Man Gets His Hand Shredded in a Coconut Grinder

Man Gets His Hand Shredded in a Coconut Grinder

Here’s a hand job Best Gore style. A man got his hand caught in a coconut grinder and well, it completely destroyed it. I’m not sure exactly where the accident occurred but it’s an Asian country and could possibly be China, as there have been many Chinese workplace fails featured on Best Gore. But that hand is gone, completely crushed, degloved, and ripped. I like the look of the woman who is holding the shredded mess; she’s just like, “can I put this down now?”

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  1. How many western jobs have gone to the Chinese so far. They will work for less and ignore all safety precautions and therefore are sought after by the corrupt and greedy.

    No jobs for a wage but plenty for a slave is the way in our modern societies.

    I recently bought a PS4 but it was dead on arrival, due to it being built in China, which was shocking since I am used to buying Japanese goods and them lasting many years and therefore stands the problem, all countries, even the Japs, rely on cheap manufacturing to provide them with financial gain.

    All this does is boost your rivals economy whilst undermining your own.

    Fools, stupid, short term thinking fools.

    1. @Empty.

      The chemical industry , particularly colour chemicals, has been hit very hard. Over the last twenty years or so, the amount of business lost to both china and India is huge.
      It wouldn’t be so hard to take if the quality of the products were high, but alas, as is all too well understood, as long as it is cheap and cheerful, the big bosses are laughing.

      Really is very sad and annoying.

      1. Also, the farce that is ISO , which seems to be applied rigorously here in the UK , but not so much in the afore mentioned countries. And as for elf n safety, well it’s just beyond a joke, but as you say, not for them.

          1. @tard.Haha, no mate I don’t raise them , just live in and amongst many of them , the proper wooly ones ! . I live in Yorkshire , just about bang halfway between Manchester and Leeds.

          2. my (enigmatic) mate ewes will never actually pin a spot. its a bit like playing “guess the simpsons state” with him ๐Ÿ˜‰ lots of clues,some red herrings. i recon he’s in the rippondale area meself, somewhere around the small reservoirs

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