Man Gets His Thumb Smashed on a Drilling Rig in Kansas

Man Gets His Thumb Smashed on a Drilling Rig in Kansas

Today’s Edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member drillerdeep. In his own words:

Hi, im a driller on a small rig in Kansas. One day while tripping
pipe, my derrickhand got his thumb smashed between a stand of pipe and
the elevators that latch up the pipe. The resulting image is what was
left of his hand. The drs were actually able to stitch it back on and
save it. At first they were going to amputate but then decided to try
to save it.

Lucky for your coworker he got to keep his thumb. Thanks for sharing, drillerdeep.

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          1. Cheeky, sometimes I feel like I am in the same boat with ole iip. I annoy the hell out of somebody on here everytime I turn around. Do you think people might like it better if I started writing my comments a little more poetically? Lmao

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    1. What does that have to do with this post? You are a troll is what I have to conclude or at the very least a gimmick and its worn thin.

      If you made intelligent comments in the form of haiku that would be pretty cool but you just post nonsense drivel day after day. Go to livejournal if you want to do that shit.

      1. Damn iip have you ever read lord of the flies ? This is the part that you should put the conch down. Trust me it didn’t end well for Piggy. @obli can you tell me the reason why the open forum post is no longer active ? I’m surely not suggesting you re-open it for him, but I have seen people commenting about it’s being closed and maybe that’s the forum he could use. No complaints on my part at all bro as I think you guy’s rock this site out everyday. Is it a matter of staffing to moderate the forum or something else entirely ? Again just curious not bitching at all.

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    1. Good one ewe!
      I was thinking recently, had a bit of time see, I used to think when I first found this site that you were a New Zealander, you know cause of your @ewe stomper name- you know how they all love to fuck sheep and stuff, don’t you?
      You crack me up….

      1. Dutchy, at last buddy, I was wondering where you’d got to, thought South America had bitten you man.

        The sheep thing !?, yes, I know all about those wooly fuckers, and I did explain my name and what it means … kind of opposite to a sheep shagger or a Kiwi ! 😉

        Anyway bud, where you got to, are you still on your travels or back in Oz ? If so, how’d it go, any south american tash while you were there ? And don’t say you brought one home for Christ’s sake ! haha. 😛

    2. Omg. I have slammed my thumb in the damn car door and that hurts like hell. I was sure this man would lose the tip but I am glad to read that it was reattached. That shit is going to be sore for a while. My stomach tuned when I saw this. Sympathy

    1. The nail bed being so close to the end
      was destroyed
      and undoubtedly if reattachment
      is possible
      as it was with mine
      after it heals
      he will either if lucky have the
      nail fall off
      or will have to have the nail pulled off
      hence more trauma
      the nail will be permanently deformed…. iip

      1. Im sre the nail will fall off. I dropped something heavy on my toe and the nail turned black and fell off. As bad as his was it will probably fall off too. It will probably grow back unless the doctor removes it and kills the root of the nail for some reason.

  2. G’day bitches
    Jeez I feel like i am home now. Which is the case, really…..
    Seeing all the familiar names, Obli of course, boozer my old mate, mr ewe, the POZ man, rayf, Mikey graves and cant forget the big question mark, iip ? Where is is it me? Sorry if I forgot anyone, you’ll understand in a minute.
    Well been thinking a lot about you guys….
    Had a small hiccup in Cali, Colombia. Was in this choice club doing lines of coke with this most gorgeous girl (omfg! what i remember of her anyway) up on this sort of platform and had downing a few fuck knows what sort of alcohol it was but when I’m coming down these quite steep stairs, I tripped and just fell to the bottom. Got up straight away and the whole place was staring at me, so i was more embarrassed about that and the fact my jeans just totally ripped open and (of course I was free balling) wouldnt have happened otherwise. I could feel this draught and really my jeans are totally ripped and I’m just hanging out.
    Gets a taxi back to the hotel and I am like totally smashed and just crash. Next thing, it’s the following day 1200 and the reception staff are in my room to hurry me up as the got new guests. so I headed to the airport and checked out where I could go now and decided on Caracas, Venezuela. So I buy a ticket get on board and that is the last thing I remember. Wake up in hospital in Bogota after almost two days to discover I’ve had brain surgery in Colombia! Apparently I went to the hostess on the plane and told her I was feeling funny and really anxious and she gave me a big scotch and then another and that is the last thing I remember. Don’t remember getting off the plane or anything. I had a haematoma inside my brain that be led for 24 hours before I even felt it any different ( apart from the black eyes and face). So apparently the brain surgery to remove this blood clot in the outer lining went well and even though I could not remember my password to get in to BG. then got medivacked out back to Santiago in Chile where I just got out of last week and the having an ambulance to drive after being in there for three weeks, without a charger to charge my iPad to visit BG! but I’m here now with heaps to get on top on.
    Sorry I don’t have any photos/ video of the surgery.
    What a end to a great holiday…..but I’m out of hospital now trying to get nick the shit back….
    into the swing of it……
    Catch ya
    Catch u later”……

