Man with Defleshed Leg

Man with Defleshed Leg

Well, the title says it all. A man with a completely defleshed leg. Don’t have any info on how this happened or where (anyone understand them?). but I’m willing to bet it was some sort of traffic accident. Maybe motorcycle, because that is some extreme skinning right there. I love how bright it is, cool colour, to be sure.

Thanks to MrsPink.

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      1. Sometimes if the wound is deep enough it’ll bypass nerves and if he’s lucky he won’t feel anything at all. Burn victims can’t feel pain due to that reason. When it heals back is a different story.

    1. I think he said “Aiieee, no gusto, mi carne es todo roto, es mas dolor cuando puta Padre Perez chinga mi culo”
      Which roughly translated means” oh my, my meat is all tore up. This hurts worse than when that nice old priest did strange things to my boy hole”… or something like that.

      1. Actually yes @flyingbison… But I don’t consider applying hydrogen peroxide ‘interrogation’…

        A good “shave” with a four and a half inch angle grinder followed by a bath of machine parts cleaner… Would be a good start…

        1. @LF, duct tape will get you out of just about any jam. It can be used to seal a leaky hose on your car, seal a leaking bicycle tube and even hold together a severed body part. It literally has a million uses.

    1. And what are you gonna do with it once you rip it off @Little Foot?…
      I know!… You can make a bikini bottom with it and REALLY go Brazilian…
      Don’t forget about the Brazilian bikini wax… And the in depth pics/videos that come with it…

      Just kidding… 😉

      1. Lmao very interesting idea @Gnat but I’d have to thoroughly bleach that piece of skin before I let it anywhere near that part of me, who knows where that leg has been. And don’t worry I know all about the Brazilian bikini wax haha!

  1. Picture this may be his legs are just raring to walk the ramp ,may be ,may be but any which way that skinned off leg and the flesh there under must be giving some real horrific ghoulish shivers down their spine right up to the hilt .

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