Man Finds His 81 Year Old Life Partner Covered in Blood Outside Garage

Man Finds His 81 Year Old Life Partner Covered in Blood Outside Garage

Man Finds His 81 Year Old Life Partner Covered in Blood Outside Garage

Man finds his 81 year old life partner Ernie outside their garage, shivering with cold and covered in blood and calls 911. The video has a very real feel to it, but a lot about it feels odd.

An altercation (a domestic dispute) involving knife threats the night before appears to have taken place between the two men. The wounds may have been unintentional, there probably was no plan to hurt the old fellow, but the dude with the camera certainly gives off a bad vibe.

The injured guy suffers from dementia. The camera guy may even have taken time to convince the old fella that he had done it to himself before filming. Near the end of the video, when the cops are examining the blood splatter and knife, the camera dude starts saying things like “maybe he wondered out… as people his age sometimes do… he might have taken sleeping pills… he’s been by the garage all night long… it wasn’t a crime…. he said to me ‘Don’t let them blame you’. He’s been ill the last couple of days. A bit confused too… Do I need to bring a will?

Or maybe he really does mean well, but is just really nervous and acts weird. But making a promise that he wouldn’t post the video on YouTube and then doing just that is a severe breach of trust…

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  1. Camera guy is using this poor old guy for something. He did not even cover him with a blanket as he is shivering from hypothermia. Would love to drop kick this asshole right in the nutsack. Cant stand mistreatment of the elderly.

  2. Was that a trailer for The Real Househubbies of Miami? Normally I would say someone so worried about getting their alibli straight, instead of worrying about the condition of the victim, is guilty as sin. But something tells me Bert isn’t the sharpest knife in the orange grove. Poor old Ernie, he looked like he really needed a blankey and a couple of orange slices. : (

  3. What a stupid bastard, not only is he definitely guilty but he records his own guilt.

    The camera cuts off and then, “you have a statement, I didn’t hurt you”, “you fell down last night at 9.30”, “that’s almost 12 hours ago”, “what were do doing with the knife Ernie”, “you, got locked out and you couldn’t call me and I was right here in the garage and I didn’t hear you”.

    All the above was worded and phrased as questions in that unique way Americans do, when in fact they were obviously a confirmation type question that the police would use, which automatically throws out the next question, how did he know the facts for which to confirm, he must have found them when the camera was cut but then why cut the camera at that point when everything else was filmed, unless of course he did not want it to be filmed for some reason.

    He then concludes his fuck witted escape plan by doing what the criminals in the tv series Columbo always did, he starts to tell the police officer his theory of how it all came to be, big fucking mistake, silence is best in that situation.

    No doubt the detective looking over this case will be thinking, “I don’t know about you but this really bothers me”, followed by the inevitable “just one more thing”, before getting him to confess to everything.

    Throw this weasel in a cell with Bubba, he’s definitely guilty.

      1. @420Kiwi,

        I would have never considered becoming a lawyer since I would never help the obviously guilty.

        It’s sad but Mark doesn’t need a lawyer since he hasn’t actually committed any crimes so no matter what he says in court it will be very unlikely to succeed after all this is a politically motivated trial.

        1. Being a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a defense lawyer. You could always be the one who puts those piece’s of shit away. I agree though, your intellect and arguments are quite valid and you’d own those mother fuckers had you been a lawyer!

  4. Would an innocent person use a camera and record their partner bleeding out while blatantly stating an alibi. The way he asks Ernie what happened was like he was fucking cross examining the poor bugger. Guilty I say.

  5. The guy says, “He’s been sick the last 4 days, but he’s getting better because I’ve been nursing him.” Yeah well, if you’ve been nursing him, how could you have let him lie outside on the ground for 12 hours and not even noticed he was gone? Unbelievable.