    1. @Dutchy HOly Shit Man !!! Bro you were missed and many members did ask about you. Dude your one tough and may I add lucky MFer. Hope you heal fast and well. Now that you are back on B.G. you are truly home. Love bro !!! ” No homo.” 😉

      1. Thanks dude . I came back coz I forgot the most cool bit of the story- they flew the part of my scull they removed in colombia with me in the plane to Santiago where I had another operation just before I left to reinsert it!!! Fuck me, I even can’t believe I survived that one!
        It was really nice coke too! Must of thought I could fly down teem stairs.
        Sorry if I loose track when typing, so hard to concentrate……
        So glad to be back with you guys now and not one one of the posts like @ it was me warned at the start of my hols when I got knocked over by a taxi!!
        Thanks rayf, take it easy bro.
        Going to bed, so exhausted.
        By the way, no homo either here, but finally on my own and had a chance to wrestle the python and it was over in less than 2 seconds. Shit man, I’m freaking big time. I hope that is just a build of the evil JIZZ and not a permanent or even temporary change in my legendary sexual functioning!!
        They tell me I will get better and faster every day with every thing else like my train of thought gets a bit lost at the moment but only temporary but I hope that one slows down every day again!

        1. And I feel pretty bad for all the other passengers whose plans I totally fucked up when the plane had to turn around after only about 20 mins and return to Bogota apparently they were not too happy at all !!!!
          (Sucked in bitches, ha ha ha)

          1. Oh my bloody god, I am stunned. Dutchy buddy, you don’t half know how to live on the edge my man. Christ, glad you’re home and on the mend. You know, it’s kind of strange but I had a feeling something was a miss , but hey ho, you’re still with us fella.

            Good to see you back mate. 😉

          2. Hey @Dutchy!!! I always knew you are a crazy MF! haha!
            Sure glad to hear your ok & back home!
            You have been truly missed!
            I’m haven a big drink for you today bro!! CHEERS DUTCHY!! 🙂

          3. Goddamn Dutch that’s fuckin’ insane!! Though I gotta admit, if anyone’s gonna survive a vacation like that, I’m glad it’s you 🙂 Welcome home and get some rest my dude. You fuckin’ deserve it! I’m happy you’re back 😀

          4. Dutchy those passengers were probablyglad they didn’t watch you die. There wasn’t anythingyou could do about your situation.your story touched my heart. Take care.

    2. @ Dutchy, we don’t really know each other on here but Your adventure was wild. I am so glad that you are doing ok. I hope you take it easy for a while and have someone around to take care of you until you feel better. Wow

  3. While the gore level is a minimum, I know it hurt pretty bad. I heard him yelling from the derrick and thought he was mad cause he missed latching the pipe. Thats when we heard a rather nasty splat hit the floor, it was his bloody glove that he threw down to let us know that he was injured. He then was able to uncool him self and come down on the weight assist line. Ive been told that the blood he left all over the racking board area was epic. Looked like a crime scene. I know how this pain is, I once got my thumb smashed between a pipe tong and a spring loaded Kelley. As soon as the tension was released, down it came. Luckily all I did was lose the nail. Any good questions im glad to answer back to ya. Been lurking here for years, now that I had publishable gore thought id become a member.

  4. Here’s a thumb joke

    So This guy went into a restaurant and ordered his meal. Soon enough the waitress came out with his soup, he then noticed that she had her thumb partially into it. Lol This upset him a bit but he let it go…Soon after she then brought out his chili… and again her thumb was in the food. He let it go again….Then finaly when she brought out his hot fudge sundae, her thumb was in the fudge! Finally this was too much for him.

    “Goddammit, what the hell” said the man, “get your damn thumb out of my food!’

    She said “Well I’m so sorry, I injured it a while ago and the doctor said I should keep it warm.”

    “What the hell! Why don’t you just shove it up your ass?” the man said angrily.

    “That’s what I do when I’m in the kitchen.” She said.

  5. Same fuckn thing happened to me, same hand ,thumb looked the same. cept mine happened when the table bushing got hung up on the kelly. thought I was quick enough when I threw my skillet. Guess what, I wasn’t.

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