Man Cut Across Face, Back and Ribcage in a Machete Fight

Man Cut Across Face, Back and Ribcage in a Machete Fight

Brutal machete fight aftermath – not the first time I uttered these words with my figertip mouth (hey Don). And I don’t suppose I need to tell anyone twice that this brutal machete fight aftermath is also from Brazil.

The slash into the victim’s side of the middle back cut through the ribcage revealing an internal organ (lung?). I think the victim can count himself lucky, even though any sentence containing word “luck” is over the top in his case, that the blade of the machete cut all the way to the internal organ, but did not cut the organ itself.

The slash into his neck, shoulder and upper back area likewise appears to have missed vital nerves and arteries. The slash to his left cheek will leave him disfigured forever, especially since nobody is rushing to get it cleaned up and sutured.

It’s unreal how much human body can withstand. And it’s also just another proof how easy it is to end up in a world of pain when one is in Brazil. This man will never be the same. Damn…

Thanks Nicole for the video:

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79 thoughts on “Man Cut Across Face, Back and Ribcage in a Machete Fight”

      1. The colon lies a lot more ventral and looks different. And it is actually close to the spine.
        I’m not sure if it’s an organ, it could be a muscle too. Because in that particular area there are about four muscles crossing, ie it’s difficult to see which of them are cut through. But if it’s an organ my gues would be the lowerpart of the left kidney, just by location.

    1. @p-man, YES a good one on one fight that takes skill to be the man using a machete, not like guns (I also believe in guns, so lets not get that started again guys) but, well, you know what I mean!?

        1. the chops on his face and along his shoulder and neck were the real deal. It’s one hell of a bitch slap with a machete in hand no.

          I liked his demeanor too, probably anethestized already though frackin stoner

        2. @lunatic, I never knew what GG Allin sang, but I read a book on that crazy fellow before! I think we discussed it a while back (on that post with the really skinny, arty type man)?

          1. @Tiger

            You didn’t know GG Allin sang? Might I suggest you get GG’s Christmas Songs LP. It’ll rock your world.

            His first album came out in 1980:
            Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be.

            But one of my Personal favorites: Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies.

            BTW, you asked me a while back if I have been to other gore sites and the answer is; nope, BG is the one and only gore site I have or ever will visit. I like it here on BG and see no reason to visit other gore sites.

  1. Brutal. That guy got owned. you don’t bring just Fist to a Knife fight, and you don’t bring a knife to a Machete fight , and you don’t bring a machete to a gun fight.

        1. It’s favorable, But my mouth was so dry I nearly swallowed my tongue. Not to mention I kept hearing loud bloody screams and howling.
          I hope this doesn’t count as a htp comment? fauck. sozzy πŸ™

  2. Sticks and stones may break my bones….but machetes can cut until organs are exposed. Those will make some fine scars one day, hope the guy’s prepared to look behind his back every day for the rest of his life because there’s a high chance someone might come back to finish the job.

      1. And @mouse, I just wanna say, I miss your back and forth banter with us that all stopped with the (well,with the you know who thing) I hope you start your little mouse shit again. How do ya like me now jersey boy HAHA, miss ya mouseman.

          1. @bidity titty. mouse has not been quiet. i bitch slapped @author known in the HTP article a few articles back. the bitch had the nerve to claim my rants about DEMON SEED were nonsensical. so i set her straight. i haven’ t seen her comment since. she ran with her tail between her legs.

  3. I spent a year travelling around Brazil after graduating. They are fucking crazy, but the majority are ok (and the women are insanely fit). I only Got shot at once when i was there.. true story.
    Shame i didnt witness this sorta gore up close and personal, but you can’t have everything i guess
    My opinion is Thailand have even more sandwiches missing from their picnic baskets than the Brazilians, I saw at least 5 acts of brutality whilst there, it was awesome.

  4. I think this site needs some statistics based on accidents/events reported on this site… for example “the most violent (or dangerous) country”, “the most violent race”, “the deadliest weapon”, etc… What do you think of it? In my opinion it could bring quite interesting informations

  5. He is lucky to be alive in deadly Brazil. After the stitches, he going to be look like tough and dangerous guy with nasty scars on his face and body. Nobody is going to fuck around with him.

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