Man Hacked by Three Masked Attackers in Kuala Besut, Malaysia

Man Hacked by Three Masked Attackers in Kuala Besut, Malaysia

While in a barber shop in Kampung Pachakan near Kuala Besut, north-east Malaysia, 23 year old Muhammad Al Amin Zakaria was attacked by three masked men with machetes. He tried to escape them by running through the back door, but they caught him and hacked him all over, though no blow was fatal.

The victim, who’s originally from Kampung Air Tawar in the Kelantan state, works as a driver of a tourist boat that taxis vacationers from the peninsular mainland to the Perhentian Islands, which are known for local thugs that use threat of violence to extort money from visitors, per Mark’s first hand experience. I wonder if that had anything to do with the attack.

According to Besut Police, the attackers arrived in a black Proton Perdana car, stopped in front of the shop and burst inside. Other customers hid under the chairs, but the attackers were after one particular man, and didn’t care about anyone else. The victim was taken to hospital in serious condition, but is expected to survive.

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