  6. Recording it is weird. Maybe he’s just a paranoid guy and doesn’t want to get blamed. He’s acting fishy. But if the guy lives, the cops can question him when he feels better. On another note, look at all that blood everywhere. Better put your gloves on, could be full of HIV. Anyway, that guy is rambling nervously.

  7. I believe the camera dude. In that situation he could have easily killed Ernie or left him to die, why allow the “victim” to live and tell his side of the story? I’d love to know the outcome if any of this event.

  8. Guilty! I really care for our older generation, they’ve seen so many changes to their environment and had harder lives than most of us. To film him instead of covering with a blanket and holding him while reassuring him is a big pointer to guilt. He’s giving the ole bill many different theories…. all dodgy. Twisted fuckwit , I bet he rowed with his life partner injured hum and waited inside the house hoping the injuries and damn cold ground would finish him off. Bert seems younger than Ernie and I guess looking after an 81 yr old is not how he wanted to spend his own later life. Money might seem to be an added motive. Evil cowardly Bert!

    1. Exactly! Let’s find Bert’s email address and send him this entire thread page so he can see just how fucking obvious he is. What a low-life! One way or another, misery will always be one step away from Bert for the rest of his life..if not directly on top of him.

  9. This reeks of “kill him for what’s coming to you after he dies.” Couldn’t watch whole thing cause it seems so obvious. The life partner holding the camera recorded his own lack of concern for this person and only concerned that he does not get caught. Case em’ Chaulie.

  10. At 1:14 you can hear him whisper to himself?..”stop”. This guy is more concerned for himself than his partner. That’s why he has that camera, he’s trying to cover his own ass. “SHOULD I BRING THE LIVING WILL TO THE HOSPITAL”!!! This retard actually mentions the will to the medics! Even if he didn’t do anything, he’s a tool.

  11. They were fighting, knocked down the canopy, old guy gets cut, bleeds like crazy, younger guy let’s him lay there for hours. He asked the old guy ” I didn’t hurt you” “No you didn’t hurt me, I’m sorry” Why is the old guy saying he’s sorry. Sorry about the fight that knocked that canopy over, left all that blood there with the knife laying beside it.

  12. wow that’s pretty shifty….did anyone notice how he seemed to focus on his friend and that female cop talking together at the end? It was as if he was moving towards them to break up the conversation or to see what was being said. He is definitely acting guilty – like who grabs a camera when someone injures themselves and needs to go to hospital? ‘to protect himself’ wtf? from what? dude wasn’t serious…his concern for his friend should outweigh his thoughts of ‘protecting himself’

    1. Yea especially when the camera guy is calling the injured man his “life partner”. It’s just like sure dude, you seem like you’re just over the moon in love….

      Plus the shit he was saying gave it away. When Ernie’s on the stretch, Bert says something along the lines of, “Don’t worry I’ll be right behind you and I’ll be there where ever they take you” then after Ernie’s in the ambulance and Bert is finishing up talking to the officers on secen he then says, “Welp, I’ll start headin’ to the hospital in an hour” SKETCHY BOY!!!!!!!!

  13. That poor old gubet that prick recording did it…he didn’t hear the fuck don’t you hear a man yelling to get back into HIS own house..blame the dementia..most lucid dementia patient I’ve ever seen…what the fuck!?!?..fuck him..poor old guy…children and old people get to me..sorry..=(

    1. Right?! Bert claims to have been in the garage all night and not having heard a thing! Bull shit!!! & also, how the fuck do you not notice that your lover, who is in poor conditions, is missing?! How do you not go looking for him WAY before 12 hours have past?!

  14. OMG this video reeks of a lawsuit against the cameral guy!

    Firstly he did absolutely nothing to cover or comfort the old man.

    Secondly he was telling the old man what supposedly happened just before the police arrived. taking advantage of the old man’s memory problems.

    Thirdly how does he know the old man has been there 12 hours, about the knife, and other information – only way he would know all that is if he was involved.

    Fourthly al that personal information that was given out, cripes that’s a law suit unto itself.

