely into shock until proper help arrives. And lastly, stop filming, rip your t-shirt to pieces, and use it to wrap & apply pressure to those bad-boys until help arrives (for-fuck-sakes) 🙁

    1. @thedre.
      i totally agree…there’s nothing so dire that it can’t be successfully treated with an IV, antibiotics and few dozen stitches.

      he’ll be up, fine and rearing to go in time for next week]s best gore upload Machete Fight at The (Not) O.K. coral
      *cue music*
      Charo’s cuchi chuci

      1. @thedre and @ScHoLaR oF SMuT – that is some good, sound medical advice regarding field medicine.
        only problem is they would have to give a fuck whether that one lives or dies first, which clearly these people don’t

        1. this is true. they give me much entertainment whereas in a more civilized culture this recorded real-time brutality would be fleeting if not all-together absent. and so i treat them verbally the same way they treat each other physically. out of respect if not also a little jealousy that i cannot be in a place where i can kill on a whim.
          and if you think that is an admission of guilt or intent, you truly are a ____ to get stuffed.

          1. @obli.
            pray tell…what fucking civilized culture??!!…didnt santa,danny bonaduce, jesus and charlie sheen not tell you the more civilized society appears the more uncivilized its really become

          2. ah yes.the illusion of the civilised culture, of course. we are all still animals and no matter the degree of privlage we are all still animals and can resort to our ancient behaviourism if the time calls for it. i merely meant that they don’t have a constant police presence of a civilized or “first world” country that would be shutting everything down and prohibiting such up close and personal aftermath of murder. third world provides the more juicy violence, don’t you think?
            and never use christ or santa or fucking christmas as if they were things to manipulate my mind like the weak fools so easily molded…

          3. @obil.
            yep… latin america and third world has juicy violence…dont be surprised if in hollywood they become the suggest backdrops to brutal films…
            ..scholar is still going to love her scarface, manhunter, The God Father, Fight club
            *the list goes on and ON ;.)
            **you NEVER be a fool in my book.

        2. @antivirus.
          cell phones both brought people together AND ripped them a new arse..
          like those cats during the roman emoire who enjoyed watching folks being fed to the lions, we today sure enjoy not just being spectators but also catching the depravity on vid

          1. @ScHoLaR – not everybody who has a cell or so called smart phone actually buys into all it’s pitfalls. i still despise watching people who can’t hold off talking for the 20 minutes they had to go buy a smoke or check the mail – i mean it is a level of noise we didn’t have to deal with before and i’ve never quite gotten used to it. as for the roman empire and colosseum, i couldn’t watch that live event in any detached or manner of curiousity – that’s the difference between a live show of carnage and carnality versus watching a video of events that have already transpired. it’s a different feeling inside and i hope you can tell that of yourself as well.

          2. @antivirus
            crutch of fuck, can’t think of nothing worse than being trapped next to a cell phone whore and their climaxing ingtonsils…like sitting in goddamn fuckn pen of clucking chickens.
            *thats why NO CHICKS ALLOWED (except 1-2) in this chickie’s car!

            **yep scholar dont like lions killing christians….i want christians to shoot em instead.. make car seats,furry car dice, and bed furs for ScHoLaR to fuck something on 😉

    2. @ all

      I don’t know, the whole arm almost cut off could be fatal for anyone; especially if they cut his artery. The shear fact he was flopping around, not noticeable in any pain, is not a good thing as shock is setting in and that alone can kill you. When people get to that state, the stacks are against them indeed.

      As for blood loss: He had to of lost a shit ton on his way to that spot he was laying. That arm wound would of bleed out a ton by itself but throw in that head wound (which bleed a ton for those every cut on head; I was twice), and that neck wound. He looks like a man drained of life blood.

      I still think he died at the last minute of video. His eyes just have that “looking into nothing” glazed over death look.

  8. Anyone tell us what that annoying twat is saying? I suppose it’s a bit like a US ‘oh, my god..oh my god’ kinda thing?.

    Here’s my guess anyway:

    “Katatepatata?” – keep still while I take a pic Bro..
    “Kotatikutata?” – actually, turn over a bit…
    “Sakapotamata?” – try to look more shocked…
    “Sokapotomota?” – move more so the vid shows you’re still alive….
    “Guerdo?” – want me to run you to the hospital? $3? ok?
    “Sakapatamata!?”- I said keep still for fucks sake.

  9. Oooo! That slash on his arm was fuckin’ awesome!!! This was not a fair fight, but not because his opponent had a machete, because even if there were no weapons involved his opponent still could have made him his bitch just by flicking his scrawny ass to knock him out hahaha

  10. End this mans suffering, while adding content by chopping off his head is a win/win. They shouldn’t stop there though. Cut his arms and legs off too so he’ll be easier to carry and transport to the hospital, err, I mean morgue.

    He looked like he was still trying to fight though, swinging his arm around like it was a nun-chunk. Probably just disorientated and trying to find a comfortable position to lay in without the glaring sun in his eyes. The least they could have done was give him some sunglasses.

    1. I agree 100%!

      That’s the vibe I got from watching this video. It was a cross between: “Let me die assholes”, to “fuck, I sure hope you called an ambulance or something”. Though not too gory, or hardcore, it is an interesting mental side/ border line death situation.

  11. Dang!! Forget about the machete slices….did anyone check out his waist?? Its like the size of a healthy man’s wrist! That shit freaked me out more than his injuries… Anyways…I hope they didn’t go all out with the machete…could have put the man down with a freakin butter knife he was so thin!

  12. I don’t see many videos like this from the United States. We have the violence, but where are the videos? It must be a cultural thing. I can imagine witnesses getting mad at someone for taking video of a victim, because there’s a lot of holier-than-thou types running around over here. I wouldn’t take my chances recording with my phone at the scene of an accident or crime. People here are very sensitive about that kind of thing.

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