Man Has Fingers Brutally Chopped Off with an Axe by Al-Nusra in Rastan, Syria

Man Has Fingers Brutally Chopped Off with an Axe by Al-Nusra in Rastan, Syria

Al-Nusra Front, aka Obama’s moderates filmed themselves chopping off fingers of a man suspected of spying for the Syrian government in the city of al-Rastan, south of Hama, Syria. These people have been funded with our tax dollars for years, and we are still being told by our governments and their mainstream media mouthpieces that they are some kind of peaceful revolutionaries looking for democracy.

The accused had his open palm laid on a concrete ledge as a militant struck him with an axe twice. Both blows were surprisingly precise and only amputated the intended fingers without messing up the entire hand (unlike in this case). The Nusra guys then had themselves a bit of a Snackbar screaming session before disappearing into a Kia sedan.

There’s nothing but terror and destruction that these guys leave behind. Arab Spring my ass.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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      1. Well ,its not a video. But interesting, by the way I’m not the one who asked about pit girl,from the beganing I knew it was fake, I thought you we’re showing me a new video,oh well ,we have enough gorey ,shit on here to keep us going, haha ;)@M-boy thanks man!!

      1. Hah! I know this guys shouting “Hey assholes shut up for a minute & take a look at this fingerless bastard I’m stepping on with my disgusting flip flops. Also look at my tight jeans I just got them. Do they make my ass look fat? I’ll cut your fucking fingers off if you all say they do! Alright chant with me now assholes. Fucker got fingered! Fucker got fingered! Alright shit head let me escort you to this sweet ride to get you back to your room at Al-Rastan Inn.”

  1. This poor selfless man! Fuck, that pisses me off! The only fingers that Should be cut off, is those of the Zionists thieving bastards, that suck us dry of all our Countries resources daily, and laugh in our faces. FUCKERS.

  2. 160 Syrian soldiers got executed after IS took an air base…I just hope Syrian boy wasn’t one of them….destabilizing the middle east for the benefit of Israel…the Zionist goal of Sunni vs Shiite civil wars to fragment the middle east is playing out to weaken them both….

    1. Yeah, it’s fucked up. Your comment made me remember something funny though. We all curse auto-correct regularly enough, but sometimes it can bring about some pretty hilarious results. For example, I was texting my brother one day, and my text was supposed to say “No shit.” But due to auto-correct, it actually texted “no shiite,” and my brother, being funny, texted me back “ok then, see you in the MORMON!!” to which I then replied “not in the mornin’, it will probably be LATTER in the DAY” 😀

  3. Looking for something terrifyingly different for your next vacation destination?
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      1. Great! You’ll receive a gift basket that includes a pair of flip flops and a six pack of grape drank from the dollar store and an 8 x 10 autographed photo of the manager of the local Waffle House. Enjoy your stay!

  4. “Arab Spring my ass…”

    Well, this IS arab spring! Showing the rest world that it doesnt have a place in it after all. Islam is the true religion of piss…

    (Although they call it “peace” but their peace involves killing everyone including themselves… no humans = peace)

    1. True enough guys! What is gonna suck more for this dude,,, if he lives that is, will be trying to pick up his food! I think they eat with their hands, with one hand, and wipe their asses, with the other.

  5. Fuck that!!! That mustve hurt like a motherfucker but at least he left with his head attached…well, for the moment at least. Me, I would’ve tried to scoop up as many digits as I could begore being led away and stuck those fuckers in ice. who am I kidding? The word ice probably doesn’t exist in their language

  6. I call bullshit! A Spy is killed, blinded, or has speech, sight and hands (Both) amputated to deter any communication ability. A thief is only reminded of his indiscretion by the removal of a hand (The first time).

  7. There are different people in every larger group. There are soldiers who jump onto live grenades to save others and there are those who strap bombs to dogs for kicks. Most are just trying to survive. Just because these particular people are assholes doesn’t mean the whole group is.

  8. Welcome to the left hand world. You now get to eat with the same hand you wipe your ass with. Maybe they are just running out of people to murder because I’m pretty sure the penalty for treason is death. Maybe they’ve discovered recycling or conservation and instead of whisking him off to the hospital they are just taking him to the next two or three locations to make a few more videos

  9. Once I stopped at a truck stop and ordered a cheeseburger the old dude frying it brought it out to my table and I noticed he had all four of his fingers cut off and he was using those stumps to hold my burger down on the plate. Fuckin stumpy burger!! Took it home and fed it to my dog. Why did this remind me of that ? WTF !!

  10. I’m not respecting Islamic people anymore!
    (I did before!)
    Kill me if you want, I’m ready!
    I believe in Jesus!, Peace, and Love and Happiness stuff, and freedom!
    You are a bunch of sick unconfident assholes not worth any comments! Read this and be ashamed! You are not going to be a hero! You are a coward not worth living! Suffer in hell, Asshole! Killing and hurting people is not the right way to make a better world!
    Proof me wrong!!!

    1. ROFLMAO you come across as half a meatball. You post here yet make a retarded statement of ” You are a bunch of sick unconfident assholes not worth any comments”! Well you commented and here so blow smoke up someone else ass. You Sir are a flaky faggot douche. Fuck you and Islam, ROFL it is just that simple.

  11. honestly, videos like these, and other countries show how the civil Armageddon can happen if something happens to the Earth, or war just breaks out everywhere, imagine how many monster-like people like that live on places on this planet. the videos on this site show who the coldest, most heartless people there are. with no rhyme, or reason, or proof of what they did…..YEAH BURN THEM ALIVE, SLICE THEM UP, watch them suffer……… if someone rapes, and kills your family, murders, etc…..then yeah by all means they would deserve something like that, jail just saves people to at least to live. Just damn other countries have such sick awful worlds.

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