    Fifthly just putting it out onto social media is an invitation to getting the old man whacked again.

    Glad that camera guy gave his info out too – now what can I do with it? 🙂

  15. You wouldnt be that calm if you found your life partner someone you loved laying in that state..hes voice was too calm. The only reason he filmed it was so that he could get ernie to say he didnt do it and he would use that as his proof but he was so guilty.

    1. While I agree in a lot of instances, they seemed like they wanted to avoid crime scene contamination. Bert seemed way too set on telling them what went down…

      Note, the officer had just arrived, was attending to the old, shivering, bleeding man, Bert kept walking all around trying to tell him how everything happened.

      If I were doing my job, one that involved trying to keep an 81 year old man from dying, I wouldn’t want some shady creep doing anything to make that job harder.

  16. I think he died the following year or soon after this…
    I did a search on him and found an obituary for an Ernest Bennett in Miami but it was from 2012 in Feb. and from his birthdate and age in this video I concluded that this was from late 2011 to 2012.

    I don’t know if its him or not because the obit is too old so I cant see the details…but it certainly is interesting..

    Anyhoo…that’s my Sherlock Holmes moment for today 😛

  17. This guy definitely was uneasy about the whole situation, he was very defensive and was over-explaining, he wanted to make it known that he had nothing to do with this situation, he was supposedly “nursing” him but somehow let the man go outside overnight with a knife, knowingly having confusion issues or whatever my question is if they were “lovers” would he not realize that Ernie wasn’t in the bed that night i mean the man was outside overnight for 12 hours. he stammered on a few things as well! so for a synopsis, over-explanations, jittery actions, walking into a crime scene, repeating himself often, asking confirmation questions, not seeming upset, video documentation, wanting to bring a living will to the hospital, and that one thing he said “What if he dies I don’t wanna be labeled as not a part of the family” did not set well with me either, i feel like hes trying to off the old man to get that inheritance. it’s easy to blame an 81 yr old man that he suffered from confusion and took his life….hopefully this dudes next lover will be a 6′ 8″ man in a prison cell named turner brown!

  18. i did some investigating.
    the one guy ernest bennet that died had a wife and some kids. this guy
    is this stuff

    Bennett, Ernest is located at the address 3901 HARDIE AVE in Miami, Florida 33133.They can be contacted via phone at for hours and directions.

    Bennett, Ernest has an annual sales volume of 501K – 999,999. For more information contact Ernest Bennett, PRINCIPLE.

    if you google search the adress those pyrimids come right up an dthe gate he sat at . im not sure if he is dead. also .
    Case: Reid Welch CIP#: 10-007 IA#: 09-247
    Involved Officer(s):
    Giraldo Linares-#4019
    Abusive Treatment
    DOI: March 13, 2009
    On March 13, 2009, Mr. Reid Welch was involved in a domestic dispute with
    his domestic partner, Mr. Ernest Wilbur Bennett whom he resides with at 3901
    Hardie Avenue. Mr. Bennett called the police regarding Mr. Welch threatening
    to kill him and himself. Sergeant Catherine Carter and Officer Giraldo Linares
    were dispatched to the couple’s residence. Officer Linares subsequently
    arrested Mr. Welch regarding the incident and charged him with battery on a
    person 65 years of age or older. Mr. Welch alleged Officer Linares failed to
    double lock the left handcuff and it began to tighten as he was sitting in the
    patrol car. It was further alleged by Mr. Welch that he asked Officer Linares to
    loosen the handcuffs and he replied, “Stop moving around”, and referred to
    him as an “asshole”. Mr. Welch claims he was sitting in the back of the patrol
    car with both rear windows slightly lowered while Officer Linares completed his
    paperwork in the front seat. Mr. Welch alleged he asked Officer Linares for
    some water and he replied, “No,” then turned the vehicle off, closed the right
    City of Miami Page 10 Printed on 4/15/2011

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