Man with Face Blasted Off Keeps His Spirits Up

Man with Face Blasted Off Keeps His Spirits Up

This guy doesn’t let a little hole in the face ruin his day. He’s just gonna keep his spirit up, have sip of orange water from a bottle and give a thumbs up to the camera.

I don’t know what exactly happened, but it looks like he accidentally shot himself. The possibility of failed suicide exists, cause we’ve seen similar faces blasted off by flinchers who missed the vital parts reaching for the trigger. There’s something very unwholesome about the way he’s not bothered by the gooey flash dangling off his split open face.

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          1. More like the skinny stupid version of bane from *the dark knight rises* well at least he will be wearing a mask. I like the last part of the video where the guy throws up gang signs and points at the gun and claims that they don’t mess around..

      1. a self mutilator (such as in the last post) would prefer to savor every sensation from the initial pain into the so-called endorphin rush. this type of injury would distress them both for the manner of assault and missed opportunity for drawing out those sensations as well

    1. ha! nice. yep, the nose always suffers. but what amazes me with a lot of these flinchers is that the remain concious and lucid(as can be expected) after the act.
      referencing my avatar gif – the guy seems just to be sitting up, regardless in either the back of an ambulance or in an ER – it is obvious he is fully concious and aware – by the way he (almost comically) lifts his hand to try and “hide” his blasted face fron the camera

    2. He clearly can’t speak anymore but I find it remarkable that his right eye is intact and seems to be able to work. He’s probably not going to live much longer due to complications such as infection and lack of proper medical care.

      1. I do think think he has grasped the scope of his injuries. He is probably numb as fuck when the video was taken.
        Once he checks himself out or sees his reflection…the pain will pour in.

        It’s like he picked up the gun to demonstrate what went wrong and saying ‘kids, don’t try this at home or this will happen’

    1. maybe the word-talker was trying to figure out what happened, or trying to remain comfortable with what his faceballs were taking on?
      His buddy is defiantly now silenced for awhile with only the simple use of hand gestures to talk words with.
      Bet he’s thanking HIS sky daddy that al least his finger tip mouth remains unharmed!

      1. “silenced”, perhaps not entirely @Rotten Stench. with all those new flaps and folds on his face, this fellow could become the new rosetta stone in expanding the word base of “queef” (or ‘pussy farts’)

  1. Actually it looks like he accidently shot himself because otherwise i don’t think his mates would have handed him a gun again. He seems to be saying he shot himself and be careful, don’t do the same. Thats kind of touching that he would want to give out a warning to others at a time like that.

      1. I struggle to feel much pity. You want to fuck around with guns you are taking your own risk, no matter the reason. And fuck these comments with people trying to pull at the heart strings. Made his own bed.

        Truth can sting.

          1. Don’t worry @Charles melmoth I don’t take things personal,I don’t know much of this place cause I don’t go out I’m always home or with my parents but I used to live in Guadalajara when I was little so I don’t care about this place and don’t know it very well

        1. Yes it is! It shows then incident and the aftermath, it’s a great find here @BG. I can’t tell you exactly which page you can find it on but your best bet is to click on the very last pages of best gore in the 400’s and start going through each page of posts coming back from the 400’s down and you should find it relatively close by in the pages starting from the back! 🙂

    1. The guy speaking behind the camera didn’t hint any sort of suicide act. If anything he hints about people gossiping that they are not good drug traffickers, for which the wounded man replies with the “no we are not” hand gesture.

    1. you never know: that drink might well be spiked with something his compadres tossed in there, also he might be just cruising on a drug or something he’s ingested more directly while those jokers decide what to do with him

  2. Obviously,by the look of his self administered facial surgery,this gentleman is an intense fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic movie ‘Predator’. “I’m here! Kill me! Come on,kill me!” Admirable effort my friend.

  3. The ppl are speaking Spanish, and based on their accents it sounds like the video is from Venezuela. Anyways, the person recording starts with .” OK, LOOK,WE ARE HERE WITH “THE ROOSTER”, SO THAT WHOEVER KEEPS UP WITH IT” then at the 14:00 second mark the guy with the blasted face asks for the rifle, and the camera man says “OK LETS TAKE OUT THE BULLET MAGAZINE” and gives it to him, then he says “NO, YOUR NOT GONNA KILL YOURSELF YET FAGGOT, HERE, HOLD IT, HOLD IT, HOLD IT, NOT YET, OK, HERE WE ARE WITH “THE ROOSTER” WITH HIS RIFLE, THAT HES GOING AROUND TALKING SHIT, THAT WE SNITCHED ON HIM, TALKING SHIT, CUZ WE ARE SERIOUS”. then the video ends. …maybe gang related?

  4. I like the way he started ‘charades’ to casually explain his failed attempt. Cute. Also…

    Is it just me or does anyone else think of a predator with his face like that. Half expecting Arnold or Glover to come out and finish the job.

  5. When i was a student I was in a local pub and started talking to a white guy who’d had his face blown of in Africa. When he was about two years old he was asleep in the front car with his dad and they got stopped by some militia at a checkpoint. His dad drove past not knowing who they were and one of them threw a handgranade in the open window of the car and blew his face off. His injuries were far worse as he had lost a lot of his face but surgeons still managed over the years to put it back together. Luckily they saved one his eyes but he lost the other and the damage was too much for him to wear a false eye. We ended up playing cards in the pub with his friends and getting drunk, me wearing his eyepatch, him with a giant whole his face, Anyway, my point is, this guy seems to have most of his face attached so I think with the proper treatment he could have a really good prognosis.

      1. That’s a crazy story @wicked mama, amazing that a 2 year old could survive such physical trauma. Was your friends jaw and mouth damaged extensively? This guy looks like his jaw and mouth are pretty much gone, I don’t see him chewing or swallowing any time soon.A feeding tube would be an option, but he doesn’t look like he’s in a rush to get medical treatment.

        1. No luckily they were able to rebuild most of his jaw, he had a brilliant surgeon and numerous operations over the years. He kept enough of his tongue to be able to speak clearly. He was seriously disfigured, but when he described what had happened to his face it was amazing what they had been able to achieve. The guy in the vid seems to have his eyesight which is an absoloute blessing, and as his is able to drink I think maybe the damage is not as bad as it could be.

      2. Surgeons nowadays can do amazing things .

        This guy reminds me of another post … the young lad sat on the hospital bed with his lower face blown off . Wonder how that turned out .

        Who won the card game @w m ? , did you wear the patch to level the playing field !? 🙂

  6. I have seen this video before and they said it was a suicide attempt. I don’t know if that is the truth or not. If it was wouldn’t you finish the job especially now that most of your face is blown off? I guess he is in shock and his body has temporarily caused him not to feel pain that is why he is so calm in the video.

    Well on the bright side if he was a seasonal allergy sufferer he won’t have those symptoms anymore without a nose and most of his sinuses destroyed! 😉

  7. This is what I was able to translate for what understood: ‘OK…look, here we are with “el pollo”, for those who are pending to material things…hold on, let’s take off the “comb” (I don’t what he’s making reference to)…(?)…not yet, hold it, hold it. Here we are with “el pollo”, and with his FAL, fot those who are talking nonsense that we have changed, they talk nonsense ’cause we are serious.’
    That’s it, no clue about what the hell he’s talking.

  8. Here’s the background story on this video:
    Sivira Francisco Antonio Medina, 18, was involved in thirteen homicides in Lara state. He tried to kill himself at a ranch used as a hideout. He fired a FAL rifle into his chin and the bullet went through his ??nose. Although his face was horribly disfigured, he did not die. The young man had been heavily using drugs prior to the attempted suicide, which likely explains his calm demeanor despite the extensive facial injuries.

    He was rescued by officials the next day. He was found lying in the backseat of a car used as furniture. He was very weak due to blood loss, but was still alive. Apparently, he made it through surgery and they “reconstructed” his face.

    Original Source:

          1. Hell yeah! Besides the bad ass fight scene at the end, my favorite part was when they dissecred the Multan vamp! Sorry about the spelling/grammer fuck ups in that first comment BTW, I was so tired when I typed that out

  9. That’s fucked up. He just lost his face and fully conscious. Body may be tough, not the first time we see this. But who would want to live after that? He can’t even tell his history. AT LEAST he still has eyes.

      1. @LMS Hey babe would love to, you are my favorite here. Think about you alot, how can we exchange info? I always look for you here, and when i see your pic my day is full of sunshine! Big kiss babe!!

  10. Based on his made up sign language at the end…..waving off finger as No….than points to himself and than points to chin….he definitely blew off his own face …..poor bastard even failed his own suicide… …

  11. there accent is somewhat spanish columbian, so i will assume the FARC? there basically saying
    “here we are with el pollo, for the ones that are being updated by the material… hold hold on, hold on, no, resist it man OK, now here we are with el pollo, and his FAL, and for the ones saying that we made the change to him, there obviously lying because we are serious * video cuts off*

    1. You are correct in that it is Spanish but not Colombian. Sounds Dominican or may be even Panamanian. Here is my translation, btw I did a road trip from Los Angeles to southern Argentina, plus I majored in Spanish in college, taught Spanish while in grad school and come from Central America where similar variants of the Spanish used here are used:
      “Well, here we are with the Pollo (nickname) for those of you who are interested in the issue (or to those this may concern)”
      The other guys says: “vamos a sacarle el peine” that is an idiomatic expression meaning that they will torture him to get information (peine) out of him or it can be literal and they will extract the comb (I doubt it).
      Next is: “No te vamos a matar todavia MARICON, aguantAla, aguantAla, ahorita no” We are not going to kill you yet pussy, take it like a man (repeated three times), not right now!, (aguantar plus la) in the voseo form is: Aguantala with accent on the third A from left to right (voseo form of Spanish).

      He repeats again: Here we are with el Pollo and his FAL (Fusile Automatique Leger) or light automatic rifle! There are some out there saying lies (hablar paja) y que nosotros le hechamos el cambio ( I don’t know that expression) but they are lying because we are serious….
      Bottom line, after seeing the FAL without its magazine, el Pollo was probably involved in a shoot out with those in front of him, they wounded him in the face in the process (he ran out of ammo) and he is captured alive, magazine is removed from his famous FAL and he is about to be executed!! I feel very confident this is the case. If there are any Caribbean or Panamanians on here I am sure they can confirm the words used….

  12. i don’t think it was a suicide attempt, that shit doesn’t exist in Colombia, with the biblical amounts of red snappers, good rum and coca who the fuck would want to commit suicide, i think it was a “work related incident”. Perhaps this guys are part of the AUC because their accent sounds very close to the Venezuelan accent and its where they operate.

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